11 Best Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixtures You’ll love in 2020

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Table of Contents

Bathroom vanity lighting fixtures bring more than mere lighting into a space. While that may be the primary function of vanity lights, they can also serve another function of beautifying a space. Once the primary lighting functions have been achieved in a home or office environment, other softer and captivating modifications can be added to bring a unique aesthetic and accentuate other decorative features in the room.

One can improve already existing decor with special lighting anywhere in the house, but the bathroom is often a good target to start with. With attractive bathroom vanity lighting fixtures, one can transform the overall look of the entire bathroom into a space that is not only practical, but also into something that showcases style and elegance.

Furthermore, the right type of vanity fixture can also transform the ambiance of a bathroom into an amazing relaxing and inviting space. Installing a lighting feature right above the vanity mirror does a neat trick of creating a relaxed bathroom feel while keeping the space well illuminated.

So if you’re in the market for an attractive bathroom vanity light fixture, then this post was created for you because below we have some stunning looking vanity lighting fixtures that are not only pretty but are also great for lighting and sure to make all the difference in bathrooms of different types.

Review of the Best Attractive Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixtures Worth the Money

  1. Luenfat Lighting Bathroom Light Over Mirror Crystal Vanity Lighting

The bathroom is already a happy place for most people but the ambience can be further enhanced by adding this UL Listed, visually stunning over mirror Luenfat crystal vanity lighting. Often times most vanity mirrors may have a basic lighting feature above them such as a fluorescent light. While that may perform the basic job of lighting the bathroom vanity area, it lacks the playfulness and aesthetic that this crystal lighting can bring when fixed in the same place.

It is not just fancy but practical. The base is made from stainless steel and therefore will not rust despite the vanity being in a wet area. There are four slots for 4 halogen or LED dimmable light bulbs on the steel plate are very functional. Then comes the single layer of 304 hanging crystals. The crystals are transparent providing both shade and playful lighting when the four bulbs come on. They have a nice calming effect as more light cascades to the vanity window.


  • Rectangular shape
  • Dimensions are 24 inches wide x 7 inches high
  • Uses halogen bulbs or an equivalent such as LED G9 bulbs
  • Easy fitting and installation
  • 304 Swarovski crystals coated with film for longevity
  • Downlight direction
  • 3 years warranty

One of the marks of a good product is the length of the warranty. The warranty length on this product is an assurance of quality from the manufacturer. It is worth noting that the crystals are Swarovski and film coated to ensure they maintain their transparent glittery look for a long time.

Customer feedback

Customers love how the downward direction of light and crystals play on the mirror for an absolutely gorgeous lighting effect on the bathroom vanity. This effect starts from the backplate which is 4 3/4 inches wide and extends from the wall by the same number of inches. That means, instead of being flush with the mirror, it protrudes from the mirror by several inches so that a good amount of the custom shaded lighting and pours onto the mirror generously for a beautiful effect. Customers reported loving even the mundane actions like brushing teeth because of this vanity crystal light.

  1. Solfart 4 Lights Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixture

The Solfart long shade stainless steel bath mirror lamp wall light is a stylish addition to any bathroom vanity. The light direction is up and down casting shaded light to the vanity area and beyond. It adds a lovely mix of complex yet simple design to the vanity.

The complexity on the design of the lighting causes one to wonder how has it been constructed? The material used in the construction includes frosted solid acrylic housing, an LED light source and chrome shining mirror stainless steel base. And the result is a water proof unique design that is ideal for any type of bathroom space.

The top quality LED light source gives off a high color rendering index that makes the light more real and natural. The shade is provided by a frosted acrylic lampshade which also serves the purpose of protecting the eyes making the light comfortable and toned down. It is worth noting that the LED lights in this design are dimmable.


  • Rectangle shape, 4 lights
  • Dimensions are 26.8 inch long, 3.5 inches high
  • Includes the high quality 2835 LED chip, 5000 hrs life, 32 watts
  • Material used include frosted white solid hard acrylic housing, Stainless steel base and LED chip
  • Water proof
  • Easy installation

This design gives off a white brilliant acrylic shaded light that illuminates the bathroom within the relaxed shade. The vanity bathroom lighting feature can adequately serve as the only bathroom light.

Customer feedback

Customers found that the design of this light can complement many different bathroom decors, from a smooth painted wall or tiled walls for clean finish to more rustic finishes with elements of brick, faux stone or mazeras. Either way, customers love the classy look and down/up stylish way it lights the whole bathroom starting with the vanity.

  1. Dale Tiffany GH10331 Multicolored Berlin Vanity light

The brand Dale Tiffany is a mark of quality. That mark of quality is aptly show cased in the multicolored Berlin vanity light. Whereas most vanities will tend to be of one color, these dimmable vanity light gives of several playful colors that enrich and enliven any bathroom space.

The multicolor finish is as result of the hand rolled art glass as well as the high quality copper foil materials used during construction. A technique that has been used for a century to create heirlooms accents originally by Louis comfort Tiffany. So if a touch of sophistication and elegance is what you are going for in your bathroom vanity light, it is hard to go wrong with this option.


  • Rectangular shape
  • Dimensions are 6.5 inches wide by 24 inches long and 4 inches deep
  • Chrome finish and crystal shade
  • Uses three E12 Incandescent light bulbs of 40W each. These are not included with the purchase

The design comes off the wall by four inches and slightly past the vanity mirror. This positively affects how the shaded light cascades into the rest of the bathroom.

Customer feedback

Pulling off a multi colored crystal shade is not an easy feat. Customers love the glassy multicolored hues presented through quality crystal. The contrast of light in a chrome and crystal finish does add an elegant sparkle to the vanity space and the entire bathroom as a whole which customer found very sophisticated.

  1. Femony 3-Light Vanity Fixtures

This classic vanity lighting fixture has a unique design that is sure to transform any bathroom from drab to fab. The design is gorgeously practical and all water proof. The stainless steel plate attaches at a central point on the wall above the vanity mirror while a chrome polished rod runs across for a length of 23.5 inches.

The rod has three equally spaced out steel overhangs on which crystal shades are attached, a concept that is eye catching and a welcomed departure from the common continuous line covered by crystal lights.

The breaking feature of three separate overhangs does create a nice lighting effect as the light plays on the crystal shades and gently pours into the rest of bathroom vanity mirror and its surroundings. It gives the impression of three suspended waterfalls which is pretty cool.


  • Overhang design
  • Dimensions of 5 inches high by 23.25 inches
  • Uses three CFL, halogen, LED or incandescent bulbs each at 100 watts.
  • Constructed from stainless steel and high quality crystals
  • Waterproof
  • Chrome finish
  • Easy installation

The construction design gives a clean sturdy finish and one does not have to worry about water splashing around as the installed fixture is water proof. This is dimmable with the necessary kit sold separately.

Customer feedback

Other than the elegant sophisticated look, customers love the fact the unit is easy to clean as every part is reachable. A quick wipe at the central base steel plate and the running chrome finished rod means one is halfway through. A quick touch up of the crystal with a wet soaped cloth and then wiping them dry with a clean cloth means completion.

This way, one can often give the lights a quick wipe every time they clean the vanity. That leaves the bathroom vanity looking clean, sparkly with cozy, inviting and stylish lighting to be enjoyed by the whole family and impress visitors.

  1. Kira Home Mason 3-Light Industrial Vanity Bathroom Light

An industrial styled vanity bathroom light can add a touch of class to various decors. The Mason light goes very well with rustic finishes. That’s because of its lantern styled features that emerge from the oil-rubbed bronze finish on the base plate as well as the three thin metal rods that outcrop in an overhang fashion to hold the three individual bulbs.

You have got to love the three seeded glasses that shade the bulb. This is another unique touch that adds to the classic theme. The base plate is sturdy and once attached to the wall holds neatly and firmly. If one has an extensive vanity with two or three mirrors, you can opt to get a set for every mirror.


  • Jar shaped lampshades that are seeded
  • 5 inches length by 7 inches deep and 10.2 inches high
  • Houses three bulbs (bulbs have to bought separately). Works with LED, CFL, or up to 60W  incandescent medium base bulbs.
  • Oil-rubbed bronze finish
  • Industrial look

The design gives the impression of a street lamp only in a miniature version. At first glance one may mistake the beads on the hand blown glass jars to be droplets of water which is remarkable as the design brings curious art to vanity area.

Customer feedback

The design is definitely unique. Customers looking to add a bit of flair to their bathroom with a rustic element without departing from that theme, will find this light fixture to be spot on. Most customers appreciated the fact they can get this light fixture in other shades other than oil-rubbed bronze. They also love that they can choose the same lighting but in different gorgeous shades such as: brushed nickel and light- brushed nickel.

  1. Possini Euro Design Wrapped Wire Modern Wall Lighting

This is a modern bathroom vanity wall light design comes in a chrome finish. It comprises of three bath lights that offer a tasteful contemporary look. The base plate is of polished chrome finish and extends 6 inches from the wall. Three equally spaced thick rods of the same finish protrude from the base plate and serve as supports for the three cylindrical open top and open bottom glass bulb holders.

What will stand out for anyone using the bathroom is the artful shades on the glass. They have hand-wrapped aluminum wire decorations that are the unique signature feature of this lighting fixture.


  • Rectangle with cylindrical glass holders
  • Dimensions are 22 inches long and 5 inches high
  • Hand wrapped wire act as shade
  • One set has three bulb holders
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Dimmable with compatible light bulbs. Recommended bulb is the LED or halogen light bulb T4 shape or G9 base

If doing a remodel or planning for a brand new bathroom, this is an eye catching option that brings an elegant style and artistic look to the bathroom.

Customer feedback

This looks exquisite in a bathroom vanity that customers mentioned that they had to get extra sets for other sections in the house such as on the staircase landing, patio and corridors. The fact that it can be installed vertically as well as horizontally adds to the number of possibilities to use it with. They particularly loved the artistic concept with the aluminium foil.

7. Aspen Creative 62059 4-Light Bathroom Vanity Wall Light Fixture

This is a delightful vanity wall fixture with a contemporary design. The design features a brushed nickel circular base that serves as a central point attached to the wall above the vanity mirror.

A medium sized round rod attached to the central base runs through and has four clear glass bulb holders equally spaced out attached to it. The glass bulb holders sit on the brushed nickel rod facing upwards with an open top and closed bottom. It clears a good 6 inches from the wall ensuring that shaded illumination splashes on to the surrounding walls and the vanity mirror in relaxed inviting amount.


  • 5 inches long by Wide 7.5 inches wide and 6 inches deep
  • Four clear glass shades
  • Contemporary design
  • Uses various 60 watt maximum bulbs
  • Dimmable with a dimmer switch
  • Features brushed nickel finish and glass lampshades

Often, most designs with glass shades will either face down entirely or have an arm holder in their middle section. In this fixture the four glass shades have closed bottoms that sit on the brushed nickel rod and face upwards. That brings a different play of light in the vanity of a bathroom.

Customer feedback

The design has a beautiful clean uncluttered feel which worked well for customers who love contemporary design in their fixtures. Customers with longer dimensions on their vanity mirrors appreciate the 31 inches long vanity fixture that can adequately accommodate four lamps. Those customers who particularly want the glass shades facing upwards, like the fact that their wish is fulfilled in this design.

  1. ELK Lighting Bathroom Vanity Lighting fixture

There may be many vanity lights fixtures out there, but few can match the ingenuity of this ELK light. The contrast of colors and material used will augur well with the rustic vanity ELK 11586/4 Amherst 4 Light 24 inch Antique Bronze Vanity Light Wall Light phototheme as well as contemporary themes and even for bathrooms with an eclectic feel.

The materials used are metal with an exquisite industrial antique finish while the hovering shade over the bulbs has a tarnished graphite finish. When the bulls are on, the contrast of this fixture is simply rich.


  • Eclectic design light bar
  • Dimensions are 38 inches long  by 10 deep and 8 inches high
  • Holds four 60 watt Incandescent bulbs
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Antique brass finish

It one fancies adding an old school feel to their vanity while still remaining modern, this minimalist design will fit right in as it can complement contemporary decor while capturing a touch of 20th century English country pub vibe.

Customer feedback

The design is mostly metal and therefore durable and Hardy. Customer love the versatility of this light fixture because it will work great in an indoor environment such as a vanity area in the bathroom but will also look dashing in an outdoor setting such as a patio.

9. Divina Modern Wall Lighting Bar Fixture

If looking to spruce up a bathroom, one surefire way to do it is by adding some sparkly vanity lighting. The Divina wall light fixture by Possini Euro Design brings a good dose of funky into a space. That is because of the versatile design as well as material used.

The design is a cylindrical bar attached to a circular chrome finished back plate. What makes it so brilliant is the fact that the 16.5 inch cylinder can hold four bulbs while the surface of the cylinder is lined with glistening crystals. When the bulbs inside the cylinder light up the resulting light creates a playful effect sending shimmers through the crystals and onto the vanity surroundings such as the walls and mirror.


  • Cylindrical design shape light bar
  • Dimensions of 16.5 inches long by 4 inches high and 5 inches deep
  • Chrome finish metal construction
  • Cylindrical shaded with embedded crystals
  • Accommodates 4 halogen bulbs of 20 wattage max

This lighting is a treat for lovers of shimmer and sparkles who also love contemporary designs. It works well as a centerpiece effect for the bathroom.

Customer feedback

The versatility of this bathroom vanity light is one of the things customers love about this lighting fixture. It can be installed vertically or horizontally depending on preference and it can work in any type of décor. It goes right above the vanity mirror, or if one has a round or oval vanity mirror, they can opt to get two and install one on either side the mirror for added character and balance.

10. Amber Scroll Wall Light Bronze Fixture for Bathroom Over Mirror

The Amber scroll lighting fixture is a true work of art. The golden bronze metal frame upon which the five handmade Amber art shades are attached is sculpted with exquisite mastery. It forms thin patterned lines that look like the strokes of calligraphy, in metal.


  • Oval shaped wall plate.
  • Traditional hanging style
  • Dimensions if 37 1/4 inches long by 12 inches high and Extends 7 1/2″ from the wall
  • Handmade Amber art glass
  • Golden bronze metal finish
  • Dimmable with compatible dimmers
  • Accommodates 5 bulbs. Recommended bulbs are Incandescent, LED, halogen, or CFL light bulb of A15 shape and E26 standard-medium base
  • Easy install

This artful design is sure to enliven a bathroom space with warmth and delectable art while remaining practical in providing shaded colorful light.

Customer feedback

Many customers spoke of the wonderful art elements of both the frame and the Amber handmade glass. Both elements blend well in a contemporary bathroom setting but also do just fine in a country bathroom. Customer appreciate that the light is oval shaped giving them a different aesthetic.

For bathrooms with elaborate vanity mirror, customers mentioned that the length of this fixture which stands at 37 1/4 inches is able to accommodate five bulbs making it ideal. The traditional hanging style is classic

11. Brivolart Bathroom LED Vanity Light Bar Fixture

When one doesn’t want to break the bank to acquire a vanity light, then this is the go to economic option that still offers value for money like this model right here. Brivolart light bar is constructed from stainless steel and white acrylic in addition to featuring K9 crystals. The design is extremely practical, attractive and easy to install.


  • Modern style light Bar
  • Dimensions of 27.6 inches long by 4.3 inches deep and 3.9 inches high
  • Constructed from K9 crystals, white acrylic and steel
  • Easy installation

This light fixture is versatile as it can not only be used in the bathroom but can also serve a bedroom vanity light. Plus the light from it is very calm and relaxing.

Customer feedback

Some vanity lights stand the damp, but not this fixture. Customers love the fact that even in a damp environment such as a steaming bathroom after having a hot shower, this light fixture will still illuminate effectively. They also mention that it does a good job of as an auxiliary light in several parts of the house.


With so many options to explore, the choice of the best attractive bathroom vanity lighting fixtures comes down to one’s individual taste and aesthetic preferences. What is clear though, is that no bathroom should drab and flat. A bathroom vanity light fixture can transform the look, ambiance and tone of the bathroom area in an instant. So next time you’re going shopping keep that in mind and consider taking a little more time researching and going through several options before finally settling on a model. The beauty of it is that one does not have to break a bank to get functional, quality, innovative and entirely stunning bathroom lighting fixture.




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