10 Best Bed Bumpers for Toddlers in 2021

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Table of Contents

A bed bumper is an ideal solution for those parents looking for an alternative solution to metal bed rails. A fantastic product, it works as a barrier to prevent your child from falling out of their bed as they sleep.

A simple model, bed bumpers consist of a stable foam piece which acts as the guard or wedge but is also the softest and coziest of designs, ensuring a comfortable sleeping environment.

Additionally, a bed bumper for toddlers can be used as a practical and indeed extra solution for co-sleeping, as it encourages your child and you to stay on the right side.

Furthermore, many parents like the idea of a bed bumper when traveling, as they are smaller in construction and can be easily transported, making them great for vacations and when sleeping over with friends and family members.

Below we discuss 10 of the best bed bumpers for toddlers available for purchase online.

  1. Hiccapop 1-Pack Toddler Bed Bumper

Hiccapop’s bed bumper is designed innovatively to ensure it doesn’t offer the impression of caging your child into their bed! Toddler Bed Rail Bumper/Foam Safety Guard for Bed -

Claiming the most advanced of designs, here it’s a more comfortable but safer option for those children sleeping in their own beds.

Using passive safety protection, it cleverly works on gently reminding your child with a subconscious trigger each time they lightly touch the bumper to move away. This prevents them from falling out no matter how many times they turn throughout their sleep.

Performance tested, durability tested, and most importantly emissions tested, this is a thoroughly healthy foam barrier which passes all safety standards.

Said to be the perfect height for restless sleepers, this can be fitted to toddler beds, full, twin, double, king, and queen-sized beds. It also fits within seconds under the bed sheets.

Featuring a 52-inch protection length, a 4.5-inch height, and a 7-inch narrow width to provide a large sleeping area, this is also water-resistant and stays in place throughout with its non-skid bottom.

Customers of the Hiccapop highly rate the security the passive safety protection element this product offers.

2. Milliard Bed Bumper 1 Pack Foam Safety Rail Guard

Milliard believe their bed bumper is the perfect safety bed solution when graduating from the crib to bed and provides a sense of security for both child and parent every night! bed bumpers for toddlers

Working with any size of bed from toddler to king, this water-resistant product has a non-slip base which keeps it in place even when your child moves around the bed during their sleep.

With a super soft cover made of bamboo, this is a natural and refreshing choice which creates the most relaxing of surfaces and is perfect for those younger sleepers. It’s also hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

An easy to install product this is also claimed to be an exceptional item for traveling with.

With claims that it will never deflate and provides a free from small parts sleeping solution, this is a safe choice of bumpers which aims to eliminate any entrapment issues that arise when toddlers transition to their big kid’s bed.

Customers of the Milliard bed bumper are thoroughly impressed with the size and firmness of this product, with many claiming it a great co-sleeping aid.

3. Shinnwa Toddler Bed Rail Bumpers

Shinnwa’s bed bumpers model actually comes in a pack of two, thus ensuring a more secure overall feel as your toddler makes their way into their first bed! Toddler Bed Rail Bumpers [2 Pack] Safety Sleep Bedside Rail Guard for Toddlers & Kids & Baby | Memory Foam Long Pillow Pads with Non-Slip Machine Washable Cover Shinnwa

Claimed to be not just comfortable but also user-friendly, the foam bed bumpers here work on acting as a subconscious signal for your toddler, encouraging them to move away from the edge of the bed.

These bed bumpers are made up from memory foam padding which is a high-density memory type of foam. They are therefore soft to the touch and ideal as a comforting additional when place on the bed. Also, their cover is non-skid and non-slip silicone, making it totally airy and even machine washable.

Setting up these bed bumpers can be done in just three swift steps; by opening the package, placing it on the bed in its required position, and covering the fitted sheet!

Suitable for all ages and bed types, these are ideal for twin, toddler, full, king, and queen size beds.

With only foam used that meets the highest safety standards, these offer guaranteed quality throughout

Customers of the Shinnwa find these an excellent investment and a good non-moving solution for toddlers.

4. Royexe Portable Bed Rail Bumpers.

Royexe sell a two pack bed bumper which offers a different take on the usual bed bumpers in the form of its inflatable properties! Inflatable Travel Bed Rails for Toddlers. Portable Bed Rail Bumper. Kids Safety Guard for Bed. Great for Home, Hotel, Travel. (2-Pack)

Stated as a great travel item, this is not only ideal for the home but for vacations and when staying over at other people’s homes.

Rated a number one kids bed bumper, this is a safe and thoroughly effective discreet product which aims to prevent those nasty falls.

You merely slip this under the bed sheets, and it acts as an edge height barrier.

Compact in design and water-resistant for added practicality, this bed bumper is said to work with all bed types including convertible cribs, air beds, kids’ twin beds, king, and queen sized ones.

Though this may be an inflatable type, it works just as hard, if not harder, as those foam types of bed bumpers!

Ensuring it stays full and indeed firm, it has a leak-proof and airtight construction. This ensures that it can support a weight of up to 300 lbs.

Its implementation of a unique valve technology means that you can have this blown up and deflated in a matter of seconds – and all with just the touch of a button.

Customers of the Royexe offer some great reviews on the sheer ease of setting up these bed bumpers, along with the great concept of them being inflatable rather than the standard foam types.

5. 2-Pack Hiccapop Foam Bed Bumpers

Yet another Hiccapop item, this is a two pack of safety side bed bumpers! Once again, laying [2-Pack] hiccapop Foam Bed Bumpers Toddler Bed Rails with Water-resistant Cover for Kids - Safety Side Pillow Padsclaim to one of the first advancements in bed safety rail models in over 50 years, this also includes the Passive Safety Protection element as standard; but doubled with two bumpers here instead of the one.

With a washable cover, this is waterproof and offers an anti-skid fabric to ensure it stays put in place. It’s also suitable for all bed sizes and types.

Customers of the Hiccapop two pack enjoy all the benefits of the Hiccapop brand, twice over.

6. Bed Buddy Bed Bumper Guard

Bed Buddy have designed an easy to install bed bumper which is not only ideal for kids but may benefit adults too! Bed Buddy Bed Bumper Guard

It works on keeping your child or you in the bed with a gentle touch as a safety reminder, should you veer too close towards it as you sleep.

This works as a subconscious alert that they are too near the edge and will instantly respond by moving away and changing their current sleeping position.

The bed bumper has a snug safe design which is unique, meaning it’s the only bed bumper which states it keeps even those wriggliest of toddlers secure in their bed.

With a 4.5 inch height and a steep peak shape, this means there’s less chance of your toddler rolling out of bed when compared with other styles of bed bumpers.

Taking just seconds to set up, this is a quick and easy model to install and can be placed on top of the bed’s mattress and covered with a fitted sheet.

This bed bumper fits beds including queen, king, twin and full as well as several travel cots and travel beds found in campers, trains, cruise ships and RV’s!

Complete with a practical travel bag, which makes it simple to take with you wherever you go, customers love the versatility of this model.

7. Babyseater Water-Resistant Foam Toddler Bed Rail Bumper Guard

Babyseater produce a bed bumper rail which is water resistant and therefore worry free for many a child and indeed parent! Toddler Bed Rail - Non-Toxic, Water-Resistant Foam Toddler Bed Rail bumper Guard Provides Safety and Reassurance – White, Machine Washable Cover– Non-Slip Side Bed Rail for Kids + Travel Case (1 Pack)

This offers to make the transition from crib to bed much smoother and indeed safer as your child takes their first steps towards sleeping independently.

The water-resistant element of this design ensures that spills and accidents don’t become problematic as the bumper rail stands up to the majority of occasional slip-ups.

Pitching up this bed bumper rail is simple, as you just put those non-slip bumpers into your desired location. This allows your fitted sheets to do the hard work. Installation of this model is therefore ready in seconds.

An entirely washable design, this rail cover can be thrown in the wash with the rest of your usual laundry, therefore saving time and indeed energy whenever you need to refresh it.

Also included with this purchase is a free carrying case, making sure that you can take this with your toddler wherever they go, for added peace of mind all-round.

Customers of the Babyseater find this an excellent product which is thoroughly secure and easy to install. It’s also claimed to fit easily on most bed types.

8. Magic Bumpers Child Bed Safety Guard

Magic Bumpers offering is a two pack safety guard which is perfect for a child’s bed, featuring a fantastic one-piece design!  Bumpers Child Bed Safety

Made from CertiPUR-US foam, this means a healthier foam option type which has been independently treated and meets all health and safety requirements.

Featuring a fantastic 360 stay grip power, this design means that all sides of the bumper work to ensure a non-slip performance throughout your child’s sleep. This grip then aims to work harder when your child rolls towards the bumper.

A secure and stable design, this is ideally placed for any standard bed type.

With no entrapment space visible between the bed and the bumper, this is entirely child-friendly and will work to stay clean underneath the mattress itself. Therefore, there’s no cover to wash.

With the foam wedges of this model being set up beneath the bedding within just one minute, this is a no assembly model.

Customers of Magic Bumpers find these a primary type of bed safety guards which do the job they claim to do, very well.

9. Sharebear 2 Soft Foam Bed Bumpers

Sharebear’s foam bumpers are a two pack of soft, secure devices which keep your child safe and secure, while staying put throughout their more active nights! Soft Foam Bed Bumpers for Babies, Toddlers, Kids, Adults

Utilizing the most innovative of designs, these are a semi-circle shape of bed bumper solutions which were designed decades ago! The idea was simple; to keep all children safe in their beds while allowing them to get that most deserved night’s sleep.

With safety at the foremost of their creation, these bed bumpers have been created with non-toxic foam, and are free from all retardants. They are also water resistant, with their covers machine washable.

With a stay-put technology employed in the bed rail,this is claimed to be a stress-free solution that is one of the easier to install, but one which will; instantly make your child feel secure as soon as they climb into their bed.

Soft to the touch these bumper pads are also firm enough to ensure they do the job correctly.

Customers of the Sharebear mention how effective these bed bumpers really are and love their grip and overall comfort.

10. Big Sky Traders Foam Toddler Safety Side Bed Guard Bumper

Big Sky Traders make a single safety side bed rail which they believe does the job perfectly of looking after young children in bed transition stages. It’s also considered a good solution for those elder members and even pets! Foam Toddler Safety Side Bed Guard Bumper

Featuring an anti-slip bottom, this extends to the sides to help prevent any slipping or falling from the bed.

With a washable, water resistant and removable cover, you can work to keep the surface area of this foam bumper clean, even after the occasional incident.

Odor free and BPA, latex, and Phthalate free, this is safe and gentle, but an equally firm model which is strong enough to offer the right amount of protection needed on the bed.

Claimed to be easier to use than similar products, it works at making changing the bed area much easier and quicker in return. All you need to do is remove the bumper, replace the sheets, and then put the bumper back in place!

Customers of Big Sky Traders find this a superb solution for even the most active of sleepers!

Final Thoughts on Best Bed Bumpers for Toddlers

Bumper beds for toddlers are a great product as they ensure added peace of mind for both child and parent. They are also one of the more visually pleasing of safety guards, and less conspicuous when placed on a toddler bed.

Ultimately, at just under the $50 mark for most of these models, these are all fantastically priced and well worth that initial outlay.

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