2021 5 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Humidity Sensors Worth the Money

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Table of Contents

Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Humidity Sensors come highly recommended as the go-to exhaust fans of choice for bathroom areas due to their hands-off approach on sensing more the ideal moisture levels in the bathroom.

Considering that we all have a shower or bath in this room, there’s no getting away from increased moisture and significant high humidity levels as a result in this part of the home.

When left unchecked, such levels can rise to problematic status and present themselves in two ways.

Firstly, high humidity levels can become a substantial source of health issues in the form of mold and mildew, and all manner of bacteria consequently lingers in this environment.

Therefore, the good air quality is significantly reduced and, as a result, everyone spending any time in this room will end up breathing in such pollutants each time.

Secondly, there is the visual aspect of such poor air quality in a bathroom. Over time, when no solution is put in place, mold and mildew will begin to form in damp patches, causing black spotting and marking all over the walls and ceilings.

This is certainly not an attractive look and requires a lot more attention to remove fully. However, if a fan is still not installed after discovering such problems, this will continue to persist until it eventually wrecks the surface of the wall, finally making its way to work beneath the surface after too long a period.

This can all be easily combated with the use of an exhaust fan with a humidity sensor. Designed to pick up on excess humidity levels as soon as they become present in the bathroom, these models are essential for spotting the initial signs and then powering up instantly to prevent excess moisture from lingering or accumulating, and ultimately dangerous fungi such as  mildew or mold  from taking hold in your bathroom.

Below we are going to discuss 5 of those best bathroom exhaust fans with humidity sensors. These are the models which we believe offer some fantastic results, and all at a reasonable price.

Review of the Best Humidity Sensing Bathroom Exhaust Fans Worth Considering

1. Our Top Pick: Panasonic WhisperSense Ventilation Fan FV-11VQC5 with Dual Sensor Motion Plus Humidity Sensor

Top of our list is Panasonic’s WhisperSense Exhaust fan with humidity sensor. Panasonic is an award-winning supplier of electronics and SD appliances, and their innovative and fantastic designing skills are highlighted in this combination model. Panasonic WhisperSense 110 CFM Ceiling Mounted Ventilation Fan with Dual Sensor Motion and Humidity Technology

It may be the highest priced model on the list, but in return, it offers some fantastic features.

A brand with other humidity sensor fan options, this is a premium model with 110 CFM, this is a ceiling mounted fan that offers both motion and humidity sensor.

It does this through its new Dual Sensor technology, which also provides a handy adjustable delay off timer.This delay timer can be set anywhere from 30 seconds to 60 minutes.

Claiming to offer a powerful performance each time, this also states that it’s an energy efficient model which saves you money on installation. This is because it does not require the use of a switch. Therefore, the fan does the thinking for you!

Additionally, the auto shut off feature of this fan ensures that you aren’t wasting unnecessary energy and therefore will not incur further operating costs as a result.

It’s also hands-free, making it the ideal solution for those in assisted living as well as enabled restrooms. You’ll also find it a great model for kids’room and even those more commercial of places.

Utilizing its exclusive dual sensor technology, this model reacts where necessary to humidity and motion. This means it protects the room against mold and mildew efficiently and effectively. It does this by turning on the fan as and when is needed – without you needing to intervene.

Better still, the motion sensor of this product, which is a built-in Smart Action mode, will aim to automatically turn the fan on each time you enter the room! This is decision free technology and ensures that should you forget, the WhisperSense takes care of it for you.


  •  Energy star rated
  • Dual sensor technology, with motion sensor and humidity sensor
  • Quiet when running , Sones: 0.3
  • Powerful unit

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Panasonic WhisperSense Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor find this one of the better fans on the market, thoroughly appreciating both the timer aspect and the auto turn on and shut off functions.

2. Delta Breez SLM70H Fan with Humidity Sensor

Delta Electronics (Americas) Ltd are the home improvement fan suppliers who have immense knowledge and experience of the bathroom exhaust fan industry. Delta Breez Slim Series 70 CFM Fan with Humidity Sensor

The first of three Delta models on this list, this is the Delta Breeze SLM7OH one which is a slim build and has claims on being one of the only 7.5 inches by 7.25 inch smaller sized fan on the market!

This is a UL approved fan which can be wall mounted or fitted to the ceiling for a perfect installation finish.

Energy star qualified; it boosts DC motor technology through its innovative brushless feature. Quiet in operation at just 2.0 sones, this has an energy efficient rating of approximately 5.8 CFM.

This fan will automatically start when the humidity levels are above 60% and then subsequently stop when they dip below 60%, and all simply when in humidity sensing mode.

This offers a compact housing design which makes it not only look more slim line when fitted but also ensures it’s more comfortable as a solution when replacing those older fans in the home.

Featuring an amber and blue LED light which indicates its humidity sensor and those full speed modes, if you need reassuring that this model is actually running, one look at the LED indicator light will soon reassure you!

This is suggested as a fantastic model for a project and/or a renovation, or just for use in a family home.


  • Energy Star certified unit
  • Compact housing  of  7.5 inch x 7.25
  • Small yet very powerful and efficient
  • Quiet operation at 2.0 sones
  • LED indicator light fitted that lets you know the unit is running

Customer Feedback

Customers of the popular Delta Breeze SLM7OH Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor find this the more simplistic of fans to fit, quickly replacing their older and current model, while mentioning how quiet this really is when in operation.

3. Broan QTXE110S Ultra Silent Humidity Sensing Bathroom Fan

Broan are suppliers of some of the most varied ventilation fans in the industry and are confident that every one of their models improves the indoor environment – while making sure they also preserve the outdoor setting at the same time. Broan Ultra Silent Humidity-Sensing Auto-On/Off Bath Fan, 110 CFM, White

This confidence extends to their Broan QTXE110S Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor. A hands-free solution, this is a modernly styled and high performing fan all-around.

To fight that excess humidity and any problematic mold issues, it works by detecting those rapid increases of moisture levels in the ceiling.

The ceiling area is the place where humidity and steam naturally rise to, therefore when the Broan fan detects this, it will instantly turn the fan on to work at combating it immediately.

However, it does this very quietly in operation! In fact, Broan claims it is indeed ultra-silent and that’s good – you won’t even realize when it’s on.

Because of this automatic switch on, the company has ensured that it is also designed to shutoff when it no longer needs to be performing its tasks, therefore saving not just on money, but preventing you from worrying about it also.

This is claimed to be the most perfect of solutions for all those high traffic bathrooms, children’s bathrooms, or simply for a home which needs to be adequately vented with regards to humidity levels.

At 110 CFM and just 0.7 sones, the auto shut off feature of this model can be adjusted by anything from 5 minutes to 60 minutes in total.

Complete with hanger bars and 6 inches of ducting for a more superior performance, this is a universal installation model, which is fast fitting and straightforward.


  • Energy Star certification
  • 0.7 Sones ensures silent operation
  • Comes with kit for for easy, fast and universal installation
  • Powerful operation

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Broan QTXE110S Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor find this so quiet, they completely forget it’s there! It’s also considered a fantastic solution that works superbly well in operation.

4. Delta Electronics VFB25ACH Breez Humidity Sensing Exhaust Fan

Our second Delta model on the list comes once again from the home improvement fan suppliers Delta Electronics (Americas) Ltd. Humidity Sensor Exhaust Fan

This is their VFB25ACH choice which offers an array of fantastic features and, as a result, a powerful performance all-round.

This is an 80 CFM model which is highly beneficial when it comes to keep on promoting a quieter environment, as this offers a virtually silent performance at just 0.3 sones!

Designed and constructed throughout with precision engineering, this works to ensure extended reliability through the use of its DC brushless motor aspect. The inclusion of this motor is also claimed to make sure this fan outlasts most of your standard household appliances!

Making it easy to switch in and out of humidity sensing mode, this can all be accessed by use of the toggling wall switch.

To ensure you that it’s functioning well, an LED indicator light is present underneath its grille, therefore letting you know when it’s in operation.

This has an energy star qualification which makes it the more cost-saving and efficient of choices when in operation. In addition to this, it also claims to offer energy savings of up to 74%! As if that wasn’t enough, it can also lay claim to exceeding those requirements set down by Energy Star by a staggering 685% of additional energy efficiency!

Designed to control and reduce the moisture levels in your home, this not only improves indoor air quality all-round but also decreases the risk of future health problems caused by such levels present.


  • Practical and very efficient
  • Silent at less than 0.3 sones
  • Energy star rating
  • LED indicator light

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Delta VFB25ACH Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor find this an easy model to install while offering some significant improvements in the room it’s placed in, and some real noticeable results.

5. Delta Breez GBR80H GreenBuilder Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor

The final model from Delta Electronics (Americas) Ltd is their GreenBuilder GBR80H exhaust fan with Humidity SensorBathroom Exhaust Fans with Humidity Sensor

Taking all of the amazing features and benefits from the other Delta models reviewed on this list, the GreenBuilder continues to work on offering more improvements in its operation.

This model benefits from dual speed control and an adjustable humidity sensor. Again, another quieter operating product, this runs at just 0.8 sones!

To make sure you’re aware of when the fan is in operation, there’s also an indicator light located just beneath the grille. This comes in handy with such smoother running models as this!

The GreenBuilder works by running at full speed; that is 80 CFM when humidity levels are above the user-adjustable set point.

When the humidity dips below this set point, the fan then carries on running continuously but at a pre-set lower level, which is around 0 to 50 CFM.

Boasting a lightweight design which makes it perfect for a quick and easy installation process, this is stated as one of the most practical models which is also at a great low and affordable price.

All Delta models are Energy Star efficient, and the GreenBuilderis no exception here! Improving the air quality indoors, it ensures that ventilation is as good it should be in the room and concentrates on expelling that poorer quality of air while controlling the moisture present.

However, this model is said to make a whole new achievementin the bathroom ventilation industry regarding its greener construction.

This means that it can offer an exceptionally lower power consumption, a virtually silent operation, and an increased enhanced performance at 0.25 inches of static pressure!


  • Quiet operation at 0.8 sones
  • Indicator light when it’s running
  • Energy star qualified

Customer Feedback

Customers of the Delta GreenBuilder GBR80H Exhaust Fan with Humidity Sensor find its quiet operation a great feature of this model, while believing it to be a practical choice for improving the air quality considerably in the bathroom.

Final Thoughts on Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Humidity Sensors

A bathroom exhaust fan with humidity sensor is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment for any bathroom, regardless of the rooms size.

This is the one room which requires an additional form of ventilation and one which will not solely work with merely opening a window in the hope the air will all disappear neatly out of it!

Nowadays, as we’re confident these reviewed models have shown you, such fans are remarkably quieter in operation – with many almost silent.

Therefore, you won’t even notice they’re on- but what you will see is a dramatic improvement in the improved air quality of this room, with better health all-round as well as a cleaner, clearer, and beautiful looking bathroom as a result!

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