2 of the Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans With Bluetooth Speaker 2021

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Table of Contents

From bathroom Exhaust Fans With Bluetooth Speaker to those with humidity sensors, lights and heaters features, hallelujah to innovation and technology advancement in the fan industry!

These ingenious fans with added special features no doubt offer a better bargain, not to mention they ultimately give better functionality such that instead of acquiring two separate units to enjoy different benefits or foregoing one in order to enjoy another, you get one unit fan with two or more of the features you want.

Now to be specific, with bathroom exhaust fans that come fitted with Bluetooth speaker, you get to listen to your favorite music, radio station and whatnot at the switch of a button conveniently without having to carry around a separate device in the bathroom.

If you’re in the market for a Bathroom Exhaust Fans With Bluetooth Speaker then this review has two of the best options currently available in the market, highly rated for great performance and and energy efficiency. What’s more, they can each be installed with wall switches (available for purchase separately) for humidity sensing capability or to turn on the speakers or the fan independently or both at the same time.

Review of the Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans With Bluetooth Speaker

1. Delta BreezIntegrity ITG70BT Exhaust Bath Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

Our very first unit with a built-in Bluetooth 3.0 speaker, 3W and 4 Ohm is from the popular brand Delta Delta Breez Exhaust Bath Fan with Bluetooth SpeakerBreeze. The Delta ITG70BT is part of the Delta BreezIntegrity series that includes a number of models  that are all Energy star certified. In fact our model, the Delta BreezIntegrity ITG70BT 70 CFM Exhaust Bath Fan has been advertised by the manufacturer to have an annual energy operating cost of approximately $8.83 only, operating daily.

With a device-to-speaker range of 32′, this model will connect easily with most Bluetooth enabled wireless devices including smartphones, laptops and tablets. Better still, you will not have to do any guesswork here because this unit comes with a convenient Blue LED indicator light that will let you know at a glance whether audio is on or whether the Bluetooth is ready for pairing.

In addition to the UL certification for damp conditions that the unit enjoys thanks to its superior quality construction, the speaker has a safety rating of IPX4 for water resistance thus you can rely on this unit to withstand the moist bathroom environment.


  • Innovative brushless DC motor technology – that enables the unit to run continuously for a minimum 70,000 hours while at the same time enhancing the life of the unit, enabling the unit to run with minimal noises all the while consuming very low power.
  • Thermal cutoff fuse – motor equipped with thermal cutoff fuse
  • Plug-in motor – removable with permanently lubricated motor
  • Built-in soft start function – that increases bearings’ life
  • Automatic power off feature – that enables the fan to power off when impeller is locked abnormally
  • Galvanized steel housing with ABS material grille – the unit is said to complement any decor while its compact durable frame makes it easy for retrofitting and replacement of older bathroom fans. Also features a Built-in backdraft damper
  • Power rating of 120 volts/60Hz
  • Airflow rating of 70 CFM
  • Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) certified Noise level of 1.0 Sone at 0.1 static pressure
  • Power consumption of 8.4 Watts with efficiency rating of 10.6 CFM/Watt


  • Energy star rated for energy efficiency.
  • Relatively Quiet in operation
  • The unit is UL and cUL listed for use in tub and shower enclosures when used with GFCI protected branch circuit wiring.

Customer Feedback

Majority of the customers who went for this option that comes fitted with a Bluetooth speaker, were ecstatic with their purchases. The fact that they get to listen to their favorite music will taking a bath kind of just makes the whole bathroom experience much much better. There are some however, who wish the speaker volume was a little bit higher.

Additionally, this bathroom exhaust fan has been advertised to be Quiet in operation thanks to the Dc motor design and true to that, most customers do indeed confirm that you can barely hear the fan’s motor as it’s running.

Overall, the Bluetooth speaker works well and the fan work hard to perform its primary job of exhausting the humidity in the bathroom, thus making this a worthwhile buy all round!

2. Broan Sensonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

Our second and final product is from the makers at Broan, also a popular brand known for a wide range of residential ventilation products including bathroom exhaust fans. Broan Sensonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Bluetooth Speaker

HVI certfied, Energy start rated for cost saving as well as UL listed for use in damp conditions, the Broan Sensonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan is also fitted with dual high-fidelity sensonic Bluetooth Speakers, that will pair effortlessly with most Bluetooth-enabled devices from radios to smartphones.

Now, when it comes to Airflow capacity, this model has a higher CFM of 110 compared to the 70 CFM of the above DeltaBreez model. This model is compatible with the Broan-NuTone Fans in the QT-series.


  • 26-Gauge, galvanized with white polymeric grille finish – is sturdy, durable and ideal for most decor types. Includes unique spacer for easy I-joist mounting. 
  • Plug-in, permanently lubricated motor – that is designed to operate continuously.
  • Airflow capacity of 110 CFM
  • Noise level of 1.0 Sones
  • Power rating of 120 volts


  • Energy star certified
  • UL Listed safe for use over bathtub or shower when installed with a GFCI protected branch circuit.
  • Relatively silent in operation
  • Higher CFM  of 110 yet only 1.0 Sones noise level

Customer Feedback

From most users, the sound quality and the volume of the speaker are both outstanding and thus this model comes highly recommended as the go-to bathroom exhaust fan with Bluetooth speaker.

Fanwise, the fan is said to work just as advertised.

Overall, if you’re looking for a Bluetooth speaker bathroom exhaust fan with great sound and a higher volume, you will be glad to know that several customers did rate the volume and sound as “loud enough” and “great sound”. Installation and wiring is said to be straightforward.

Conclusion on this Review of Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans With Bluetooth Speaker

Both the The Delta ITG70BT and the Broan Sensonic are hands down some of the best bathroom exhaust fans with the added Bluetooth Speaker feature in the market. They both have most of the same features, are both reliable and are independently certified to determine that they offer effective and energy efficient performance against humidity.

Both models have a noise level rating of 1.0 sones and even though that is not really the ultra-quiet type of operation you see with some fans, that rating still means they are will operate with some minimal noise, noise that is just the right quiet, enough for you to know that the fan is turned on and running. However, with this rating of 1.0 sones, Broan Sensonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan beats the Delta ITG70BT when it comes to airflow capacity by 40 CFM.

The Broan Sensonic Bathroom Exhaust Fan is also more popular than the Delta ITG70BT and if customer reviews are anything to go by, the Broan model has also been highly rated for great sound quality and very high volume.

Ultimately, both models come highly recommended by most of the users, who imply that going for a bathroom exhaust fan with Bluetooth speaker feature gives better value for money as opposed to going for a traditional exhaust fan only.


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