2021 Best Bathroom LED Vanity Lights That Will Transform Your Bathroom

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Table of Contents

While bathroom LED vanity lights are mainly used to provide additional lighting in bathrooms, these lighting fixtures are also the perfect fixtures for instantly upgrading your vanity area and accenting the overall look in the bathroom, from a dull, boring utility area to a stylish, elegant and even a sophisticated functional area, with just the perfect ambiance!

Whether you’re looking for a horizontal LED vanity light, bath bar LED vanity light or sconce LED vanity light for installation either up light or down light, the options available are limitless. In a wide range of designs, styles, materials and color finishes including glass, brushed nickel, antique bronze and chrome, there’s an array of options to suit your modern, contemporary or rustic taste. And best of all, you are sure to find something great within your preferred budget.

LED or light-emitting diode is essentially created for converting electrical energy into illumination through the process of electroluminescence. Compared to incandescent light bulbs that use a heating filament process to create a light, LEDs use diodes. These diodes cause electrons to surface the material and emit energy in the form of light. LED lights are introduced to phase out traditional forms of lighting. They are considered a great solution to lessen the carbon footprint as released by the old technology of traditional lighting. 

Bathroom LED vanity lights are part of recent innovations with the use of LEDs. These are not installed to replace ceiling lighting. Their purpose is to provide significant lighting only for applying makeup, hair styling, and performing daily grooming activities in front of the bathroom mirror. Typically, they are installed on top or at both sides of a bathroom mirror. 

Now that you know LED lighting is safe for the skin and the factors that you should greatly consider in buying bathroom vanity lights, here is the list of the ten best products.

Review of the Best Bathroom LED Vanity Lights

1. Solfart Lights LED Vanity Light 

Available in 3 lights, 4 lights and 5 lights, the modern glass stainless steel vanity light by Solfart boasts of its luxurious material.  For the purpose of the features and specifications review, the 31.5-inch Solfart vanity lights will be the focus. Best LED Bathroom Vanity Light

Solfart is proud of its industrial procedure to create their light fixtures. They are welded, polished and laser cut for shape and corners precision. Moreover, the design is amplified with air bubbles crystal to make the light look dimensional. The frame is made of high-quality aluminum for a greater hold of the crystal glass.

Check out more attractive vanity fixtures like this here

The materials include mirror gloss finish and stainless steel with glass crystal shade that coordinates with every room design, be it contemporary or traditional.

The vanity light is waterproof which means its crystal material resist the damp and moisture coming from the hot water in the sink’s faucet.

They are applicable for restroom, dresser, bathroom cabinet, and powder room installation.

Features and Specifications

  • High color index – even at 20 Watt only, the vanity light offers more brightness compared to 90 to 100 Watt bulbs. 
  • High quality, precision-cut materials – the frame is made of 304 stainless steel and bubble crystal glass shade.
  • Uniform luminescence – there is no dark shade underneath the vanity light. Directly and evenly spreads illumination.
  • Power: 20W
  • Input: AC 85-265v, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Output: 36-63V
  • Lumens: 1600 lumen
  • White light at 4500K
  • Light source: Samsung 2835 LED chip


  • IP44 waterproof and dustproof light fixture.
  • The vanity light is suitable for the USA junction standard box. Easily connects without switch or cord, simply plug into a reserved wire directly.
  • Energy-saving LED light as the 20W LED white bulb is enough to illuminate the bathroom and the whole area of the mirror.
  • It offers brighter light compared to ordinary 90 Watt bulbs.
  • Lights are included in the unit.


  • One unit may not be bright enough to cover the whole bathroom if it’s big.

Customer Feedback

Customers each have their own opinions regarding the light emitted by the Solfart vanity light. For some, they say the light is too bright and others would say they are too dim which does not require any dimming switch anymore.

With 4500K white light, the vanity light is meant to illuminate a bathroom but more intensely within the area, it is installed. Regarding the design of the vanity light, most of the customers express their appreciation over the air bubbles crystal-looking bulb containers. Those who have marble walls would express their joy over the created coordination and harmony between the fixtures and the wall.

2. Mirrea Modern LED Vanity Light 

The wall-mounted LED vanity lights by Mirrea comes in a variety of style and number of lighting. Included are lights with one bulb, three bulbs, and the four bulb vanity lights. Modern LED Vanity Light for Bathroom Lighting Dimmable

For the purpose of this review, only the 24-inch modern led vanity light with 5000K color temperature and 24-Watt cold white bulb. This vanity light is actually equivalent to the 4-light vanity light that can illuminate a single-sink bathroom. It is compatible with TRIAC dimmers especially Lutron and Leviton dimmer switches. The vanity light gives the user the option to adjust the direction of the light: light up and light or light down only. 

Features and Specifications

  • Adjustable light direction – the vanity light has an adjustable light direction. Choose directions between lights in the upper and lower part or just the lower part. In the light the options are: light up and down or light down. 
  • Smooth, linear dimming options – most common dimmer switches are the Lutron and Leviton TRIAC dimmer switches
  • Input Voltage: 100~120V 50/60Hz
  • Wattage: 24w
  • Lumen: 1680lm
  • Color Temperature: 5000K Cold White
  • Measures: 24.8 x 4.33 x 4.65 inches


  • Works efficiently to be the sole light source of a small bathroom.
  • Uses dimmer switches similar to traditional incandescent light bulbs.
  • Adjusts light direction according to the user’s preferences.
  • UL listed bulbs install easily and comply with US electric code


  • The cold white can be extremely bright. Warm is more preferable. 

Customer Feedback

Regarded as a high-quality fixture at a fair price point, the chrome material of the Mirrea LED vanity light emits a nice and diffuse glass effect. The vanity light is a fan favorite because of the simplicity of its installation as well as the adjustable light direction. The adjustable light direction is probably the bread and butter of the product.

The customers say they use the light down adjustment if they needed to work on something that requires the light focused downwards. Whereas for customers using the mirror to do make up or to fix hair, the light up and down is the perfect option. Overall, the Mirrea vanity light has become a staple light fixture inside every American bathroom. 

3. Linea Di Liara Perpetua Integrated Bathroom LED Vanity Light 

The sconce-type, dimmable Perpetua integrated warm white LED vanity light by Linea Di Liara is ideal for bathroom and powder room installation. Its sleek and contemporary design Integrated LED Bathroom Vanity Light makes it suitable for most types of room furnishing and decor style. The LED light strip is made of white frosted glass cylinder shades with clean end caps.

The UL-listed light is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty within US-based purchases and it is available in sizes 22, 32, and 42 inches as well as in colors brushed nickel, polished nickel, and black.

When wall-mounted, the light extends 4.5 inches from the wall. A 30.5 Watt integrated super bright warm white LED that has 3000K color temperature. The light is dimmable with the use of a compatible ELV dimmer switch.

Features and Specifications

  • Bulb Cylinder Shade: Frosted Glass
  • Height Dimension: 4.75 inches
  • Width Diameter: 22 inches
  • Category: Sconce Type
  • Dimmable, frosted bulb – the 30.5 Watt integrated, super-bright, the frosted warm bulb has a 3000K color temperature. With the use of an ELV dimmer compatible with the light fixture, the temperature can be decreased according to user preference.


  • Sleek design and compact size
  • It is elegant and modern at a fair price point.
  • A 30.5 Watt LED light bulb included in the unit.
  • The unit is hardwired and does not need any switch


  • Dimmable switch not included in the unit. Needed to be purchased separately in order to use the dimming feature.
  • Intergrated lighting which means should one bulb fail, entire unit would need to be taken down.

Customer Feedback

The majority of the customers of Linea Di Liara’s Perpetua Integrated LED Bathroom Vanity Light say the dimmable feature can be used with Lutron diva dimmer. It is ideal to be wall-mounted in a bathroom with low-ceiling. Regarding the sizes and sleek design of the vanity light, most of the customers say they appreciate the manufacturer’s compact design as this enables it to take up less space compared to other sconce type vanity lights.

A substantial number of reviews are from women, and they are indeed happy with how the light helps them to fix their make up as well as fix their hair. The men also loved the vanity light because it’s helpful when cutting facial hair. Overall, the vanity light does its job as advertised, no more and no less!

4. Hykolity Integrated Bathroom LED Vanity Light

The wall-mounted integrated LED vanity light by Hykolity vary in sizes. Included sizes are 24 inches with 25 Watt LED, 36 inches with 30 Watt LED and 48 inches with 35 Watt LED. LED Vanity Light, Dimmable Bathroom

The standard natural white light of each vanity light is 4000K which is dimmable and made of the brushed nickel finish. It has a high powered, super brightness with up to 13% the power draw of incandescent bulbs that will last 50000 hours in its lifespan. If it is too bright, the vanity lights can be reduced according to the mood of the user using a dimmer switch.

The 24 inches 25 Watt LED vanity light by Hykolity is ETL listed and the best option for all bathrooms as well as powder room applications. The vanity lights are backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty for all USA based purchases.

Features and Specifications

  • Energy-saving vanity light – the energy saved is over 80% within the product’s lifespan. With 1750 lumen output that is able to deliver 120 Watt equivalent to 25 Watts of power. This feature makes the vanity light to be enlisted by ETL as it also avoids electrical shock and fire hazard for the user’s safety of use. 
  • 4-step installation feature – the vanity light can be installed with 4 steps. Simply unscrewing the wall plate from the light to connect to wires to fastening it together again. The light can be mounted horizontally or vertically depending on the user’s preference. 
  • Wide dimmable range option – the dimmable option allows the user with a 5 to 100 percent dimming range. It is compatible with Triac LED dimmers for flicker-free operation. 


  • The neutral white light that greatly considers all user’s preference.
  • Great dimming range option – from 5 to 100 percent light intensity. 
  • Perfect for bathrooms because of its damp location material practicality. 
  • Saves on energy bills


  • Only Lutron dimmer switches are the best recommended option to use the dimming feature of the light. Otherwise, it is difficult to find the right percentage of light emission. 

Customer Feedback

While some customers say the light is ambient for bathroom application of use, others say otherwise. Ultimately, the customers who said they are too bright are just as satisfied with the great dimming options of the vanity light. With the use of Lutron Triac dimmer switches, the vanity light can be dimmed according to their preference.

For late-night visits the users use the 5 percent dimmed light which makes the environment conducive for heavy eyes. Overall, the customers are satisfied with the quality of the vanity light at its value price tag. 

5. Aipsun Modern Bathroom LED Vanity Light

Choose from warm light with 3000K color temperature or natural white light with 5000 K color temperature with the 2600 lumen, 24-inch Modern LED vanity light by AipsunBest LED Matte Black Modern Vanity Light

The vanity light is made of advanced aluminum casting shell, that is robust, secure, anti-scratch, rust-free and easy to clean. It is also environmentally friendly because of the durability of the materials used that allows users to enjoy it for a longer time.

The matte black vanity light by Aipsun is the definition of the modern, contemporary luxury design of home LED vanity bar lighting. 

Features and Specifications

  • Contemporary design – the vanity light is designed with matte black bar lighting that produces light in the upper part and the bottom part. It is suitable for bathrooms, powder rooms, living rooms, hallways, staircases, and even outdoor halls and balconies. The vanity light is multi-function yet perfectly made for bathroom vanity use. 
  • Energy-saving, lights – with durable, refraction effect, the high quality LED chips to emit bright lighting at 20 Watts with 5000K color temperature that promotes an extra-long life for an extended duration of use.
  • High quality, prestigious materials – the light is made of advanced aluminum casting shell for the exterior design that is both anti-scratch and rust resistant. 


  • The straightforward choice between warm or natural white lighting.
  • Matte black color that suits and coordinates with most steel metal bathroom fixtures. 
  • Energy saving and eco-friendly with a long duration of use. 


  • The unit is not dimmable and does not support the use of a dimmer switch.
  • The instruction manual that comes along with the unit is insufficient. Projects only a numbered diagram which can make installation quite tedious, especially for non-mechanical inclined users. 

Customer Feedback

The majority of the customers love that the 24-inch Modern LED vanity light of Aipsun emits a nicely casted light from the upper and bottom parts. Some customers of previous brands say the light is perfect for powder rooms because of its warm light emission but not really suitable for bathrooms and for use when applying makeup on the face.

Overall, the vanity light is multi-function and was used for staircases, hallways, and balconies by many of its customers. It is regarded to be a great addition to the bathroom for extra lighting but not as a main source of light. 

6. Polished Bubble Glass Double Light Sconce Fixture 

Sophisticated and functional, the 15 watts polished bubble glass double light sconce fixture by Hamilton Hills boasts of luxurious design and materials. Its polished clean-cut design with Bubble Glass Double Light Sconce Fixturebeautiful lines and the simple feat is owed to the chrome base that holds the two glass cylinders with bubbles.

The integrated LED lights of the vanity sconce provide a warm feel that adds to the luxurious and lavish ambiance of its overall design. All thanks to its 3000K LED lights.

In addition to its design, the vanity sconce is also ETL and cETL certified by the USA and Canada divisions. It’s energy efficient with 50,000 hours of rated lifetime. This unit also has an option to go for a single light, single pendant, and triple pendant LED lights to cater to the preferences of the market. 

Features and Specifications

  • Sophisticated, functional design – the bubbles glass cylinder is durable and water and moisture-proof. Its sturdy, polished chrome base holds the two glasses which is not only functional but also looks ultra-luxurious. 
  • Safe use and easy to install – the vanity sconce is ETL and cETL certified because of its safety to use and its manufacturing has met the standard for quality of light fixtures. No UV or mercury materials used. 


  • Attractive to look at.
  • Instant turning on and flicker-free. 
  • Dimmable with the use of innovative and conventional LED dimmers. 
  • Adequate instruction manual with standard three-wire for ease of installation. 
  • The Hamilton Hills offers a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • The warmness of the lighting is too warm thus changing the temperature of the surrounding which makes it not quite ideal for makeup application purposes. 

Customer Feedback

Extraordinary, ultra-luxurious and very posh. These are some of the descriptions made by some of the customers of the Hamilton Hills double light vanity sconce with some saying their bathrooms and powder rooms are now almost like the ones seen in five-star hotels after the installation of the unit.

Overall, the customers loved the sconce because of the transparency in advertisements. At its price, the light is regarded to be a great value for money sconce for bathroom use. The light is said to change the whole vibe of the bathroom. Not only is it bright but it gives off a posh ambiance. 

7. Exeter Modern Wall Light LED 

The ADA compliant, dimmable light fixture that is the Exeter modern wall LED light by Possini Euro Design is available in 17 inches and 24 inches. Modern Wall Light LED Brushed Nickel 24" Wide Vanity Bar Fixture for Bathroom

The LED light is supported by a nickel backplate. Its 22 Watts light output is comparable to a 100 Watt incandescent light. With 1600 lumen and 3000K color temperature, the vanity light is eco-friendly with 25,000 to 30,000 hours lifetime.

The light fixture is suitable to install vertically or horizontally to fashion the bathroom mirror appropriately. The Exeter modern wall LED light is available in colors nickel and bronze with brushed nickel finish frame, silk-screened glass shade, and steel, glass construction for both exemplary product durability and pleasing aesthetic design.

Features and Specifications

  • High quality, durable materials – made with brushed nickel finish frame, silk-screened glass, and steel, glass construction, the vanity light made to withstand nudging and water splashes. 


  • Vertical or horizontal installation. 
  • Silk-screened glass creates a soft glow for stylish modern and full functionality.
  • Energy-saving LED bulbs


  • Not very bright and therefore one unit may not be enough for those larger of rooms.

Customer Feedback

As every Possini Euro Design would complement the manufacturer’s line of light fixtures, the Exeter modern wall LED light is another great product. Simple, clean, elegant design, gentle, powerful and modern statement, are a few of the good descriptions used by satisfied customers.

The brand is well regarded and trusted by homeowners because of the quality of the light fixtures they produce. Conversely, the 24-inch Exeter modern wall LED light is one of them. Overall, the product is said to work as advertised.

8. Kira Home Everett Integrated LED Bathroom/Vanity Light

Nothing screams more oriental in design than the ETL listed Everett integrated LED bathroom vanity Light by Kira HomeBest Bathroom LED Vanity Lights

The brand offers 3 lights in brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze as well as 6 lights in the same colors. The light bath bar displays a geometric style with clean-cut lines and is paired with frosted acrylic shades in the warm light glow.

The product includes 3 or 6 integrated LED acrylic lenses that emit 3000K color temperature that is equivalent to 350 Watts incandescent bulbs. For its dimmable function, the light is compatible with Lutron dimmer switches.

It is suitable for all types of bathroom interior like minimalist, industrial and contemporary and it is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s and dealer’s warranty.

Features and Specifications

  • Durable, and flexible design – the light fixture gives off a hospitality setting vibe similar to classy hotels. Its frosted acrylic shades are ETL listed for bathroom use. A clean-cut bar holds the light bulbs in place and remains unbattered in case of nudging. 
  • Bath bar: 48 inches L x 5.25 inches H x 2.75 inches projection from the wall
  • Backplate: 46.5 inches L x 0.75 inches W x 4.25 inches H
  • Acrylic lenses: 5 inches L x 0.5 inches W x 3 inches H


  • Eco-friendly, power-saving and energy-efficient.
  • Lutron dimmer switch compatible.


  • Integrated lights, meaning if one bulb goes out, entire fixture would need to be taken down

Customer Feedback

There are some customers who were quite confused with how the light work. Since the product name stated the lights are integrated, it means that they are not replaceable if one bulb goes out. Despite this, most of the customers are happy with their purchase because long-time users have confirmed that the product lasts for several years, just as the manufacturer has promised it will. Moreover, the fair price tag adds to the value of the light fixture.

It’s sturdy and easy to install according to some female customers with handyman husbands. Finally, the product is described to be modern-looking and functional. 

9. Brivolart LED Vanity Lights 

The IP20 waterproof and dustproof LED Vanity Lights by Brivolart is the ultimate bathroom vanity light with high light-transmitting acrylic covered bulbs to give you perfect warm  Bathroom Vanity Lightslighting when putting on makeup and shaving.

The stainless steel body and acrylic plating surface of the vanity light is durable, safe to use and easy to wipe.

With only 9 Watts, the light offers the same brightness level as ordinary 50 Watt bulbs. The Brivolart LED vanity light is ideal for installation in bathrooms, powder rooms, hallways, staircases, and workplaces. They give the same look and feel like the lights installed in hotel reception areas. 

Features and Specifications

  • Daylight white light and downlight – the vanity light is ultra-flexible with its white soothing light. It is claimed to work for 50,000 hours. 
  • Easy to install – there are no switches and cords necessary for the installation of the vanity light. It seamlessly and directly connects to a reserved wire. It is suitable for US junction boxes with a standard size of 4.33 inches x 4.33 inches. 
  • Dimensions: 16.54 inches L x 4.33 inches W 3.15 inches extension from the wall
  • Color rendering index (Ra): >80 – effectively restores the true colors of the surrounding
  • Lumens: 700 lumen


  • The vanity light is IP20 waterproof and dustproof which makes it safe to use in bathrooms where a splash of water is inevitable. 
  • Acrylic cover spreads light nicely and evenly to give illumination to the whole sink area of the bathroom. 


  • This vanity lights fixture is not dimmable and doesn’t support the use of dimmable switches.
  • At 9 Watts, some users found it not bright enough.

Customer Feedback

Satisfied customers said the LED Vanity Lights by Brivolart is a good addition to most types of bathroom design. It complements the bathroom fixtures well and is not distracting to the overall features of the room.

Moreover, the light is a great enhancement if there mirror already has a light integrated into it. Other customers said the light is perfect for makeup application as it does not emit any heat which can be very distracting when facing the mirror for quite some time. A number of customers installed it facing downwards so that it does not ruin the ceiling-mounted lights as well as to focus it more on the vanity area. 

10. Elegant Quadruple Square Bubble Glass Bathroom LED Light

The ETL and cETL certified by USA and Canada divisions Elegant Quadruple Square Bubble Glass Contemporary LED Light by Hamilton Hills is another fan favorite because of its Best Bathroom LED Vanity Lightsluxurious look, functional features, and durable materials.

The product is available in 3 lights and 4 lights. With its brushed chrome finish an inlaid, underlit solid glass pieces, it emits exceptional color accuracy. Meaning, the light does not alter the color of the surroundings. Users can easily spot makeup mistakes and shaving was made easy and quick. The lights are compatible with conventional dimmers. 

Features and Specifications

  • Sophisticated, functional design – inlaid, underlit solid glass pieces are durable and water and moisture-proof. Its sturdy, polished chrome base holds the glasses which is not only functional but also looks ultra-luxurious. 
  • Safe use and easy to install – the vanity light bar is ETL and cETL certified because of its safety to use and its manufacturing has met the standard for quality of light fixtures.
  • Downward light through bottom feature – besides the glasses with upward light and glass illumination, there are downward lighting found at the bottom. This is designed so that there are no dark spots under the bars that hold each glass. 
  • Dimensions: 33 inches L x 5 inches H
  • Glass dimensions: over 5 inches


  • Instant turning on and flicker-free. 
  • Dimmable.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.


  • The lighting emitted by the vanity light can be too bright for small bathrooms. 

Customer Feedback

With the vanity light’s downward light and upward glass lights, most of the customers say it casts an interesting and beautiful effect on the wall. Regarding the amount of light it gives, some of the customers say it does greatly light up their whole bathroom while others think it is too bright for their small bathrooms.

Regardless of the brightness, the majority of the users still recommend the vanity light because, with a dimmer switch, they can easily lessen the brightness. When a bright light is required, the vanity light is just turned on to maximum setting

FAQs: Bathroom LED Vanity Lights

1. What is the most suitable ratio between the vanity light and the mirror?

While some will not put great consideration of the ratio of vanity light and the mirror, it is your advantage to know that it greatly affects the whole interior design of the bathroom. The vanity light should only cover 65% or 80% of the total width of the mirror if it is square or rectangle in shape. Otherwise, if your mirror is circular or oval, there is no need to proportionate the lighting with it. But it is still better to look at if the lighting does not extend so much from the radius of the mirror. 

2. Are LED lights good for makeup application?

When looking for a LED vanity light for your bathroom and for the use of applying makeup, it is best to opt for ones with higher CRI or color rendering index (Ra). The CRI determines the real color experience of the user. The higher the CRI, the more realistic the colors are presented. With the innovative technology today, vanity lights have high CRI at over 90. With an 80 CRI LED light, you will be able to see how nicely your pigmented eye shadows when applied on your lids. Conversely, it is easier to spot stubborn mustache for men. 

Moreover, LED lights contain less UV. When putting on makeup, women usually look closely to the mirror, with the lights above are absorbed bt the face. We do not like that kind of radiation in the skin. With that being said, LED lights are safe to use and do not damage the skin during close contact.

3. What color temperature is best for vanity lighting?

As others might not be aware, the color of light greatly depends on the color temperature. Bulbs that have over less than 3000 Kelvin would typically cast out yellow, or warm white light while bulbs with over 5000 Kelvin would produce cool and brighter white lights. Yes, the higher the Kelvin measurement, the brighter the casted lights. To know which is suitable for you, should depend on your use. If you frequently use the mirror in your bathroom for putting on makeup, then cool white light is highly recommended for you. Whereas if you just need lighting for the mirror area, then a warm light is the best option. 

Factors To Consider When Buying LED Vanity Lights For Your Bathroom

As you search for the best LED vanity lights that will best suit your needs, here are some important factors to keep in mind;

1. Color Temperature

The standard measurement of color temperature is in Kelvins. Generally, from 2500 to 3000 Kelvins color temperature tend to be warmer or yellowish. Whereas lighting fixtures with over 5000 Kelvins are whiter and brighter. Some vanity lights have both warm and white color temperatures while others only have one. To determine the color temperature suitable for your bathroom, you should be able to tell its use. If you are going to use it for putting on makeup, then white and bright light is the best option for you. Whereas if you only need the lighting for activities that do not need bright illumination, then the warmer temperatures will be efficient.

2. Dimmable Feature

For greater control of the light, the vanity light you should purchase must be compatible with conventional Triac and Lutron dimmer switches. The dimming feature allows you to achieve the ambiance your eyes require. Say you just woke up from slumber and your eyes are heavy, using the bathroom mirror with blinding bright lights can be quite uncomfortable before your eyes adjust.

3. Mounting Flexibility

Vanity lights are typically wall-mounted. You can choose a vanity light that can be installed vertically or horizontally. This way, you can install the lighting fixture across the top of the mirror or at both sides. The mounting flexibility is an important aspect of bathroom aesthetics.

4. Waterproof Feature

Useful tip: Look for a vanity light that is approved for use in damp or wet environments. Look out for those with a IP40, IP55 or IP65 rating as these vanity lights are waterproof certified. Since the light fixture will be installed near the bathroom sink to support the bathroom mirror, you want a product that is waterproof or at least one whose external looks and overall performance will not be compromised once in contact with water splashes or the daily moisture from baths.

Conclusion on This Review of the Best Bathroom LED Vanity Lights

If you are looking for bright or warm vanity lights with dimming features, varied sizes, and color options, as well as contemporary or luxurious designs, then there are plenty of options in the market. Included in our list is a variety of LED lights that you can find online. We have explored only the highly-rated, fan-favorite and the best brands to give you the ultimate list.

An important note, Bathroom LED vanity lights and other types of vanity light fixtures are not a replacement for ceiling-mounted light fixtures. They are designed for the purpose of illuminating the whole sink area, especially the mirror that you use for your daily grooming activities. They can however, be the difference between a functional and a nonfunctional bathroom, a dull bathroom and a stylish bathroom.


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