12 Best Bathroom Vanity Light Bar Fixtures for Style in 2020

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Table of Contents

A mirrored bathroom among other things, is where you go to see yourself as you want the world to see you. Therefore, investing in a fantastic lighting fixture is crucial to putting on your best self. With that, comes bathroom vanity light bars, lighting fixtures that are space-saving and above all else, practical for general lighting in the bathroom and getting your daily grooming routines accomplished.

With their space saving design, vanity bar lights can be installed almost anywhere in, even in the most limited of spaces, but best directly over mirrors or right beside them for the best grooming results.

From simple yet elegantly designed, to the most glamorous and luxurious, bathroom vanity lights do not have to be purely utilitarian and boring. They can also be used to offer more than just lighting. Bathroom vanity bars can set the right aura while also adding a touch of elegance and style in the bathroom.

If you’re convinced one of these fixtures would make a great addition in your bathroom, below we’ve picked 12 of the Best Bathroom Vanity Light Bar Fixtures that we think are great not only for practical lighting, but are also fixtures that will accentuate the overall look of any bathroom as well.

In various designs and color finishes to suit every user need, the market has no shortage of these units so you’re sure to find one in your particular budget. And you won’t have to dig too deep into your pockets if you don’t want to.

The Best Vanity Light Bars Worth Considering

1. Modern Wall Light Crystal Vanity Fixture for Bathroom

An utterly attractive of vanity bar fixtures, this Possini Euro Design modern wall light cut crystal vanity light for the bathroom comes in two sizes: 23 and 30 inches in width.

Ideal for a contemporary space, this fixture blends style and design with exceptional functionality. The 30 wide bar extends 7.25 inches off the wall bathing the vanity in clear light so that the mirror and counter are both well illuminated.

The bar has excellent details with the crystals set in a sturdy metal construction with a chrome finish. It comes with four G9 of 40 watts and one can buy compatible dimmers separately to make this an auxiliary lighting fixture for the bathroom.

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this fixture praised the beautiful aesthetics of the crystal rods which appear to be dropping off the side of the bar. The compatibility of the bar with both halogen light bulbs and LED bulbs puts it ahead of several other lighting fixtures and a feature that customers love. This allows users to replace the halogen bulbs with LED bulbs should they choose to. Most customers, especially women, commended the easy installation process of the fixture for not being being complex.

2. JinYuZe Bathroom Vanity Bar Light

If you’re considering injecting a little glamour into your space, the JinYuZe Bathroom vanity bar light would make an excellent addition to any bathroom. This lighting bar brings a modern twist to the bathroom with the wavy chrome polished frame that is fitted with four G4 lamps. The lamps are the highlight of the bar as they reflect the light from the clear crystals set in the bar as they glow.

This lighting bar provides a fantastic visual effect making a stunning addition to the décor of the room. But most importantly it provides its core function which is to offer users significant amount of lighting during daily grooming like make up application among others. The overall material used on the bar is metal and glass.

With dimensions of 22 inches in width and 3.9 inches in height it fits into a regular bathroom space without making the space seem cramped. The four G4 halogen lamps are replaceable

Customer feedback

Overall, customers love how stunning and unique this vanity is saying that it upgrades the overall look of the room once installed. Users also appreciated the bright effect of the halogen lights. Some customers did however, complain that the lights use up too much electricity and emit too much heat. Finding bulbs that are compatible with this unit may not be easy and if you do find them, replacement can be a rather difficult chore. Also, some customers noticed that the flange is smaller than the typical electrical box so this bar may require additional installation work.

3. Brivolart LED Vanity Light Crystal Bar

This decorative vanity light bar by Brivolart features stunning crystals which give a cool white glow that is flattering and ideal for all your grooming needs including when applying makeup.

It has two light temperatures, a white light with less than 3000 Kelvins is considered a warm white while anything above 4000 Kelvins is a cool white. Cool white lighting is used to supplement natural light which is why this lighting bar is an excellent addition to one’s grooming repertoire.

The metal used in this case is chrome stainless steel that offers both durability and a very aesthetically pleasing finish. Featuring K9 transparent crystals and white acrylic mask this bar is a fantastic décor addition even when it is not in use. It comes in three sizes: 17.3 inches, 21.3 inches and 27.6 inches but one color, white.

Customer feedback

The 60-day refund or replacement policy that comes with this lighting bar is a huge favorite with customers. The majority of customers also appreciate the easy mounting of the bar which is done just by connecting live, neutral and earth wire to the corresponding sections in the electrical box. However, what customers loved the most is the practicality, modern look of the bar and the stunning aesthetic it infuses in a room.

The option of three sizes ensures customers are able to purchase one or the other depending on the size of their bathroom.

4. Solfart Crystal Long Bathroom Vanity Lights Fixture

This dustproof and waterproof lighting fixture from Solfart is ideal for revamping and upgrading the overall look and décor of any bathroom. The crystals are K9 meaning they offer the most brilliant sparkle over the acrylic mask. Made from stainless steel it has a stunning finish and brightens up the bathroom giving it a modern look.

It is available in a dimmable and non-dimmable version ranging from 16.2 inches, 25.4 inches, 33.5 inches and 40 inches. This lighting fixture fits perfectly above a vanity cabinet as it does on the bathroom wall.

The light bar provides a natural white light and wattage of up to 1000mm. With the high color index on this fixture the light provides a realistic skin tone much like one would have with natural light.

Customer feedback

Modern looking and stylish, a single unit is said to be practical and great for medium to small bathrooms. Because of use in a damp environment like the bathroom, customers appreciate the anti-corrosion quality of the metal that is used as plating on the fixture. This eliminates the unsightly rust color that would otherwise accompany the fixture with age. For some of the customers the lights are too bright so the incorporation of the dimmable feature is a welcome addition.

5. Possini Euro Midtown Bath Bar Light Fixture

With its deviation from brilliant crystals this light fixture from Possini Euro is the perfect piece to light up a contemporary space with quiet elegance. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically and one can even buy two to mount on each side of the vanity. Because of the quiet glow of the fixture the lights won’t be too overpowering.

A durable finish is painted over steel making the fixture strong and durable. The steel construction can be covered with bronze, chrome, satin nickel or burnished brass depending on the décor of the bathroom. This means that the fixture can be used in rustic bathrooms or in a colorful décor with premium results. It comes in two sizes; 15 inches and 23 inches working with either LED bulbs or incandescent bulbs. The LED version is dimmable with a LED dimmer. Also, the fixture comes with a single light or double lights.

Customer feedback

Most of the customers who reviewed this fixture positively commented on the professional look of the lights. They love the candle bulb design that only accommodates candle bulbs. Candle bulbs add elegance to the fixture.

6. Divina Modern Bathroom Wall Light Bar Fixture

This is yet another stunning offering from Possini Euro from their Divina line. The design is stylishly chic with a single round bar awash with crystal elements wrapped around a shiny chrome backplate.

It can be installed either horizontally or vertically. The fixture is heavy and it also gets warm (not hot) when lit due to the 6 G4 halogen bulbs that it comes with. You can use LED bulbs with this as well with some work.

It extends five inches off the wall and the length of 16.5 inches fits any bathroom size.

Customer feedback

Absolutely beautiful and stylish, customers loved the overall aesthetics of the fixture as it’s able to not only act as a source of lighting, but also accentuate the overall look of a modern bathroom. The fact that you can install this light vertically or horizontally without dislodging the six halogen bulbs is a huge plus.

7. Vivienne Modern Wall Light

The gorgeous Vivienne Modern Wall Light from Possini Euro has a very functional rectangular design. There are two length options one that can accommodate six lights and the other four lights.

For installation either vertically or horizontally, this features a chrome and crystal finish this fixture is both elegant and classic. The chrome finish gels very well with the clear crystal accents.

The 6-light fixture extends 4.5 inches off the wall and comes in dimensions of 35 inches wide and 4.5 inches. Its six lights are G9 halogen bulbs with a maximum wattage of 360 watts. Better still, this model is fully compatible with LED bulbs.

This is an ADA standards compliant fixture meaning it abides by the Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

Customer feedback

Majority of the people who purchased this fixture were taken by the extreme beauty and sleek rectangular design of the bar. Not only does it look modern but it also offers excellent functionality. Customers also love the embedding of crystal on the sides as well as the front. This means that it can illuminate from all sides offering more light when in use.

8. Dale Tiffany Multicolored Berlin Vanity Bar Light

From the world renowned developer of glass and crystal art comes this vanity bar light from Dale Tiffany which is ideal for persons desirous of a glamorous vanity fixture for that touch of luxury.

An attractive unit with full dimensions for the bar are 6.5 inches by 4 inches by 24 inches, this bar is slightly thicker than most of the other offerings with crystals dripping on the front. It works with 4 incandescent bulbs which are to be purchased separately.

This bar brings modern décor to the bathroom as it lights up the space with the combination of crystals and metal chrome. Dale Tiffany individually craft their products like this one to ensure the piece is unique and has distinct character.

Customer feedback

Customers are very satisfied with the exceptional aesthetic of this lighting bar from the polished chrome to the drop of the crystals. The crystals are also sturdy and reflect light beautifully providing adequate lighting in a functional manner. They also love the overall unique design of the bar.

9. Hykolity Integrated LED Vanity Light Bar

Hykolity vanity bar light comes in four sizes making it an ideal pick for several sizes of bathrooms including 18 inches, 24 inches, 36 inches and 48 inches. The bar is dimmable so you can enjoy a soft glow in your bathroom as an auxiliary light or the brightness you need when it is in use. it can dim from 1% to 100%.

The LED lights have a color temperature of 4000 kelvins providing natural white light. Hykolity has made it easy to install this light such that even non-handy customers find the four steps quick to execute. The brush nickel finish is understated but it provides a contemporary modern look to the bathroom.

Hykolity intergrated LED vanity light is energy saving allowing customers to save up to 80% of energy. It has been proven to emit no IR radiation or UV. Furthermore, it’s ETL certified for use in damp locations making this a winner in damp bathrooms.

Customer feedback

The energy saving aspect of this vanity bar make it a favorite with many customers. They can manage their energy bills efficiently using this light bar. They also love the fact that it never buzzes or flickers. Customers also commented on how close to sunlight the light is giving them a natural skin tone. The simple design works for many customers who want efficiency with simplicity.

10. Perpetua Integrated LED Bathroom Vanity Light Bar Fixture

Featuring a white glass cylinder-like design, Linea di Liara’s bathroom vanity light bar is simple and classy. It features a metal chrome finish with white glass and perforated sides on each end.

This Led lighting bar is highly functional as it can be mounted vertically or horizontally and is available in a black finish as well as the brushed nickel finish, three sizes: 22 inches, 30 inches and 42 inches.

The 30 inches inches one offers 3000 Kelvins and is dimmable but one has to have the ELV dimmer. It’s ideal for use in damp bathrooms as it’s ETL listed.

Customer feedback

Customers love the frosted white on this fixture because of its clean lines and pure look. The perforated ends also add to the charm of the cylinder. They also appreciate the 1-year manufacturer warranty that comes with this product.

11. Mirrea Modern LED Vanity Light Bar for Bathroom

With the Mirrea modern LED vanity light for the bathroom you have the option of a cool white or warm white glow to your bathroom. The amount of light from this fixture is equivalent to four regular vanity light bulbs. Despite this, the light is not too dazzling or glaring because the fixture feature a frosted acrylic cover

It is a simple stainless finished unit with the frosted finish on the light. The dimensions of 24 inches make it a perfect for a small bathroom. So you can use more than one of these fixtures in a bigger space to bath the space in light or just one to keep it romantic.

The installation is easy and the fixture can lie horizontally or vertically. Also, the light can be adjusted to light up, down or both up and down.

Customer feedback

Customers are happy with the use of traditional dimmers to dim this lighting bar because these dimmers are more accessible and convenient. This means the same dimmer used for the traditional incandescent light is just as effective for this fixture. Customer also love the frosted acrylic cover which makes the light easy on the eyes and softer. For many the fact that this light comes on instantly when switched on makes it their favorite lighting fixture for the bedroom and bathroom.

12. Ledmo Adjustable and Retractable Modern Vanity Lighting Bar

With a retractable design, this Ledmo lighting fixture is an excellent balance between quaint and over the top. The design allows you to fix this above a medicine cabinet or flash against the wall with no restrictions. It is made from stainless steel which is rust and corrosion resistance.

Additionally, you can adjust the direction of light on this fixture to down, up or both. The full rectangular shape is sleek and functional providing more light across a wide surface area.

With dimensions of 6.1 inches by 8.9 inches, this LED vanity fixture is ideal even for the the most limited of spaces  because they are not too big. What’s more, this can comfortably be used in damp to wet environments.

Customer feedback

Customers who reviewed this fixture praised the uniformity of the light which is bright without being too dazzling. They were also impressed by the sturdy construction of the plate and arms of the bar. Most had an easy time installing it with minimal time spent on the process. It also offers a very modern look to the bathroom without becoming the centerpiece a characteristic some of the customers appreciate.

What to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Vanity Lighting Bar

Now that you’ve had an opportunity to go through our top recommended vanity lighting bars, here are a few things to help you pick the best possible option for you

1. Size

It is crucial to choose the right size of fixture to fit the size of your bathroom. Selecting a small fixture makes it ineffective given the space and an oversized fixture for a small bathroom overpowers the small space with too much bright light. Since most lighting fixtures come in several sizing options it is possible to find the correct size for your bathroom space. Also consider lighting bars that take up 75% of the actual vanity mirror.

2. Metal

The metal used in the finish is an important consideration because it needs to go with the rest of the overall décor of the bathroom. Typical finished like stainless steel and chrome are popular because their shiny finish is suitable for most decors from farmhouse décor bathrooms to contemporary bathrooms.

But for finishes like burnished brass and bronze, there needs to be a similar theme in the bathroom for them to merge well with the rest of the room. This is especially important if you have fixtures in the steel and chrome metal.

3. Treatment

It’s a good idea to check for materials treated to withstand the bathroom environment. The metals need to be corrosion and rust proof and for the actual light or bulb consider one that has acrylic protective layer. Also, opt for bars that are dust and water proof.

For the protection of your eyes it is best to keep away from exposed bulb or lighting. Instead choose bars with frosted or opaque glass. Not only do these protect your eyesight they also bath the room in a glow of light as opposed to the room being awash with overly bright white light.

4. Style

Choosing the style is dependent on personal style, preference and budget. For a luxurious bathroom opt for over the top crystal fixtures that mirror the decadence of the space. For a modern bathroom use classic colors like black and white to complement the overall pure white or black theme. Such colors should be neutral to go with any modern bathroom décor.

For the spa look select lighting bars that have sleek, uninterrupted lines and a warm glow. You can opt to add a sconce to complement the bar and infuse more energy into the room.

5. Ease of installation

Do not opt for very technical fixtures that require a lot of work during installation unless you really have to. It may look like a good idea but keep in mind that above the cost of purchase of the fixture, you have to employ an electrician to do the installation for you. Also, consider that the fixture may not be compatible with your electricity box. Make sure that you have the correct dimensions of the box in your house to compare to the flange of the fixture.

6. Type of light

Anything above 4000 Kelvins mimics the sun in varying intensities. Lower than that the light provides a warm light that may not be the true reflection of your skin tone. The cooler the light the better and 4000 Kelvins and above bulbs offer cool white light.

Final Thoughts on Bathroom Vanity Light Bars

The bathroom can sometime be neglected in the grand scheme of decorating the house. Fortunately more people are realizing that the bathroom is their private sanctum and doing more to make it  sanctuary.

With a great bathroom vanity light bar you can’t go wrong in changing the overall look and feel of your bathroom space. They can take it from mediocre to high end, whether you opt for a crystal light fixture or a frosted looking bar. They will definitely do more for your bathroom.

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