Best Bathroom Fans With Lights

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Humidity is part of everyday life in the bathroom, which makes it prone to mold, mildew and other problematic air pollution than any room in the home. Therefore, the right amount of ventilation is crucial in keeping the bathroom area a healthy one with the help of a good exhaust fan.

However equally important in such rooms are the lighting solutions. This is where you have to be extra careful about the electrical appliances that you use and therefore sure about the light fitting you purchase.

Many people are now deciding that rather than concentrate their efforts on finding an excellent lighting solution and subsequently the appropriate ventilation system at the same time, the best solution is to combine the two! This is where bathroom fans with lights come in.

These are lovely all-round models that combine practicality with ease and allow you to keep your bathroom air quality the best it can be. They are also fantastic at offering just the right level of lighting, with many providing a dimmer function for those late night bathroom trips!

Above all, these products are being constructed to be much quieter in operation than ever before; so much so that you’ll hardly notice that they’re working away!

So to help you with your purchasing decision in case you’re in the market for one, below we are going to review  7 of the best bathroom fans with lights;

  1. Panasonic FV-11VHL2 WhisperWarm Ceiling Mounted Fan/Heat/Night-Light Combination

Our first Panasonic bathroom fan with light on the list is the fantastic WhisperWarm model. This is a multi-combination of a fan, a heater, a light, and even a night light, and offers full use through just the one product! Panasonic WhisperWarm Ceiling Mounted Fan/Heat/Night-Light Combination

Made in the USA, the concept of this mixed media light is to provide optimum performance while delivering it all at a quieter, warmer, and smaller combination at the same time.

Claimed to be one of the easier of models to install, making it great for those without prior installation knowledge, this needs to be installed no more than eight feet from the floor to the ceiling.

The construction of this model consists of a stainless steel tubular and sheathed heating element feature. This is chrome wired with magnesium oxide, further ensuring an optimal heat transfer.

The blower wheel of this design works on drawing air into both sides which, in turn, encourages more air to enter the wheel.

Ultimately, the WhisperWarm works to produce cleaner air while doing so quietly. This, in turn, prevents problematic issues in the bathroom area such as mildew, mold, and all other air pollutants regularly found in this room.

Voted 2018’s Most Efficient Energy Star Model, this is an ideal selection for bathroom remodeling and renovation projects and offers flexible installation by slotting instantly into a 2 x 8 construction.

Customers of the WhisperWarm thoroughly rate this bathroom appliance as exceptional – as well as being quiet, bright, and fantastic in operation.

2. Panasonic WhisperFit Fan/Light EZ Retrofit

The second Panasonic model on our list there is the WhisperFit, which has also been voted 2018’s Most Efficient Energy Star Model.This may be a smaller variation on its larger counterpart the WhisperWarm, but it’s also half the price! Panasonic (FV-08-11VFL5) WhisperFit EZ Retrofit Fan/Light

Offering a speed selector for added convenience throughout, here you can choose from 80 or 110 CFM, utilizing its Built-in-Pick-A-Flow element.

This is a lighter model with a flush mount grill feature and self-ballasted base CFL lamp.

Installation of this model is said to be simple and straightforward by accessing the Flex-Z Fast installation bracket alongside the detachable installation adapter.

Thoroughly effective when used for compliance with the latest standards and codes, this offers a low profile at just 5-5/8 inches and will fit depths of 2 x 6 in construction.

Included with this purchase is a four-watt night light, as well as a warranty giving you three years on parts and three years on CFL.

Completely engineered to comply with the fantastic requirements of Energy Star, this is claimed to be the perfect solution for those residential remodels, new construction and renovations, as well as for the hotel industry.

Working to keep the air around it cleaner, it does this quietly and effectively preventing the usual humidity present in many a bathroom, including mold, mildew, and other types of air pollutants.

Customers of the WhisperFit find this a great replacement model which is an excellent workable unit and quiet in operation.

3. Broan 678 Ventilation Fan and Light Combination

Our first Broan bathroom fan and light on this list is the 678 model, from one of the leaders in home ventilation! Broan 678 Ventilation Fan and Light Combination

Claiming a solution for every problem, Broan has created a combination of ventilation fan alongside a light – and all at a reduced sound of 2.5 sones when in full operation.

With a 50 CFM, the wattage capacity of this light is a bright 100 watt and is encased in a shatter-resistant light diffusing lens.

A permanently lubricated and plug-in motor, this is UL listed making it the ideal solution for using over bathtubs and showers. This is all possible through a connection to a branch circuit which is GFCI-protected.

This is said to be swift to fit by just utilizing the mounting ears, therefore ensuring a study installation all-round.

A two inch by six inch minimum of construction space is required, and this can be installed in ceilings that have up to a 12/12 pitch.

The result once installed is a ventilation system which provides the most effective solution to eliminating any containments present within the bathroom area.

Additionally, it also allows you to light up and brighten the room, making it a perfect all-round appliance.

Customers of the Broan 678 fan with light feel this is a great model which is not only fantastically low priced but does a great job of ventilating and lighting the room also.

4. Hunter 83002 Bathroom Exhaust Fan Ventilation Sona with Light

The Hunter bathroom fan with light is a slight variation visually from the other models on this list, but one which is not only a tremendous choice but one which fits perfectly into all bathroom décor and remains a fascinating centerpiece throughout! Hunter 83002 Ventilation Sona Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light, Imperial Bronze (Bathroom Vent Fan, Exhaust Fan)

An imperial bronze model, this is the more sophisticated of fan and light combinations for the bathroom area with its scroll work flowing throughout and imperial bronze finishing.

However, these fantastic first impressions are superseded by the light and fan properties that this appliance offers in addition to just looking good! Its glass cover can also be swiftly removed and cleaned regularly with ease.

Giving a quieter running process, at just 3.0 sones, this 110 CFM exhaust fan works to reduce the excess moisture and humidity presented in such rooms, all the while circulating the air consistently to fight potential odors.

It has an ETL damp listing, which means it’s perfectly workable for use over a shower or bathtub through its GCFI circuit.

Simple to operate, it merely requires the use of two 60 Watt bulbs that are 1-15,alongside just one C7 watt for the night light purposes.

Giving you added peace of mind with its five-year limited warranty as standard, this is more sophisticated of bathroom fan and light choice.

Customers of the Hunter Sona Exhaust Fan with Light not only find this the more accessible of products to install but are equally impressed at how good looking this product is when in place.

5. Delta Breez Green Builder Exhaust Bath Fan/Dimmable LED Light

Delta Electronics sell a bathroom fan with light which offers an energy saving operation throughout and actually exceeds Energy Star requirements by a staggering 840%! best bathroom fan with lights

Claiming to mark a new bathroom ventilation achievement when it comes to green construction, this is undoubtedly an environmentally friendly choice of bathroom appliance.

At a reasonable price, you can access the quieter of operations, at a mere 0.8 sones, precision engineering, extended reliability and efficient cost-saving service- all in the one model.

The DC brushless motor here ensures that it remains a most durable product over time and indeed use, while the fan inside this product is stated to outlast many of your standard household appliances.

Its Energy Star rating also makes it the more cost-effective of models to run while its overall construction of galvanized steel ensures that it remains resistant to corrosion.

With 850 lumens for its main light output and an 80 CRI for high color accuracy, this is also a dimmable light choice.

For added peace of mind, the indicator light which is located underneath its grille reassures you that the fan is actually running, especially when it’s so quiet you begin to question whether it’s on or not!

Customers of the Delta Breeze Green Builder love the incredible all-around performance of this model, as well as stating how silent it is in actual operation!

6. Broan 744 Recessed Bulb Fan and Light

The second Broan on this list, this particular model may be a little costlier than the 678 model, but for that increased price, comes an increase in features! Broan 744 Recessed Bulb Fan and Light, 70 CFM 75-Watt

This is referred to as a recessed bulb fan which also has the added benefit of a light.

Giving 75 watts of light solution, making it perfectly adequate for the bathroom environment, it is also claimed to work perfectly well in those larger of rooms, if you prefer.

Featuring a four inch round duct connector, the fan element of this model delivers a fantastic 70 CFM and aims to ensure a quieter operation throughout at just 1.5 sones.

It’s useable over many showers and bathtubs, due to its UL listing. This is achievable when connected to a GFCI protected branch circuit and with PAR30LN or PAR30L type bulbs.

The 6 7/8 inches of high housing makes this model appropriate for new construction jobs, and its ceiling joints offer two inches by eight inches.

An easy to install model, this requires a flat ceiling but also comes with brackets that are adjustable and mounting and which can extend up to 24 inches in total.

Customers of the Broan 744 bathroom fan with light find this a straight forward appliance to install, liking above all its ability to fit discreetly in the bathroom and look very modern when in place.

7. Tatsumaki LD-120 Bathroom Fan Electric With an LED Light

Tatsumaki’s bathroom fan with light is stated to be an ultra-quiet model which has the added benefit of improved airflow and air circulation through out! exhaust fan with light

Measuring 120 CFM, this is ideal for those 120 sq ft bathroom areas and offers a standard size housing, allowing it to fit in-between many a ceiling joist.

Designed and constructed using only those highest quality of materials, it’s a fast and simple model to install and is supple,with a double hanger bar system so you can just position and set in place with ease.

With an efficient electric exhaust fan and a built-in light, this works at producing practical room illuminations, all the while ensuring active air circulation. There’s also a 6W LED light panel, which is gentler, making it perfect for late night bathroom trips!

Aiming to work to minimize any chance of disturbance, this is an almost silent operator! It’s therefore considered a better choice for those homes that are shared residences or even those with larger families, as it doesn’t disrupt other people, when in use.

This bathroom fan and light extracts those unpleasant odors, smells, and pollutants for even the larger of bathroom areas.

Customers of the Tatsumaki find this an excellent purchase which is ideal for those looking for a more straightforward product to install, but one which does the job well.

Final Thoughts on Best Bathroom Fans with Lights

A solution that combines a bathroom light with a bathroom fan is the perfect addition for almost any bathroom area.

There’s no doubt that every bathroom needs to be kept well ventilated and aired and therefore investing in a fan to do this job is the most effective way to ensure this happens.

While opening a window in this room is certainly helpful, it still won’t combat the lingering humidity that the bathrooms generate in abundance.

So, if you’re looking to make this a good investment, then buying a fan with an additional light ensures that not only is your money well spent on the two appliances in one, you’ll also gain the most practical solution of lighting and ventilation in an instant.

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