8 Best Bathroom Power Scrubbers of 2021

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Before there were bathroom power scrubbers there was only paining wrists and fingers, tired backs, wrists and fingers and overall body exhaustion as a result of hours and hours of scrubbing, sometimes even to no avail. With power scrubbers however, home cleaning is no longer a tedious grueling task. Power scrubbers have greatly reduced not only the amount of effort that goes into cleaning the bathroom and other surfaces but also slashed the cleaning time by more than half, such that in a matter of minutes, even the most stubborn stains are eliminated quickly and effortlessly for even better results.

These brushes come in a vast selection of sizes to meet just about any home cleaning need both efficiently and effectively. Below we discuss some of these power brushes that are best suited for the bathroom to get rid of those stubborn hard water stains, grout, rust and any other dirt in every crook and cranny for a bathroom that is clean and spotless.

1. Our Top Best Recommendation: Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

Powered by built-in rechargeable 3.65V 4300Mah battery, this noiseless and cordless spin scrubber includes 4 interchangeable brush heads each featuring flexible and long lasting bristles to fulfill different cleaning requirements such as getting rid of soap scum, mildew, grime in the bathroom and anywhere else in the home. For long lasting durability, the brush heads are sealed to withstand moisture and resist mildew and bacteria growth.

Homitt scrubber is different from other electric scrubbers because it comes with a 21-inch extendable handle to allow you to scrub and clean hard to reach corners without bending. The cleaner brush handle can also adjust and tilted by pressing a button.

*****Check out more power scrubbers like this one with long handles here*****

Going through the reviews, this product is a powerful scrubber and the fact that it comes with a handle is a welcomed relief by people who suffer from chronic pain – back pain and arthritis especially.

2. Revolving Products Revolver Drill Brush

Top selling heavy duty power brush is suitable for cleaning tough stains in the bathroom including grime, mold and mildew with minimal effort. It can also be used in other places too that require tough cleaning.

The drill brush comes with a galvanized steel 5/16” hex-headed shaft that fits most power drills and is attached into a durable plastic base to prevent any spin out and also rusting.  The 2″ inches nylon bristles are sturdy and durable and expand to A 4.5 when the power drill brush in in use.

From the user reviews, this product is really sturdy in its construction and if you have a bath tub, sink or tiles stained with hard water, try giving this a shot! Other have had positive results with it.

3. Rubbermaid Reveal Power Scrubber

Rubbermaid is a popular brand for home cleaning items and this list would not be complete without a Rubbermaid Power Scrubber. It offers the option to use three different brush attachments that are suitable for different kinds of tasks around the home including those hard-to-reach places.

The Interchangeable accessory brushes include:

  • Grout Brush-This one is great for removing grout in tight spaces and the corners.
  • Multi-Purpose Brush- Great for cleaning fixtures and tight spaces as well.
  • Large Multi-Purpose Brush- Perfect for the bathroom area including walls, tubs, sinks tiles and other home areas.

This power scrubber delivers 60 scrubs per second and features pulse and continuous scrubbing settings. With an ergonomic grip and rubberized molding this scrubber is comfortable to use. Comes with 4 AA batteries to start you off.

From the users, this brush is a time saver and a miracle worker when it comes to cleaning tiles in the bathroom. It is simply efficient!

 4. Drillbrush Tile and Grout All Purpose Power Scrubber

This kit contains 3 different sized and shaped power brushes of medium stiffness that will attach to any adjustable drill.

Perfect for cleaning tough dirt and grout in the bathroom given the strong nylon bristles. Each of the 3 brushes comes with a quarter inch shaft for attachment.

From a majority of the users, this brushes work exceptionally well in removing those stubborn stains with most siting hard water stains and grime and leaving the bathroom sparkling clean.

5. PowerDof Power Scrubber

Lightweight, the PowerDof Power scrubber comes with a curved, molded rubber handle to give you a secure and comfortable grip as well as easy maneuvering when doing your cleaning. It is water-proofed making it safe to operate in wet conditions.

Powered by high capacity rechargeable battery, 3.6V rechargeable battery that is included, this scrubber can work for up to two hours per charge.

With scouring, wiping and polishing capabilities using the 3 brushes and 1 scouring pad, this handheld power scrubber removes dirt, grime and stains from a variety of household surfaces including the bathroom, kitchen, outdoor areas and maintaining leather products.

From the customer reviews, this product works amazingly well in eliminating soap scum and grout both effortlessly and fast.

6. Olram Drill Attachment Power Scrubber

Comes with 3 drill brushes and is compact in size and light weight for easy holding when doing the cleaning. Each is manufactured using highest quality PP-element which is highly durable as it is strong and resistant to chemicals.

Each of these brushes is shaped and sized differently, featuring medium stiffness bristles for cleaning different home areas including removing grout from hard to reach spots, like corners. The brushes are interchangeable using the stainless steel shafts and will fit both the cord and cordless drills.

From the user reviews this product is impressively efficient and time saving as well. Most mention how very effective it is in removing grout on tiles.

7. Metapo Power Scrubber

The versatile PS-200 Metapo Power Scrubber comes with five different head attachments for different home areas and needs. It comes equipped with an upgraded motor for a higher spinning speed and stronger torque for the best cleaning results.

With its 2100mAH super high capacity battery, it provides 60% more running time than the 1300mAH battery that other scrubbers use. It also comes with a NIMH battery that does not have memory effects so unlike old technology NICD battery, this one lasts longer.

From the reviews, this product is powerful, effective and makes cleaning the bathroom area a breeze.

8 Cuh Cordless Power Scrubber

Lightweight with a low noise, this one features a high-quality waterproof seal to withstand and work in any moist environment and includes 3 metal brushes. Comes with a 3.6V Ni-MH 2100MAH rechargeable battery that goes for 55-60 minutes after full charging.

The anti-skid design of the handle is ideal for comfortable grip and easy maneuvering while cleaning.  

From the reviews, this product cleans tough stains fast and effectively thereby saving on not only time but the effort applied as well.

Cleaning the bathroom and other home areas can be time consuming, difficult and honestly, ineffective at times. So if you’re one of those people who cleans by hand, it’s time you joined the revolution and invested in a good power brush, and see how greatly your time and effort will be reduced with no wear or tear to your body!

All the above Bathroom Power Scrubbers are versatile which means that they can also be used in other home areas as well. The list above should help point you in the right direction but these are our top picks and may not necessarily be yours, so you’re welcome to shop around for more options. Bottom line is, you will never have to go back to hand scrubbing after testing out your power scrubber!



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