6 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Motion Sensor in 2021

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Table of Contents

Bathroom exhaust fans with motion sensor work to offer increased performance and reliability. With the built-in motion sensor feature activating the fan automatically when someone enters the bathroom, one my find these products to be a necessity.

Because of increased moisture from showers gathering on your bathroom walls daily, it’s essential to have a form of ventilation to remove this. A bathroom exhaust fan with a motion sensor can thus offer the correct amount of airflow. This allows it to control and to reduce moisture in this regularly used room.

Yet, along with such high-performance comes the need to select a model here that is energy efficient. Thus, this should mean a fan type that only comes on when it’s essential and works to control the level of humidity in the most practical of ways.

Therefore, the best bathroom exhaust fan tries to lower your energy bills. It does this while ensuring your bathroom remains clear, thus improving your home and indeed health in the process.

In addition to such benefits, selecting the best fan type for the bathroom here should also mean one that is relatively straightforward to install. With most of us preferring to purchase those appliances that we can fix ourselves, those better models will actively encourage a most simple installation process.

Here, we review a selection of no less than six of the very best bathroom exhaust fans with motion sensors. Available online, these are the top-rated models we recommended for your motion sensing bathroom exhaust requirements.

Review of the Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Motion Sensor

1. Panasonic WhisperSense FV-0511VQC1 Ventilation Fan with  Motion and Humidity Sensors

The WhisperSense FV-0511VQC1 from Panasonic is a powerful model that guarantees to work well for many years to come.

A totally quiet performer, this fan works at less than .3 sones. This means it operates as smoothly as a whisper!

What’s more, this quieter running time ultimately means indoor air quality is improved all round. Therefore, all humidity, mildew, mold, and other air pollutant types are instantly eliminated.

Best of all, the WhisperSense does all of this while using less energy in action. This because Panasonic ventilation fans are renowned for their reduced energy usage.

Therefore, even though the WhisperSense works to move more increased volumes of air than standard fans, it does all of this without increasing the energy it applies. The result of a model that uses less energy instantly equals a reduction in motor failure while lowering any potential overheating in the process. This means repair costs are automatically reduced here.

As if that wasn’t enough, the WhisperSense comes complete with a six-year warranty on its motor. Also, Panasonic offers a three-year warranty on the fan’s parts.

This model is simple to install, meaning it can be undertaken as a DIY job. Working with both four-inch and six-inch ducts, it offers increased flexibility in both its duct layout and indeed design.

The WhisperSense boasts smart sensors in its finished design. These sensors are built-in to note any motion and then react immediately. This means instantly picking up on humidity levels present in the room.

What’s more, these sensors are also designed with an automatic shut-off facility. This further increases the energy efficiency of this Panasonic model.

To further enhance the reduced energy that the WhisperSense boasts, this model is fully code compliant. So, it works hard to ensure you save on your energy bill while doing a spectacular job.

Awarded an Energy Star Certification, the WhisperSense has also been named as the most energy-efficient of appliances on the market.


  • Dimensions of 13 x 13x 7.38 in
  • Air Flow Capacity of 110 CFM max
  • Noise level less than .3 sones
  • Dual Sensor Technology – for Motion and Moisture
  • Pick-A-Flow Speed Selector to choose between airflows of 50-80-110 CFM
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Easy to Install

Customer Feedback

Customers of this WhisperSense Bathroom Exhaust Fan offer some fantastic reviews on the all-round performance of this model. With most finding this one of the more accessible models to install in the bathroom, this is considered to offer the most perfect results every time. What tends to get the best rating, though, is the WhisperSense’s motion and humidity sensor element. For many, these are the best features of the fan as it comes on automatically for the most effective amount of time, clearing the bathroom entirely as it does so.

2. Panasonic WhisperFitEZ model FV-08-11VFM5 Fan with  Motion Sensor

Another Panasonic model with automatic motion sensor technology and generally a fantastic fan in performance is that of the high-quality WhisperFitEZ FV-08-11VFM5 model.

Once again, an entirely quiet runner in action, this fan is designed to run as silently as a whisper. It, therefore, works at less than just .3 sones.

As mentioned, the WhisperFitEZ benefits immensely from an additional built-in SmartAction motion sensor. Therefore, it is entirely automatic. This means that the fan will only activate when it’s necessary to do so. Thus, when someone enters the room, it will make use of a 20-minute delay-off timer to increase energy efficiency.

Due to this being a renowned Panasonic model, quality and craftsmanship here are incredible. Therefore, the company assures customers this is a long-lasting model and one that comes with a fantastic guarantee in return. Thus, there’s a three-year limited warranty with each WhisperFitEZ unit.

What’s more, this is a model that is cleverly designed to use less energy but at the same time work hard to move larger volumes of air in the process.

The overall result is a fan type that equals less likelihood of overheating and, of course, reduces motor failure over time.

Working well with either four-inch or six-inch ducts, this is the most flexible regarding both duct layout and overall design.

As with all Panasonic models, the WhisperFitEZ is the easier of fan types to install. This means that you need no outside help to get the job done. To help you further, the installation bracket for this model is aptly named the Flex-Z Fast model. So, you can position the fan precisely where you need it to go and ensure it’s installed in this exact spot.

A fantastic code-compliant model, this is an Energy Star Certified fan, further saving you money on your bills when in operation.


  • Dimensions of 13 x 13 x 5.62 in
  • Air Flow Capacity of 110 CFM
  • Less than .3 sones noise level
  • SmartAction Motion Sensor
  • Increased Air Moving Power
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Flex-Z Fast Installation Bracket

Claimed to work to keep your home environment and indeed your health the cleanest ever, the WhisperFitEZ works to remove all air impurities. Yet, it does this so quietly, you’ll hardly realize it’s on.

Customer Feedback

Customers of this WhisperFitEZ certainly believe this to be the ultra-quiet of bathroom fans throughout use! Gaining fantastic high rated reviews, the ease of installation of this model is also highly appreciated by many, especially those undertaking their own DIY jobs. The increased durability of this fan is also a considerable advantage with many customers, who highlight the typical high quality associated with Panasonic models in general.

3. Delta BreezSmart 130 CFM, SMT130M Exhaust Bath Fan with Motion Sensor 

The BreezSmart SMT130Mfrom Delta Electronics is a bathroom exhaust fan that offers not just a motion sensor but also a delay timer as standard.

When running at full speed, the BreezSmart reaches a level of 130 CFM whenever motion is detected. Then, whenever that person leaves the room, the fan will run at this full speed until the delay time has been passed.

Better still, this delay time can be preset by the user. This means its continuous running time can offer a lower level from 0, 50, 70, or 90 CFM as well. Therefore, you can actively set this model to make the most of the delay timer using increments of 0.5, 5, 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes.

This Delta model is virtually silent, running at less than 0.3 sones. However, to reassures those users that the fan is actually in operation, though whisper-quiet, there’s an indicator light available! This light is located underneath the grille and can tell you when the fan is in use.

Best of all, this model is the more reliable of motor types, with a brushless design that can work to deliver those incredibly higher of CFMs. Yet, at the same time, this unique construction means you’ll consume no less than 17 watts of power with this fan type.

One of the better choices for residential ventilation purposes, according to Delta Electronics, this is indeed the most energy-efficient model. In fact, the BreezSmart actually exceeds the requirements for an Energy Star product by as much as 300%!

A most powerful, durable, and indeed efficient model type, this specific fan is claimed to be the one that sets a new industry standard for energy-efficient performance. Thus, the BreezSmart claims to outlast those popular of AC models by as much as 70%. This means the need to replace this fan type is significantly reduced as a result.


  • Dimensions of 14 x 14 x 7.63 in
  • 130 CFM motor
  • Silent at less than 0.3 sones
  • Motion Sensor with Adjustable Delay Timer
  • DC Brushless Motor Fan
  • Indicator light
  • Exceeds Energy Star Requirements
  • Consumes Less Than 17 Watts of Power

 Customer Feedback

For those customers who purchase this Delta BreezSmart, the high five star reviews suggest this is a fantastic exhaust fan choice for many. With many claiming that it’s so quiet, they need to look to the green light to see its’s actually on. This is virtually silent in operation! With many people finding the fan works without any issues, this is claimed to be a great value and reduced-price exhaust fan, suiting more pockets in the process.

4. Delta Electronics fan, Delta BreezGreenBuilder Series Model GBR80MHLED Fan with Motion & Humidity Dual Sensor

Another fantastic Delta Electronics motion sensing bathroom fan choice on this list is that of the model, the BreezGreenBuilder Series model GBR80MHLED. This unit is a 80 CFM model and one that offers a mere 0.8 sones regarding sound level.Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Motion Sensor

At just 11 watts in operation, this is a thoroughly Energy Star qualified model and one that is almost entirely quiet during operation.

In fact, this is a model that performs so quietly, it has as standard included a green LED indicator. This means that should you be concerned, the fan is not running, as it’s so quiet, the green light will confirm that the power is on!

In addition to this operation light, there are also both blue and amber lights present on this fan. These work to indicate the humidity sensor and the full speed modes available on this model.

Working to offer a most fantastic piece of technology, the BreezGreenBuilder model provides a most innovative brushless DC motor. This, in turn, equals the most reliable of models alongside increased durability for many years of use.

A most compact and indeed lightweight of styles, this model also allows for an increased quicker installation process. This allows most people to get the fan up and running without outside help and as an easy DIY project as well.

A fantastic choice for all homeowners as well as builders and contractors, this fan also boasts some excellent product ratings that far surpass many building requirements.

When the humidity control mode is accessed, the fan will perform two main types of operations. The first is when the humidity is above the set point. This means the fan will run at full speed. Then when the humidity is below the set point, the fan will run continuously at that pre-set lower level.

A UL approved model this allows for many ceilings and wall-mounted installation projects. Furthermore, the hanger bars are included with your purchase of this fan. Thus, installation is made all the easier here.


  • Dimensions of 10.75 x 10.75 x 6.8 in
  • 80 CFM fan
  • Quiet operating at less than 0.8 sones
  • Dual sensor – humidity and motion
  • Brushless DC Motor Technology
  • Humidity Control Mode
  • Dimmable LED Light fitted
  • LED indicator light when fan is running
  • Hanger Bars Included for Ease of Installation

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Delta BreezGreenBuilder bathroom exhaust fan with motion sensors find that this is a good runner and one that is highly durable. Though the installation may take a little more work than other model types, the result seems to be thoroughly worthwhile here. With its fan lights suggested as incredibly bright, reduction in humidity is claimed to be next to none when this is installed. Best of all, those who’ve had it installed for some time suggest the fan is a thoroughly durable model. It’s also one that boasts several practical features that users can regularly benefit from.

5. Broan-NuTone fan, Multi-Speed Motion-Sensing Ventilation model ZB80M Ultra Green

Broan-NuTone’s ZB80M bathroom exhaust fan with a motion sensor is a fantastic slim, and high-quality model. Not only is this a thoroughly practical model, but one just as good for those looking to upgrade their bathroom.

With a built-in motion sensor, the fan here will automatically turn on when any motion detected. It does this by instantly reverting to maximum speed for best practice. However, it will remain there for a duration between as little as five minutes to as long as 60 minutes. This is dependent on how much motion is picked up after that. Then the fan will automatically return to a continuous setting. This means saving a great deal of both energy and indeed money in the process!

Powerful enough to lend a helping hand to those rooms up to 75 square feet in total, this exhaust fan works to offer just the right level of air quality control.

A quieter performer all-round, this is an energy-efficient model that operates at 80 CFM. Because of this, the unit allows multi-speed operational handles. Therefore, it works to even those most demanding of spot ventilation requirements.

Yet, the Broan-NuTone model can also pull double duty. It does this by utilizing a greater continuous ventilation solution. Thus, this is the bathroom fan that works to keep up with the demands of even the most stringent of modern requirements.

This bathroom fan claims to be the most ultra-quiet of models and one that operates at a mere 0.3 sones. With a six-inch duct, this means an almost near-silent experience for all users.

Ideal for all bathrooms, the Broan-Nu-Tone is listed for use over many tubs and showers with GFCI circuits. This further means the steam is captured before it has a chance to spread throughout such rooms.


  • Dimensions of 11.38 x 7.62 x 10.5 in
  • 80 CFM
  • UL Certified for GFCI Circuit Listed Tubs and Showers
  • Near Silent Vent Operation, 0.3 sones
  • Maximum Speed Motion Sensor
  • Increased Efficiency Model

Customer Feedback

Customers that have purchased the Broan-NuTone bathroom exhaust fan with motion sensor find this really is the quietest of fan types! More so, many claim that this is actually quieter than any other kind of standard bathroom fan. It’s also, therefore, a model that many almost forget is installed! Most customers thoroughly appreciate the concept of the fan initially kicking into its maximum speed mode whenever someone enters the bathroom.

6. Air King Motion Sensing 80-CFM Exhaust Bath Fan, model E80SG

Our fantastic final choice of a bathroom exhaust fan with a motion sensor is that of the Air King E80SG model. This is an integrated motion sensor model and one that comes complete with a limited one year warranty.

This integrated action means that the Air King instantly detects when your bathroom is occupied. Thus, it will immediately turn the fan on.

Then once the room is vacated, the fan will run for the correct amount of time to ensure that the proper ventilation process has been followed. This time can be preset of your own accord to get the maximum results.

For your own preferences, you can automatically select the sensor of this fan from as little as 30 seconds to as long as 80 minutes in total.

Best of all, this is the fan that is claimed to be the easiest to install all by yourself. This is made all the simpler by use of the adjustable hanging brackets. These are automatically included with your purchase.

With a six-inch round duct connector, a gasketed damper here also works hard to protect against potential backdrafts. Furthermore, this seals the duct better, operating better than any other dampeners on the current market place.

With an accessible side panel located on the Air King Fan, this is the easier of fans to install. This means you can wire the fan from both inside and outside of the housing to suit.

With a modern white finishing, Air King products provide the most perfect of solutions to all rooms there’re placed in. Boasting some of the most powerful motors in the industry, these models are designed to withstand years of use. They are, therefore, more durable in construction.

Favored by industrial, commercial, and of course, by those in the domestic environment, Air King has extensive experience in supplying to offices, schools, and hospitals. Thus, their bathroom exhaust fans utilize high-quality equipment and comprehensive designs in their make-up.


  • Dimensions of 12.9 x 12.75 x 9.9 in
  • 80-CFM
  • Dual Connector with Gasketed Dampener
  • Sensor Preset Allows for 30 Seconds to 80 Minutes
  • Adjustable Hanging Brackets Included
  • Wiring Accessible Through Inside or Outside of Fan Housing
  • Energy Star rated

 Customer Feedback

For those customers who’ve purchased the Air King Bathroom exhaust fan with motion sensors, the installation process seems a little more involved than some of the other models mentioned on the list. However, the results that the Air King offers more than makes up for this. Claiming to offer a superb quiet running process, most believe this fan works instantly whenever a higher level of humidity is detected. The result is a fan that moves a lot of air, working well to keep the bathroom clear each time.

Final Thoughts

With so many of our bathrooms the higher traffic areas, we must look after them as much as possible.

Therefore, if your bathroom currently has no form of ventilation as such, you could in time find yourself with many problems to solve.

Not only is ongoing problematic humidity damaging to the structure of a bathroom, over time, it can also severely affect your family’s health.

Therefore, by selecting any one of the bathroom exhaust fans with motion sensors as reviewed above, you can ensure a clear and instantly improved bathroom as possible.

With a selection of choices to suit and all of them offering reduced energy usage, these really are the most beneficial products to have installed in any bathroom.

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