10 Best Blue Daybed Bedding Sets You’ll Love in 2021

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Table of Contents

What’s not to love about the color blue? With its many shades, it is most commonly associated with harmony, infinity, peace and faithfulness. So it is only fitting that it is one of the top choices for upholstery colors as well as daybed bedding sets for the family living room or in the bedroom.

While having a sofa is a staple for every household nowadays, the daybed is gradually invading homes and apartments with its practical and space-efficient benefits.

It can serve as a lounge or sofa for the day and transforms into a proper bed by night. Some even come with trundle beds underneath for an added sleeping space.

That is why getting a great bedding for your daybed is quite crucial, one that you will use day and night and is visible to the guests which is why you want something that is attractive to the senses and feels good to touch.

Additionally, a blue daybed bedding set is one of the most favorite choices because of its highly flexible aesthetics.

With the right shade, your blue bedding can either be soothing and calming for the tired eyes or it can pop out and be electrifyingly energetic.

Getting a bedding set is highly recommended because it saves you the trouble of buying different pieces to match or complement each other.

Below is the roundup of the creams-of-the-crop blue daybed bedding sets that offer all round functionality, aesthetics and warmth.

1. Madison Park Quebec Blue Daybed Size Quilt Bedding Set

Be wise and get a daybed bedding set that gives you more options for design possibilities while being extra practical and comfy! Madison Park’s Quebec quilt bedding set for daybeds is a popular choice with its 100% Microfiber material that screams “high quality” once you put your hand in its ultra-soft surface.Madison Park Quebec Blue Daybed Size Quilt Bedding Set

We said practical because having this bedding set, you are not only getting one design, but two, with its reversible design feature!

Enjoy a minimalist look with its solid Navy blue design on one side and then flip it to its other side for a sophisticated stripe design whenever you feel like serving a little something new to your room’s interior design.

Moreover, if you are using your daybed as a lounge couch during the day, it also comes with shams and decorative pillow to complete the premium look, and because it is specially designed for daybeds, the rear side is cut shorter so it is easy to tuck in while the front is a little longer so it covers the mattress or a trundle, if there is any.

The customized design of this daybed cover also keeps it from moving and being displaced, making it easy for you to fix or replace it.

Because it is made from 100% microfiber material, this bedding is also great for winters and colder weathers because of its ability to trap and retain more heat and when it is finally time for a spring clean, this set is a breeze to wash because it is machine-washable.


  • Dimensions: Daybed cover: 75″W x 39″L
  • Throw pillow shams: 20″W x 26″L
  • Bed-skirt: 39″W x 75″L x 15”D
  • Decorative pillow: 18″W x 18″L
  • Made from 100% ultra-soft microfiber
  • Microfiber materials trap and retain more heat
  • Reversible design feature (solid navy blue with classic floral stitching on one side and striped design on the other)
  • Comes with a free decorative throw pillow
  • Elegant royal blue color (also available in cream, dark gray, gray, khaki, seafoam and white)
  • Machine-washable and spot clean bedding set and pillow

2. Lush Décor Blue Monique 6 Piece Daybed Cover Set

Nothing like the combination of a nice blue shade and immaculate white to give you the most soothing and comforting bedding ever. This Monique 6 piece daybed cover set manages to look trendy and luxurious while still providing a homey feel.Lush Décor Blue Monique 6 Piece Daybed Cover Set

With its unique random patterns that are stitched with the precision and perfection of a seasoned tailor, this model also features a reversible design so you can set the tone of your bedding according to your style for the day.

It is crafted from 100% cotton that lets the sleeper enjoy a fresh night, whatever the current weather is, and with 100% polyester on the back side for breathable comfort throughout.

It is light enough for summer nights with just the right kind of volume to retain heat for the best sleep ever.

Of course, this unit’s shade of blue is just the right kind of bold to give an ample pop of color to a neutral room while still keeping its elegance.

This daybed bedding set comes with a daybed cover, 2 pillow shams, 2 pillow cases and 1 bed skirt to fully dress up your daybed. It is also cut according to a daybed’s dimensions so you can tuck it in in a snap without any hassle and easily remove it for cleaning.


  • Dimensions: Daybed cover: 75” length x39” Width +16” front drop
  • Shams: 20” height x 26” width + 2” flanges
  • Pillow cases: 20” height x 26” width + 2” flanges
  • Bed skirt: 75” length x 39” width + 15” drop
  • Made from 100% cotton for the front side and 100% polyester on the other side
  • With elegant random stitched and striped detailing
  • Navy blue and white color combination (also available in colors blush, charcoal, and lavender)
  • Package includes 1 daybed cover, 2 pillow shams, 2 pillow cases, and 1 bed skirt
  • Machine-washable (cold temperature)

3. Mk Collection 5 Piece Blue Daybed Set

Choosing a daybed cover set is quite crucial because you are choosing both couch as well as throw pillow cover that your guests will see during the day and one that can act as a comfortable covering for the bed on which your skin will rub against for nighttime.Mk Collection 5 Piece Blue Daybed Set

Good thing is MK Home right here has a dependable bedding set that is made especially for your multitasking daybed.

Meticulously trimmed with the dimensions of a flexible daybed in mind, this artsy blue and white color combo can be easily dressed into your bed in a matter of seconds with nary any adjustment.

With a generous amount of high quality fabric, it can instantly hide your mattress underneath it or the trundle of your bed if there is any.

Featuring an amazingly detailed floral design, it is sure to lend a room a fresh and calming visual treat you will appreciate. Its finely-textured fabric that is subtly embellished with sturdy patterned stitching making this bedding look classy.

Being machine- washable, cleaning will never be a difficult affair as you can simply leave it in your washing machine with cold water in while you do other chores.

And because it is such a crowd favorite design, it also comes in other different bed sizes for you to choose from.


  • Dimensions: Daybed cover 37″x 75″ + 17” drop
  • Bed skirt: 39″ x 75″ + 14 ” drop
  • Especially designed for daybed dimensions (Also available for twin, king and queen varieties)
  • With elegant floral with swirl white and blue reversible design
  • Rich stitched pattern surface
  • Easily machine- washable
  • Package comes with 1 piece daybed cover, 1 piece daybed skirt and 3 pillow shams

4. Madison Park Daybed Bedding Set with Bedskirt

Lounge away as if the ocean is never far away with Madison Park’s coastal- inspired daybed cover set. Its blue striped water design will instantly set your room into a beach-inspired sanctuary where you can lay down and lounge the day away while feeling the most soothing shades of blue as you fall asleep to microfiber softness that feels unbelievably soft to the touch.Madison Park Daybed Bedding Set with Bedskirt

Whenever you are craving for a new sight in your room, you can always flip your daybed cover out as it is perfectly reversible. Its other side reveals a solid calming blue shade that is as soothing to the eyes as the ocean.

Including a daybed cover, daybed skirt, matching shams for your pillow and a decorative pillow, you will never have to worry about mismatching pieces anymore because this set comes complete with everything you need for a cozy daybed that can transition well to a sleeping bed come nighttime.

Because it is made from 100% microfiber, its thousand tiny fibers have the ability to trap and retain more heat than your regular bedding, making it a treat during colder nights but still light enough for summers.

It is also available in other colors like purple, teal, plain red ridge, and seashell blue for one hundred percent personalization!


  • Dimensions: Daybed cover: 75″ Width x 39″ Length
  • Shams: 20″Width x 26″Length
  • Bed skirt: 39″W x 75″L + 15″D
  • Decorative throw pillow: 12″W x 18″L
  • Made from 100% soft and gentle Microfiber
  • Reversible coastal blue water striped design on one side and solid light blue on the other
  • Machine washable
  • Package comes complete with a daybed covering, daybed skirt, 3 standard- sized shams and a decorative pillow

5. Lush Decor Navy and White Edward Trellis Patterned 6 Piece Daybed Cover Set

Capture an artistic elegance that can be seen in stylish, modern homes’ upholstery and furniture with this Lush Décor Navy and White Edward Trellis patterned daybed set.Best Blue Daybed Bedding Sets

Its deluxe trellis design features a navy blue background and white pattern that also gives off a seaside royalty charm.

With dimensions made especially for a daybed, this particular design is especially best for you if you prefer your daybed looking bold and decorative instead of muted.

Staying true to its navy feels, it is also quite lightweight so you will never have to sweat it out during summer nights.

Further, made from high quality Polyester material, it is very durable and does not wear and tear quickly, making this a great investment, as well.

What’s more, its material is also quite wrinkle-proof, so your daybed cover will always stay divine after every wash. Its Polyester fabric also enables it to dry quickly, making it great for colder weather as well.

This set comes with a daybed cover, 2 shams, 2 pillow cases, and a bed skirt so you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth!

It is also available in Gray should you wish to have a more neutral kind of aesthetic for your daybed.


  • Dimensions: Daybed cover: 75”L x 39”W, 16” drop
  • Shams: 20”H x 26”W, 2” flange
  • Pillowcase: 20”H x 26”W, 2” flange
  • Bed skirt: 75”L x 39”W, 15” drop
  • Cut especially for a daybed’s dimensions for easy arrangement
  • Bold and elegant Navy Blue with white Edward trellis patterns
  • Made from soft and gentle 100% Polyester fabric
  • Durable and doesn’t wrinkle easily
  • Package comes complete with a daybed covering, daybed skirt, 2 shams and 2 pillowcases
  • Also available in gray color scheme

6. Madison Park Blue Daybed Cover Set with Matching Shams

Give your overnight guests soothing comfort with this perfectly homely- designed daybed cover and shams set. With its comfy French medallion patterns, this Madison Park look is quite reminiscent of favorite childhood quilts but with a modern, classier twist.Madison Park Blue Daybed Cover Set with Matching Shams

Its additional daybed skirt and shams feature a charming striped design that can go from looking chic to stylish depending on how you style your bed.

Made from 100% Microfiber, you will surely find running your hands along the surface of your bedding truly irresistible.

Moreover, though it is quite lightweight, it can hold a considerable amount of heat thanks to the tiny fibers that make up its fabric, so you can also stay comfortably warm in any season.

Coming complete with a daybed cover, bed skirt, 3 pieces of shams and a bonus decorative pillow, you will not need to shop for additional pieces.

This unit also comes in 6 equally charming shades to suit different tastes and needs.


  • Dimensions: Daybed cover: 75×39″
  • Shams: 20×26″
  • Bed skirt: 39×75+15″
  • Decorative pillow: 12×18″
  • With geometric French medallion patterns and white and blue striped design
  • Also available in Aqua, Coral, Ivory, Navy, Red, and Spice
  • 100% Microfiber material
  • Package includes a daybed cover, bed skirt, 3 shams and a decorative pillow
  • Cold machine washable

7. Fancy Collection 5 pc DayBed Quilted Bedspread Coverlet Set

Give your room a little fancy treat with a daybed bedding set that is simple but elegant. This Fancy Collection set by Fancy Linen features pleasing shades of blue like the royal blue on one side and the cyan blue shade on the other, for a cooler balance to the overall look of your lounge bed.Fancy Collection 5 pc DayBed Quilted Bedspread Coverlet Set

The contrast of dark and cool in this set makes a fun aesthetic that even young kids and teenagers will love! Moreover, it has an embossed design that gives it an additional luxurious look.

Made from 100% extra soft microfiber, there are no exasperated nights with this as its breathable fabric glides gently and softly along the sleeper’s skin for a soothing night.

This package includes bed cover, bed skirt, and 3 pillow shams, available in 4 other pretty color schemes.


  • Dimensions: bedspread: 37 x 75 + 17″ Drop
  • Bed skirt: 39″x 75 + 17″
  • With royal blue and cyan embossed design (also available in charcoal/silver, coffee/beige, coral/khaki, and dark/light purple)
  • Package includes a daybed bedspread, bed skirt and 3 matching shams
  • Made from 100% Microfiber

8. Kids Zone Home Linen 5 Piece Daybed Bedspread Set

This 5-piece daybed set from Kids Zone Home is more than just practical with its expensive-looking embossed floral pattern. It is not only attractive to look at, but soft to touch, as well with its fine texture.Kids Zone Home Linen 5 Piece Daybed Bedspread Set

Its excellent stitching as well as the vibrant blue color is made to withstand machine wash without fading and the stitches coming off, making this unit long lasting.

With its matching striped blue design skirt and sham combined with the elegantly oriental floral design, it is a set that is sure to enliven even the dullest of rooms.

And because it is cut especially for a daybed, there will not be any trouble trying to fit it on your daybed. The skirt hides any vacant space underneath or any trundles while adding a pleasing look to your couch.

This design also comes in many different varieties of sizes and is made from 100% Microfiber so it is almost like sleeping in clouds!


  • Dimensions: Bedspread 39″ x 75″ + 17″ Drop
  • 1 Bed Skirt 39″ x 75″+14″ Drop and Shams 20″ x 36″
  • With an elegant white and blue floral patterns with matching striped design
  • Made from 100% soft Microfiber
  • Package includes 1 bedspread, 1 bed skirt and 3 matching shams
  • Also available for twin, queen and king sizes
  • Cold machine washable

9. Chezmoi Collection Odette 5-Piece Boho Chic Bohemian Bedspread Quilt Set

Chezmoi Odette 5-piece Bohemian daybed setChezmoi Collection Odette 5-Piece Boho Chic Bohemian Bedspread Quilt Set features a quality craftsmanship that can be clearly seen through its intricate Vermicelli style stitching that makes up the floral and striped patterns of this colorful treat.

The refreshing shade of blue unifies this whole detailed beauty so it does not overwhelm your room but instead give it a designer-standard centerpiece.

Made from 100% cotton, it is breathable and soft as well as easy to wash.


  • Dimensions: Quilt 39″x75″+12″/ Shams 20″x26/ Bedskirt 39″x 75″+15″
  • Made from high quality pure cotton
  • Vermicelli style stitching
  • Floral and striped colorful pattern with blue skirting
  • Cold machine-washable
  • Package includes a quilt, 3 matching shams and a bedskirt

10. Lush Décor Blue Monique 6 Piece Daybed Cover Set

Study shows that the color blue activates productivity and creativity and that explains why offices love using it to dress their couches. Combine this invigorating color with a subtly fun and classic quilted pattern and you’ve got yourself a daybed set that is perfect for any kind of interior, may it be for the smart casual office or for your chic bedroom.Best Blue Daybed Bedding Sets

Lush Décor’s blue Monique 6-piece daybed set features a quilted covering with patterns that look just the right kind of fun while keeping it classy as well as a matching dotted stripe print on the matching shams and skirting.

Made from cotton with a cotton and polyester filling, it can serve as a comfortable cover for your daybed to transition well into a sleeping covering for the night.

It also comes in 3 other colors to suit other preferences and is machine-washable, as well, for an easy breezy clean-up!


  • Dimensions: 75”x39w+16”drop/ shams: 20”26”+2 flange/ pillow cases: 20”x26”+2 flange/ bed skirt: 75”x 39”+15”drop
  • Made from high quality cotton and polyester
  • Traditional patchwork patterned design
  • White and blue color schemes (also available in blush, charcoal, and lavender)
  • Cold machine-washable

Final Thoughts

If you’re a lover of the color blue, any of the above sets promise to add a cohesive aesthetic to  transform even the plainest room from plain to stylish. What’s more, they will also save you from the hassle of picking each bedding individually.

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