Best Bed Sheets for Split King Adjustable Beds

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Some couples who have an adjustable bed, often settle for split king version. A split king adjustable bed allows the user the freedom of sharing their bed but with some level of independence. Couples have different sleeping habits and preferences, so it only makes sense that each should have the freedom to configure their side of the bed with particulars that suit them without interfering with the partner.

Shopping for split king bed sheets can be a confusing task. There is a sea of options out there and the differences are so subtle and minimal so much that you often fail to see what the difference really is.

A good approach to buying bed sheets that goes beyond size, and style lies in having a basic understanding of fabrics. The differences in fabric options can seem minimal yet significant based on your sleeping needs. It all boils down to what meets your needs and preferences best. What works for another person may not necessarily work for you.

All fabrics have their pros and cons. When buying a bed sheets, a general understanding of this pros and cons does help you in making more informed decision.

In this post, we have put together a selection of high quality bed sets that cover a massive range of fabrics. Some you are accustomed to such as high thread count cotton. Some may have a percale weave while other rock a sateen weave.

Some of our readers may discover and get introduced to new and impressive fabrics such as bamboo viscose or rayon and eucalyptus tencel or lyocell. These fabrics behave differently and may have subtle texture differentiation, but they all present you with enlightening features that  might work for you and help, improve your sleep.

Here’s a comprehensive product review on a wide selection of some of the top best split king adjustable bed sheets

1. CGK Unlimited 100% Cotton Split King Sheets

The CGK Unlimited  Split King Sheets comes as a 5 piece king split set with 2 fitted sheets (39”x 80”) with deep pockets that will accommodate thin and tall mattresses of up to 16”. The king size flat sheet measures 108”L x 106”W.CGK Unlimited 100% Cotton Split King Sheets

This sheet set dresses your adjustable bed really well and is able to keep up with the various positions you choose to adjust your side of the bed without popping.

The set is made from 100% cotton of 400 thread count and put together by excellently skilled craftsmen in India.

You will love this bit of luxury without having to break the bank. The cotton is well woven together for durability.

The absorbent nature of this cotton allows it to take in coloring dye very well such that the colors and print are able to hold fast even in the face of frequent washing and without diminishing the softness of the fabric, so you can be sure your bed will be looking neat and comfortable for years to come.

With this set of sheets, you can also expect comfortable sleep as the fabric is not only absorbent but also breathable which helps in regulating body temperature when the climate is hot helping you sleep cooler.

If you like your split king adjustable cool and soft, it’s very likely you will find this bed set to be agreeable with you. If that’s the case, you might as well get several sets in different colors to ensure you have the freedom to refresh your space with a different color but same quality all the way.


  • Single flat Split king sheet measures 108 inches in length and 106 inches in width. Also available in queen, California king, twin and twin XL
  • The 5 pieces in the set include; 1 king flat sheet + 2 split king fitted sheets + 2 king pillowcases
  • It is made from 100% pure cotton with 400 thread count
  • It is a machine wash and low maintenance set of bed sheets
  • Available in 28 colors; white, burgundy, light grey, burgundy, cream, light blue, sage green, navy blue, dark grey and so much more

It is comforting to know that this sheet set is processed without the use of harmful chemicals and harsh dyes. The sateen weave gives the cotton a lustrous look and adds to the aesthetic look of these sheets.

Customer feedback

Customers, who used this bed set for their adjustable beds, mentioned that the quality is really good for the price. Most expressed they were lucky enough to still find the set available and ended up purchasing additional sets in different colors. Some users mentioned they bought this as a wedding gift for friends and as well as loved ones for thanks giving and other special occasions.

2. LuxClub 7 Piece Split King Sheet Set Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo fabric is a power house in contributing to the health of the environment. This is because; the fast growing plant can be harvested in only two years and has no need for fertilizer or pesticides while being grown. Moreover, it requires no replanting as it is self-regenerating and therefore a sustainable raw material that produces excellent fabric known as bamboo rayon or viscose.LuxClub 7 Piece Split King Sheet Set Bamboo Sheets

The LuxClub 7 Piece Sheet Set Bamboo Sheets harness the beauty and attributes of bamboo viscose to bring gorgeous bed sheets that are truly a joy to sleep in. These bed sheets are made from a blend of bamboo viscose fabric and microfiber for a beautiful product.

The fitted sheets have elastic all around them with deep pockets that will accommodate your small or tall mattress as well as toppers with ease.

Bamboo viscose is strong and durable on its own but with the inclusion of microfiber, those features are compounded resulting in a stronger fabric. The blend produces a soft and fade resistant fabric with amazing color adherence.

Some fabrics tend to pill after several washes. This bed set is anti-pill and does a good job of regulating temperature for better sleep.

The bed sheets have percale weave which is both gorgeous and breathable with excellent wicking ability that helps pull moisture away from the skin and allow it to evaporate for cooler nights


  • Dimension of the split king flat sheet are 112 inches on the longer side and 102 inches on the shorter side. The bed sheets are available in queen, full, twin and twin XL
  • The 7 pieces set includes; 2 fitted sheets, 1 flat sheet and 4 pillowcases
  • Made from a blend of bamboo viscose and microfiber
  • Machine wash friendly and low maintenance
  • Wide selection of about 40 colors; Aqua/ Eggplant/ light Taupe/ tree moss green and many other color options

If you are a hot sleeper, these sheets are for you. That is because they are highly breathable and possess great absorption properties.

Customer feedback

Users who bought this had a lot to say about this gorgeous bed set. One, they are very soft, cooling and a good fit for mattresses as tall as 18”. They also appreciated the variety of colors; buying extra sets in different colors keeps the bedroom space lively and fashionable without compromising on quality or comfort. Customers were also quick to point out their delight in the fact that this set comes with four pillowcases.

3. Feather & Stitch 500 Thread Count 100% Cotton Stripe Sheets Set

To the untrained eye and at first glance, this bed set can easily come across as microfiber But that’s not surprising because the silky smoothness of brand new cotton with a 500 thread count is made from fine yarns of long staple cotton fiber. But the the fabric is 100% cotton that gets softer with each wash and delivers a lifetime softness while resisting fading.Feather & Stitch 500 Thread Count 100% Cotton Stripe Sheets Set

The high quality cotton sheets blended with sateen weave harnesses for a bed set that is highly breathable and absorbent to ensure that you achieve cool sleep in hot months and adequate warmth retention in colder months. While cotton can be known for creasing, we recommend that you spread covers on your bed as soon the last dryer cycle is finished or neatly fold them for storage to avoid wrinkles.

Ironing is the other option that ensures this set is smooth to your liking. But for those who love a lived in look don’t mind the creases, the soft feel of freshly laundered cotton makes a few creases seem less annoying if at all.

The material has decent elasticity and a lustrous soft look even after many washes.  The absorbent nature of cotton provides a bed sheet set that’s color fast and a memorable softens that grows over time. If you are not a fan of static against you skin, cotton guarantees zero static.

The level of comfort offered by this cotton sheet set for adjustable beds is marvelous. Not only is the set noticeably lightweight, it’s also breathable and has impressive moisture wicking ability that allows for a great sleeping experience that is soft and cool.


  • Dimensions for the Split king flat sheet measures 90 inches on the length by 102 inches on the width. But, also comes available in queen/full/ California king
  • This set has 3 pieces that include; 1 king flat sheet + 2 split king fitted sheets
  • It is made from 100% pure cotton with 400 thread count
  • These bed sheets are easy to care for and machine washable
  • They come in several colors; white, beige, blue, dark blue, granite green, grey and semolina

When you have a fabric that grows softer with every wash, then you know you are buying a bed set whose softness will serve for a long time to come.

Customer feedback

Some customers who ordered this for the first time and mentioned that they would be getting another set in a different color for variety. They loved everything about these sheets; from the  quality of workmanship to the softness that grows over time.

4. CGK Unlimited Microfiber Split King Sheets

Some fitted sheets options can present a challenge when trying to fit them in bigger mattresses. This set is fairly elastic with deep pockets. If your mattress is 16 inches and below, you will love that this unit fits to perfection, it can also accommodate slightly bigger mattresses thanks to its flexibility and athletic bands fitted on the fitted bed sheets.CGK Unlimited Microfiber Split King Sheets

The split king bed sheet set stays on your bed even when you adjust your bed to a reclining or sitting position. As you will probably have discovered, an adjustable bed can be incredibly comfy but the sheets can tend be a letdown if they keep popping out from the corners. With this set, that is one problem that you are sure not to have. The fitted sheets do optimize the comfort of your adjustable bed effortlessly by staying attached to you mattress with the help of elastic bands.

The 5 piece bed set is made from a microfiber fabric which naturally has a gorgeous sheen and a silky feel. This man-made fiber has decent elasticity and remarkable durability. When sleeping on this bed set, the feel is notably soft and gentle to the skin.

Moreover, the fabric is fairly breathable for hot months and does an above average job of retaining body heat during those cold months that call for layering and loads of warmth.


  • This Split king flat sheet measures 108 inches x 102 inches. Comes in other sizes such as queen/twin XL
  • Complete set of 5 pieces includes; 1 king flat sheet + 2 split king fitted sheets + 2 king pillowcases
  • The set is made from 100% Microfiber
  • It is low maintenance and machine wash friendly
  • The sheets are available in Numerous colors including; Beige, black, brown, coal, denim blue and much more color options

If you love crease free and low maintenance bed sheets, then this set of 5 pieces is right up your alley. One of the beauties of the microfiber material is the fact that it does not wrinkle and does not shrink either. Whatever color you opt for, you can be sure that it will hold fast for the entire lifespan of your bed sheets.

Customer feedback

Customers, who were looking for an option that is truly low maintenance and durable, found this bed sheet set to be the perfect fit. That’s because they are easy to care for. They clean easy, tossing them into the machine wash when dirty will get them clean and fresh in a heartbeat. Users mentioned that they love this synthetic material because of its glossy aesthetic sheen which does not fade.

The fact that the set has deep pockets is a notable plus for many customers because the unit will not easily rip at the corners nor do you have to wrestle with it trying to get sheets to fit. The elastic bands on the fitted sheets are excellent because they keep the sheets in place through the night and day allowing utmost comfort on your adjustable bed. When users needed to change the posture of the bed, the fitted sheets remain in place effortlessly.

5. Pizuna 800 Thread Count Cotton Split King Sheets Sets for Adjustable Bed

Most of the five star hotels that you may have the pleasure of having stayed in, tend to have one thing in common, cotton sheets! While you may find a few exceptions, cotton sheets reign supreme in hotels. This is with good reason; it’s hard to match their cocktail of characteristics.Pizuna 800 Thread Count Cotton Split King Sheets Sets for Adjustable Bed

The Pizuna Split King Sheets ensure that the comfort of your adjustable bed is optimized. Anything from a thread count of 400 to 1000 means high quality cotton. This fabric has been closely knitted to deliver gorgeous comfort, unmatched breathability and an excellent aesthetic clean look.

The higher the thread count, the softer the cotton and the more durable it is. A thread count of 800 is in the ballpark range of utmost luxury.

The breathability of this set is generous ensuring that your body sleeps cool during those uncomfortably hot nights. The fabric facilitates cool sleep by effectively absorbing any moisture that your body emits. Air also passes freely through the long staple sateen weaved threads to help you sleep cool. These two attributes working in tandem ensure bliss full cool sleep.

During the winter when you need to layer up your bed, this bed set remains applicable because of its ability to retain heat when necessary. The sateen weave is slightly heavier. This means that the cotton lies closer to your body for better warmth in conjunction with other additional layers on the bed.

The fitted sheets are constructed with deep pockets that will accommodate 8”-15” mattresses with ease. The elastic bands have a decent elasticity that makes fitting the sheets on to your mattress so much easier. But more importantly, this set will enhance the comfort level of your adjustable split king bed because, they fit well and don’t keep popping off.

If your skin is ultra-sensitive, then you are likely to love the feel of this soft long staple 800 thread count cotton against your skin. Enjoy hotel like comfort right in the convenience of your bedroom.


  • A Split king flat sheet dimension are 108 inches long by 102 inches wide. The sheets can also be purchased as queen, California king and full sizes
  • The set comprises of 5 pieces that come as; 1 king flat sheet + 2 split king fitted sheets + 2 king pillowcases
  • The material is 100% pure cotton with 800 thread count
  • This set features an easy fabric to care for and is machine washable
  • Can be bought in several colors including birch ivory, charcoal, grey, lavender, denim blue, blue fog, cloud blue, pine green, Rio red and red burgundy to name a few.

Interior designers who have worked with this bed set mentioned that it is an absolute hit. This is because the cotton material is high quality and incredibly soft in addition to the fact that the set comes in an extensive array of colors to work with. It becomes very easy to match this bed sheet set with numerous decors.

Customer feedback

Customers, who opted for this bed sheets set were delighted at both the exquisite craftsmanship of the sheets as well as the plethora of colors that one can choose from. Users shared that no matter how ordinary or eclectic your taste is, you are sure to find a color that will tickle your fancy and bring out the interior feel you are looking for in your bedroom. Others users expressed they loved that the colors hold fast to the sheets despite numerous washes. Interestingly, this set of high quality cotton grows softer with subsequent washes. How cool is that? Users pointed out that this cotton material and the sateen weave are extremely durable. You can expect to enjoy great comfort from this set of sheets for a long time to come.

6. Bare Home Cotton Sheet Set

Signature sheet set by Bare Home that is double brushed to achieve high standards of softness. Other than a gorgeous look and blissful comfort every night, you can expect long lasting quality and supreme softness.Bare Home Cotton Sheet Set

This bed set is made from 100% Turkish brushed cotton and crafted to give you the coziest set of sheets you will ever own.

Cotton is known for developing creases, but most people don’t really mind the creases as they present an awesome lived in look that adds character to the coziness.

For those with sensitive skin and are picky about the fabric used in a bed sheet, you will in all likely hood appreciate the soft feel that this bed set presents. The bed sheet is well constructed with a fluid look and the manufacture assures users that the crafting process does not include harmful and toxic chemicals. Such that, even if you have sensitive skin, this brushed cotton fabric will be agreeable with your skin. It’s also less likely to trigger any bedding allergic reactions.

Whether, you are looking for a summer bed set option or winter sheets, this bed set is a great candidate for both. It breathes very well for cool sleeping and the yarn is heavy enough for retaining heat when used with other layers for the winter. As a bonus, you will love that this set of sheets come accompanied with a matching flannel bag that lets you shop in style.


  • The dimension of the Split king flat sheet is 108″W x 102″L. The set can be purchased in other sizes as well including full/full XL/twin/twin XL/king
  • The complete set of 5 pieces comes with; 1 king flat sheet + 2 split king fitted sheets + 2 king pillowcases
  • Constructed from 100% pure Turkish cotton with 400 thread count
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Available in a plethora of colors including; Dark blue/light grey/ grey/red/sand/Aqua/ Coronet blue/ivory/taupe

So if you are looking for a velvety soft bed sheet option that’s breathable, appealing and durable, then you can’t possibly go wrong with this gorgeous 5 piece set. The fitted sheets come with deep pockets that will accommodate mattresses of up to 15 inches.

Customer feedback

The durability of cotton needs no introduction. This soft Turkish flannel cotton sheets were bought by most customers because of their unmistakable softness. Users pointed out that the quality is excellent for all year round use. Customers were also delighted by the resilient quality that gets softer even after many washes. Color fading is often an issue with most bed sets, users expressed their delight in this cotton fabric which is excellent at absorbing dyes and retaining colors for the long haul. Users also mentioned the flexible choice presented by a wide range of colors to choose from.

Most customers ended up purchasing several sets in different colors, citing that what prompted them to buy additional sets is because the first of the same set they bought was impressively comfortable and aesthetic.

7. Royal Hotel Meridian Brushed Percale Cotton Sheets

The Meridian Brushed Percale Cotton sheets are a fabulous buy for those who like a touch of print on the bed covers. If all your bed room interior has are solid colors, you can jazz up the feel the space by introducing a patterned set of bed sheets to add contrast.Royal Hotel Meridian Brushed Percale Cotton Sheets

Beyond contrast, the print pattern injects a play full pattern that is sure to lively up your space.

The 340 thread count offers above average quality with acceptable softness and durability. The 5 piece set features; 1 king flat sheet + 2 split king fitted sheets + 2 king pillowcases all with the same print pattern. The fact that the set comes in a combination of different colors offers great flexibility towards opting for a color choice that matches or complements your existing décor.

The fitted sheets are constructed with deep pockets. Given that the fabric used in the construction of this bed set is 100% brushed cotton, means that the set has the same characteristics associated with cotton. Among those traits is the ability to stretch. That feature in tandem with athletic bands on the fitted sheets translates to effortless fitting in varied sized mattresses with ease. After all, a fitted sheet should do just that, be fitting.

The fitted sheets will work well with mattresses of up 18 inches. The sheets’ ability to stretch can also work with slightly thicker mattresses without tearing. Each of the fitted sheets measures 39”x 80” which is a great fit for a split king adjustable bed. The athletic bands ensure that the fitted sheets stay in place through all the bed positions in the event that the user opts to recline or sit.

These sheets offer excellent comfort even with adjustable beds that have a massage, or pillow tilt features. This is because they stay attached to the mattress through the helps of quality elastic bands allowing you to make the most of your adjustable bed in utmost comfort.


  • Split king flat sheet has a measurement of 110 inches in length by 102 inches in width. But they can also come as split queen/split California king
  • The set comprises of 5 pieces that come as; 1 king flat sheet + 2 split king fitted sheets + 2 king pillowcases
  • The fabric used is 100% pure cotton with 340 thread count
  • The set washes quickly so you just need to put it in the machine wash
  • Available in numerous colors; white, blue, coral, gray, periwinkle and navy

The long staple cotton strands weaved in percale and coupled with a lively print will no doubt refresh your bedroom. The various color options allow the user to get more than one set in different color options.

Customer feedback

Customers mentioned that the sheets initially feel stiff like a cotton starched shirt. However, after a wash or two, they start to become really soft and will continue to be even softer with every subsequent wash.

While the sheets may look really good, they feel even better against your skin. Customers who liked sleeping cool shared that this set has an excellent light feel and are good at absorbing moisture as well as impeccable breathability. Most customers admitted to really liking these sheets enough to order for additional sets in different colors.

8. Bare Home Cozy Fleece Sheet Set

Allergies caused by bedding material can terrorize and so easily rob you of your sleeping comfort. But that does not have to be the case. That’s especially so if you have a Bare Home Cozy Fleece Sheet Set in your wardrobe. This set of sheets is made for warm sleeping and provide a toasty sleep even in cold weather.Bare Home Cozy Fleece Sheet Set

The design is pill resistant and stays has a warm fleecy look during its entire long lifespan. In that duration, you will notice that the unit is stain resistant and easy to care for. When the sheet set gets dirty all you have to do is simply toss it in the washer for a clean. The fleece material cleans well and has good durability. Being fade resistant, means the set will maintain its colors and aesthetic appeal even when used heavily.

For those who are allergic to wool and flannel, this becomes an excellent alternative that offers an awesome level of comfort on your adjustable bed. So if you have been wondering what would be the toastiest bed sheet option for winter? You now have your answer.  The Bare Home Cozy Fleece Sheet Set keeps you cozy warm even on the dead of winter nights. The fleece fabric is breathable enough and plush to also use during summer months.


  • The Split king size flat sheet comes as 112 inches long and x 102 inches wide. Also available in queen/full/twin/twin XL
  • Comes as a set of 5 pieces that has 1 king flat sheet + 2 split king fitted sheets + 2 king pillowcases
  • The fabric used is 100% pure cotton with a thread count of 400
  • It is an easy care set with machine wash capabilities
  • Available in 28 colors; Burgundy, grey, dark purple, hunter green, lavender grey slate gray, sunshine yellow and pin stripe and so much more.

Allergy prone sleepers can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy blissful nights of comfortable sleep without allergy triggers. Thanks to this bed set option that’s Oeko certified. You can sleep with the assurance that no harmful or toxic chemicals have been used in the processing of the fleece.

Customer feedback

While this set can give the impression that it’s excruciatingly hot, customers who got this unit were quick to point out that the set is impressively breathable and not too hot. Some of the customers are quite picky on their choice of sheets because they can get pretty hot at night. They mentioned that they found this set of sheets to be soft, breathable and a brilliant option for both summer and winter.

9. LinenWalas 100% Tencel Bed Sheets Set

The name Tencel  and fabric are fairly new to the linen scene but gaining popularity because of the fabrics unique quality. In essence, Tencel means fabric made out of cellulose from wood such as the eucalyptus tree to be more precise.LinenWalas 100% Tencel Bed Sheets Set

LinenWalas Bed Sheets are made from 100% Tencel. Since most consumers are so accustomed to cotton, a logical question would then be how does the tencel fabric stark up against cotton? Well, tencel fabric is incredible thinner than cotton by up to 500 times.

For most people, depending on taste and preference find this to be an excellent option for sleeping cool. That’s because it ticks all the right boxes in terms of softens, durability, breathability and mild elasticity. Its also easy to launder in the washing machine and stands up well to frequent washes. If most other fabrics trigger bedding related allergies, you just might find your comfort zone in this bed sheets because they are made without harsh or toxic chemicals.

Organic tencel Sheets are visibly extra softer with a smooth lustrous and breathable feel. This 5 piece set comes in exquisite colors to match most bedroom decors. Your adjustable bed is just about to become even more comfortable with this silky smooth adjustable bed sheet set.


  • Comes with a Split king flat sheet whose dimensions are 112 inches length x 102 inches width. Also available in queen, full, twin and twin XL
  • Available as a set of 5 pieces including; 1 king flat sheet + 2 split king fitted sheets + 2 king pillowcases
  • The sheets are from 100% eucalyptus tencel
  • The set is machine wash friendly with very low maintenance
  • Offers users several colors to choose from; Bahamas blue, lilac, grey, ivory, pinstripe white, mint green, taupe, white and rose gold.

This gentle fabric is easy to care for as it is machine washable. Be sure to use cold water mild soap and dry on a gentle cycle. You can also opt to air dry. Use of bleach is not recommended.

Customer feedback

Customers shared that this set does need some breaking in. Using the sheets at first may feel like some cheap microfiber material. According to users, by the end of the second wash they should be nice and soft. You will be glad you bought this, because they are quite soft and silky after a breaking them in.

One lady customer shared that their family members loved them so much, that they ended up ordering two additional sets in varying colors. This come highly recommended if you like sleeping cool. They are visibly thinner and breathable. They do a remarkable job of wicking moisture and providing good aeration.


If you have been contemplating on upgrading the bed sheets on your split king adjustable bed, this is a detailed review with extensive bed set options that are incredibly comfortable but also very affordable. This expansive selection should help you find bed sheet sets with familiar fabrics as well as enlighten you on some new awesome options that you have not tried before but will pleasantly surprise you.




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