8 Best Bathroom Storage Cabinets For Small Spaces in 2020

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Table of Contents

Small bathrooms have their own charm – lesser space to clean, fewer tiles to buy. However, just like any great thing, there is always a downside. For tiny bathrooms it’s usually storage space and furniture placement. That’s right, where to place a cabinet so it doesn’t take to much space, little space to hang the towels with, fold the bathrobes on, and to stack a whole load of shampoo and soap bottles with, basically, you have to figure out how to fit everything in a tiny little space without it looking congested and just overcrowded. Among the many things you will have to contend with are the different types of bathroom storage cabinets and picking the right one for your small space.

You love them and don’t want to part with them – we know. A bathroom does feel empty without our trusted ol’ storage cabinets. Bathroom vanities are a bit difficult to put inside smaller bathrooms. Even the smallest ones are still too big to provide ease of access. Also, smaller vanities will not be able to hold much storage disabling them of their primary purpose.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t think of other alternatives. If you want your small space wide, think tall. Yes, taller bathroom storage cabinets will have an increased capacity for storage and decreased need for space.

What we have below are some of our favorite finds. Don’t worry, you can thank us later.

  1. Cabidor Mirrored Storage Cabinet

Looking for something convenient and functional? I would confidently say you found it! Installing the Cabidor is quick and easy, by just mounting it via the bathroom door’s hinges it simply goes where your door does, with no metal fasteners, drilling or nailing of any kind required for installation. Through this simple process you add instant storage in your small bathroom on space that could otherwise be left to waste. This thin bathroom cabinet allows you to neatly store your items without adding bulky bathroom cabinets that would take over too much space, making your already small space even smaller. It features a customizable interior equipped with over 5 storage cabinets.

Do you have a full length mirror in your bathroom. Well, good news for you. The exterior part is fitted with a full length mirror.

So if you’re really pressed for space, this is the cabinet of choice for small bathrooms.

Benefits of the Cabidor

  • Reclaims the wasted space behind the door for storage purposes.
  • Includes a full length mirror.
  • The adjustable shelves are removable, beneficial if you have extra long items to store.
  • Easy to install for instant storage and does not damage your door.
  • The Cabidor can be fitted on any door with different hinge distances and can be reversed from right or left hinged doors

2. Sauder Linen Tower Bath Cabinet

With provisional shelves for towels and bathroom essentials, this cabinet might as well solve all your storage needs.The top half part features open shelves with cubbyhole dividers ideal for storing towels. The bottom part is enclosed with a door that is reversible and can be opened to the left or right.

Made from wood with a white finish with slate finish accent this product is durable.


  • Small and compact for tiny bathrooms.
  • Has a provision for storing towels and other bathroom items.

3. Sauder Caraway Etagere Bath Cabinet

For small bathrooms, every little bit of space counts so if you happen to have space that is not being utilized but you can do something about it without adding to the clutter, you cannot not take that opportunity.The Sauder Caraway Etagere Bath Cabinet is one such cabinet that conveniently creates space on the vertical space over the toilet that is not being used. This space-saving cabinet is placed directly against the wall over the toilet.

It comes with two adjustable shelves behind a panel door, adjustable shelf behind frame and panel door and bead board back panel.


  • Does not require additional space it reclaims what is being underutilized.
  • Fits over most standard toilets.

4. Elegant Home Fashions Shelved Floor Cabinet

Sturdy engineered-wood constructed in pure-white finish this cabinet is durable and functional with 3 shelves one of which is adjustable. Features 2 Paneled cupboard doors with crisscross-patterned cutout windows but there is an option of just 1 paneled door which is both cheaper and smaller.

Measuring just 13 by 26 by 34 1/4-inch this cabinet shelf is perfect for a small bathroom and despite its small size, it can hold quite a large number of bathroom items.


  • Can be used to store linens and toiletries
  • Can hold more a few toiletries at a time.

5. Sauder Caraway Floor Cabinet

Another Sauder product makes it to this list. Weighing just 27 pounds, this product is lightweight and compact and can therefore be moved easily. It comes with two adjustable shelves for all your toiletries and some linens.

With a faux slate finish, this cabinet would be perfect in almost any bathroom. It comes with a reversible door that opens left or right.


  • Small yet functional.
  • Will not require much space as it measures just 17.6 x 11.5 x 31.3 inches when fully assembled.

6. Homecharm-Intl Tower Storage Cabinet

Made of durable painted MDF and wood composite this cabinet with its 5 storage shelves will hold a substantial amount of bathroom necessities, including some bath towels if you so wish. Two of these storage spaces are behind a louvered door.

When fully assembled this cabinet measures 15.8L*11.8D*60.6H inches. Not much space is taken by this unit, as it maximizes more on vertical storage.


  • Tall for additional space.

 7. Homecharm-Intl Wall Storage Cabinet Homecharm-Intl 13.8x5.9x21.6-Inch Wall Storage Cabinet,Louvered Door,White(HC-057)

Freeing up floor space is recommended for small bathrooms so a wall-hanged cabinet might work for you. If it’s just a few towels and some shampoo bottles, this cabinet is perfect!

Made of durable painted MDF and wood composite when fully assembled measures 13.8L x 5.9D x 21.6H inches.


  • Does not require any additional space as it is wall mounted.

8. Songmics 4 Tiers Bamboo Floor Cabinet Storage Tower

With 4 shelves provide and a roomy cabinet with slatted door this slim storage cabinet is also perfect if you have lots of items that need storing in the bathroom. Made from 100% sturdy Bamboo, this cabinet is not only durable with powder coat finish to withstand the moist environment, but stable enough to hold up to 150lbs.

Aside from being functional, bamboo is known to be environment-friendly and sustainable so by buying this product, you’ll be contributing towards the betterment of the environment. It measures 13 3/8″ L x 13″ W x 55 5/16″ H when fully assembled.


  • Made from sustainable bamboo.
  • Slim but provides sufficient storage.

Before buying a bathroom storage cabinet, shop around ans see before finally deciding on the best one for you. But bathroom storage cabinets are not the only thing to consider for small spaces. Here are some more points to keep in mind when planning the interior of your small bathrooms.

1. Color

Making the area of a small room look big is our primary objective. We can’t change the dimensions anymore so might as well focus on other contributing factors- like colors. Different shades and hues also impart unique influences over the way we think and how we perceive things. Colors, when manipulated right, can create spatial illusions.

In the case of small bathrooms, lighter colors would be best. White, cream, or a soft pink are ideally preferred. Lighter shades tend to make the room expand – not literally, of course! But somehow it tricks our vision into thinking that we’re in a larger area. This is because the lighter the color, the less it defines the corners of the walls and lines of the grout. Dark colors on the other hand are strongly not advised. Colors like black, dark brown and red can increase the pressure inside the room. Not only do they make the room feel hotter and humid (dark colors absorb more heat); they can also make you feel heavy and congested.

2. Floors & Walls

These two are the most basic building blocks of any infrastructure. Whether it’s a 50-floor building or a 30 sq. ft. room, the fundamentals don’t really change. However, there are now a lot of creative ways on how you can go about them, especially in bathrooms.

First things first, you’d have to choose the right material. Wooden panels are least convenient to use. So it’s better to stay away from them. They have a relatively high absorption rate compared to other mediums and may not stay for a long period of time. Also, they might offer a habitable place for algae (those green, slimy plants) that in turn, can lead to dangerous accidents.

Cement is also another kind of material applicable to both floors and walls. Industrial designs are also fashionable right now. This layout utilizes the use of scrap and other construction materials such as pipes, wheels, and metal tools. This design usually works with bare or unpainted walls. If you’re planning to go rough and edgy with your interior, this might be an interesting idea for you. However, just a little precaution: Cement, although less permeable to water, isn’t exactly easy to dry or mop because of its rough texture. Just make sure it finishes smooth and leveled to make it easier to clean.

The most preferable by far are tiles – porcelain, to be exact. It’s smooth, easy to wipe and mop, and comes in a variety of colors and designs. Porcelain has a very low absorption rate, around 0.5%. This makes them ideal for an environment that produces a lot of moisture. There are even some that are designed to look like wood and cement. So compared to the preceding two options, this might be the most practical choice for you.

Choose big tiles over small ones. Bigger tiles will make the room look more spacious because grout lines are less emphasized. You have the option to just tile the floor or include half of the wall as well. There are even interior designers who suggest to tile from the floor up to a certain portion of the ceiling to create a wider perspective for small bathrooms.

3. Toilet and Bath

As much as hot spring baths and Jacuzzis sound very promising (and fabulous), there is absolutely no place for them in tiny houses. When choosing your bathroom equipment, always take two things into consideration: size and comfort. That’s right, even when you’re trying to save up space never sacrifice comfort or it’ll defeat the whole purpose. Bathrooms are otherwise known as comfort rooms so it would be ironic to neglect the word “comfort.” There are many options on the market that can help you save space without expending convenience.

Get a medium-sized toilet. Something simple but looks clean. Choose smaller tubs – just enough for you to fit during your bathing sessions. Or better yet, a shower. I personally love showers because they help me get ready fast and it feels relaxing to have water trickling down my forehead. Also, it helps me monitor my water consumption.

Lastly, we have the sink. Most bathrooms are equipped with one, designed for morning facial rinses and brushing the teeth. It’s okay to put one in a small bathroom just make sure you purchase the kind that’s tall and slender. Match it with the color of your toilet and bath to finish the look.

It’s been a long read but it’s time worthwhile. Now that you know the major dos and don’ts for your small bathroom interiors, be sure to plan out carefully. Choose a layout or design that you think suits your personality. Asking for some recommendations from family and friends is also a good way of knowing that you’re going the right direction.

When shopping for furniture such as bathroom storage cabinets for your small space remember to do a lot of window-shopping, magazine flipping, and internet surfing. You don’t exactly know when you’ll come across the perfect inspiration for your creative mind. Just make sure to bring our suggestions with you. Small or not, bathrooms should feel welcoming.

Go wild or go mild. Create your own little haven.

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