2021 15 Best Bathroom 5 Light Vanity Lighting Fixtures

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Table of Contents

A retreat area such as the bathroom should be cozy. And while color schemes play a major role in giving a bathroom the kind of feel that one desires, it is the lighting that adds a soft touch and complements or accentuates the look and overall feel one would like their bathroom to have. A bathroom vanity lighting with multiple lights in one unit such as a 5 light vanity lighting will no doubt give any bathroom a cozy glow, but a decorative flare as well.

So depending on your style, you can opt to make an artful, classy, neutral or eclectic statement with you choice of bathroom fixture.

So, if yo’re in the market specifically for a bathroom vanity fixture with 5 lights, below we highlight some exquisite vanity lighting options that will have you spoilt for choice.

Review of Some Decorative and Practical 5-light Bathroom Vanity Lights

1. Solfart LED Vanity 5 Light Bathroom Vanity Lighting

A bathroom vanity light need not be the brightest in order to serve the lighting function in a bathroom. It, however, needs to have a touch of style and bring out some creativity. This LED vanity light by Solfart comes in five dimmable lights to spruce up the bathroom with simplicity and minimalist creativity.5 light bathroom vanity lighting

The back plate is made from 304 stainless steel with a polished mirror like finish. It is attached flush to the wall which gives it a clean look as no wires or cables can be seen.

The 5 lights are made from bubble crystal glass shade. Their shades come across as squares that neatly jut out from the polished metal back plate. The lighting effect does give the bubble crystal glass a rectangular look, such that it appears longer than it really is. It has no switch on the fixture, the switch has to be hardwired to a wall


  • Dimensions: 31.5 inches long by 4.3 inches wide and a height of 4 inches
  • Back plate is constructed from stainless steel
  • The lighting is made from glass crystal shade
  • Rated as IP44 waterproof and dust proof.
  • Comes with five dimmable high light index 20 Watt bulbs.
  • Lumens: 1600

Customer feedback

What this light fixture has going for it, is the minimalist design that is so simple yet looks great with on any bathroom decor. Users love that it can be installed right above the bathroom vanity mirror for a gentle downlight effect. Most customers find this light great to work over an art painting or a striking ornamental feature on the hallway, corridor or staircase landing as well. Installation is fairly easy as the lamp body does not need assembly.

2. Z-Lite 1927-5V-BN 5 Light Vanity Lighting Fixture

Whether one is working on a brand new bathroom or remodelling an existing one, adding a stylish lighting fixture in the bathroom vanity can transform the feel and look of the whole bathroom. The Z- lite vanity lighting is a good consideration because of its sophisticated yet understated class it infuses in bathroom decor.5 light bathroom vanity light fixtures

The construction of the fixture is solid as the lamp holder is made from steel with a brushed nickel finish. The linear design holds five 75 watts G9 dimmable bulbs that come included with the fixture. Its build is practical and functional in a bathroom area where moisture cannot be avoided. The nickel finish is rust proof so no worries there and the design involves a central metal plate that attaches to the wall.

The center of a horizontal nickel polished bar is then attached to the wall plate. It is this 36-inch long horizontal bar that serves as a lamp holder to five gorgeously cut glass shades.


  • Dimensions: 36 inches long by a height of 6.50 inches
  • Has five G-9 bulbs of 75 watts with the dimmable bulbs included
  • Features a nickel brushed central metal plate
  • The lighting is from cut glass shades

Customer feedback

Users love the understated class that the design of this unit presents. It’s casual but does not have a cheap look. The solid nickel brushed finish has a neutral feel and is practical in a bathroom vanity as it is rust proof. The five glass cut shades cover a 36 inch length resulting in a lighting effect that works great whether one has an extensive vanity mirror or a shorter one.

3. Amber Scroll Wall 5 Light Fixture for Bathroom

The beauty of decorating a bathroom with exquisite lighting decor is that there are so many ways to go. If one is considering infusing a signature artsy element to the bathroom, then this fixture might just do the trick. The Amber scroll light is an excellent fusion of contemporary creativity with classic design.

The design is held to the wall by an oval metal plate to which a 37 1/4 inch linear scrolling arm is neatly but firmly attached. Its scrolling arms run from center to either side for perfect symmetry. The metal calligraphy is precise and the metal is stained with a rich golden-bronze finish and silver accents.

The metal work artistry combines flawlessly with the five free flow handcrafted shimmering amber glass shades that make this baby a masterpieces for bathroom decor.


  • Dimensions: 37 1/4 inches long by a height of 12 inches high and an Extension of 7 1/2 inches
  • Metal frame construction with a golden bronze finish
  • The lighting is from handcrafted organic art amber lamp shades
  • Uses A15 shape or E26 standard-medium base bulbs( Incandescent, LED, halogen, or CFL light bulbs). These are not included but can be bought separately alongside compatible dimmers. 

Customer feedback

Customers using this product mention that it has transformed their bathroom space giving it a fantastic rustic theme. Other users remark that they are delighted with the fact that the fixture can be used facing upwards or downwards which offers some flexibility whenever they need to switch things up every so often for a fresh look. Customers also mentioned that this lighting fixture looks superb over artwork that needs highlighting in a hallways or staircase landing

4. Possini Euro Design Modern Wall Light Fixture for Bathroom Over Mirror

There are those light fixtures that can’t help but grab one’s attention. Not only because they look lovely but also because their lighting construction has a curious element that you can’t quite wrap your head around at first glance.

Although the design comes across as delicate, the build of this bathroom light fixture is solid and durable. The 39 inches long steel chrome finished back plate is attached flush to the wall for a firm neat hold. And on it are five lamp holders. The anodized hand-made aluminium cylinders are flawlessly handcrafted from borosilicate glass. They have open tops and bottoms and utilize 40 Watt G9 halogen or LED bulbs. Halogen bulbs come already included.

Over and above the exquisite construction, what captures your curiosity is the hand-wrapped aluminum wire decorations inside the clear glass cylinder shades. This element of visual interest adds to the glamour and allure that this lighting fixture brings to your bathroom vanity.


  • Dimensions: 39 inches long by 5 inches and extends 6 inches from the wall
  • It has a chrome plate finished back plate
  • The lighting is made from clear glass cylinder lamp holders
  • Uses five 40 Watt G9 halogen or LED bulbs

Customer feedback

Once you get over the beauty and the visual curiosity that this over the mirror bathroom vanity fixture evokes you can relish the look and questions that it elicits from your visitors every time they use your bathroom. Users love that this fixture can be installed vertically as well as horizontally depending on need and preference. In addition, customers love that it comes in variations from one light to 5 lights.

5. Kira Home Armada 36″ 5-Light Modern Vanity Bathroom Light

One of the beautiful attributes in the Kira home Armada bathroom light is its neutral persona. It matters little whether your bathroom decor has some brilliant or dull shades in terms of wall color and other furnishings. The solid construction and beautiful design of the Kira Armada lighting fixture steps in without awkwardly skewing any themes whether that be transitional, modern, farmhouse or traditional decor. That is the power of neutrality.

That overall neutrality comes about as a result of using nickel brushed finished metal. The 36 inch long back plate has a solid but thin look that hugs the wall tightly with a mere 0.75 inch protrusion from the wall. Across its length, the back plate has 5 steel goose necked hooks evenly spaced out that serve as lamp holders with a uniform brushed finish. On them you have this gorgeous 5 frosted glass lamp shades.


  • Dimensions: 7.5 inches high by 36.5 inches long and a projection of 7 inches from the wall
  • Metal frame construction with a brushed nickel finish back plate
  • The lighting is from frosted drum shaped glass lamp shades
  • Can use a variety of bulbs such as 5 LED, CFL, or up to 60W traditional incandescent medium base bulbs. These do not come with the unit so they have to be bought separately

Customer feedback

Not only is this lighting fixture an excellent above the mirror option in bathrooms, but it also fares very well in other sections of the house for multipurpose illumination. As such, it can be used in the kitchen, hallways as well as the foyer.

Customers who love the concept of this fixture appreciate that there are three other variations of the design to work with to suit various preferences and decor needs. This includes variations such as 6 lampshades instead of 5. Or glass hammered lampshades as opposed to frosted glass and so forth. The fact that this fixture can be installed facing upwards or downwards makes it all the more versatile.

6. Feiss Calgary Industrial Vintage Wall Vanity Bath Lighting

A touch of industrial vintage lighting is what one gets with this lighting option from Feiss. The design is ultra minimalistic with a 1 inch deep circular central steel chrome plated back plate. The center of a 32.5 inch rod attaches to the back plate and from it hangs evenly spaced out metal nodes that go ahead to hold the five clear wire framed glass lamp shades.

The lamp shades elicit that old school feel synonymous with the turn of century industrial factories. Once vintage-style Edison bulbs are installed on the lampshades, the picture becomes complete and there is no mistaking the unique industrial look posed by this bathroom lighting fixture. The design allows for the fixture to be installed facing up or downwards


  • Dimensions: 10.5 inches high by 32.5 inches long and 6.25 inch deep
  • Has a chrome metal finished back plate
  • The lighting comes from wire frame glass shades
  • Can use a myriad of bulbs ranging from 5-60 Watts. A19 Style bulbs and the E26 Socket Compatible bulbs can be used. Bulbs are to be bought separately

Customer feedback

Customer who are using this bathroom fixture highlighted its versatility. It can be installed face up or face down based on preference. It works marvelously as an above the mirror vanity option but also can be used in hallways, staircase landings or as a down light to illuminate these areas. While this fixture has a total of five lights, there are 1-light wall sconce options as well as 2-light vanity, 3-light vanity and 5-light vanity option. Other than the Chrome finish, one can also opt for a gilded parisian bronze finish to create the perfect rustic look for your space. Most customers love that it brings a unique old school vintage look to the bathroom decor. The fusion of old and new is what makes the Feiss Calgary an excellent and tasteful addition to a bathroom decor.

7. Cesenna Modern Chrome 45″ Wide 5-Light Wall Light Fixture

The Cesenna light fixture can transform a flat looking bathroom space into a cozy, glowing environment. There is nothing over the top about this lighting fixture, it is simply well thought out. Sometimes thoughtful simplicity is the key to a glamorous bathroom space. The Cesenna bathroom wall light feels modern because of the material used and design concept in its construction. It has a chrome finished back plate which is installed flush to the wall.5 light bathroom vanity lighting

The design hugs the wall and is therefore not intrusive in smaller or larger bathrooms. It has five semi cylindrical crystal lamp shades that curve towards the back plate. Once halogen or LED light bulbs have been installed, the lighting effect and contrast produced through the crystal shades cascades to reflect on the mirror polished back plate and surrounding walls in a warm glow that is sure to enliven any bathroom. This can work with numerous decor themes.


  • Dimensions: 45 inches wide by 5 inches high with an extension of 2 1/2 inches from the wall
  • It features a chrome finished back plate
  • It produces the lighting from 5 crystal lamp shades
  • Uses five 40 watt G9 base halogen bulbs which are included in the purchase. Could also work with LED bulbs though

Customer feedback

Customer who like their lighting fixtures unobtrusive, appreciate the wall hugging design with minimal protrusion on this fixture. The semi cylindrical crystal lampshades accentuates the flush design. Although this light fixture looks extremely attractive in a bathroom vanity, it also work well as an auxillary light in the powder room, bedroom or hallway. Customers love that it adds some glamour to your bathroom space with this minimalist unobtrusive wall hugging light design.

8. Minka Lavery 5-light Wall Light Fixture

More often than not, one might be inclined to think that sprucing up the bathroom area has to cost an arm and a leg. But for as long as your vanity and other amenities in the bathroom are in good repair, adding a stylish inexpensive but quality above mirror lighting fixture may be all you need to make your bathroom space cozy.

The Minka Lavery wall plate mount and 5 neat and gorgeous marble glass etched lamp holders can instantly inject a sense of style to the bathroom while providing gentle shaded lighting. This is an excellent example of minimalistic with elegance.


  • Dimensions: 7 inches high by 37.75 inches long with a depth of 8.5 inches
  • Steel construction with a brushed nickel finish back plate
  • The light comes from marble etched glass lampshades
  • Works with A19 Style bulbs but also Compatible with E26 base bulb. The bulbs are not included and can be purchased separately

Customer feedback

Those using this vanity lighting option mention that if one prefers a dimmable effect, they opt for a dimmable bulb and a dimmer switch. There is no switch on the fixture itself. The switch has to be hard wired and mounted on a wall. This was a bit inconveniencing for some especially due to the installation. However, once the installation was done they were more than happy with the lfixture.

9. Design Classics Wall Mounted Industrial Mercury Glass 5-Light Bath Bar

This is for the fashionistas with a taste for the industrial touch in design. The wall mounted vanity lighting fixture comes with an oil rubbed bronze back plate and contrasting five dome mercury glass lamp shades. Although it comes in one color option that doesn’t really affect its aesthetic or output in any décor.

This lighting fixture brings an industrial retro feel to a bathroom while providing gentle playful lighting effect. That is a winner in any contemporary space.


  • Dimensions: 6.88 inches high by 40 inches long and a depth of 6 inches
  • Steel construction with an oil rubbed bronze finish on the back plate
  • Light comes through five dome shaped mercury glass lampshades
  • Uses five 60-watt maximum, medium base ST58 carbon filament light bulbs which are bought separately

Customer feedback

Customers who are using this product mention that they love the old school feel that this lighting conjures up. The bronze finish and Mercury glass also gel well with numerous color schemes in a bathroom. The overall aesthetic is a massive attraction for most customers.

10. PRESDE Over Mirror Modern LED 5 Lights for Bathroom

Playful lighting with a sparkling chandelier feel is what this classy over the mirror vanity light brings to your bathroom space. The back plate is polished stainless steel. Across its length are 5 rod like lampshade holders which protrude from the back plate.

The nodes that connect the magnificently clear crystal glass lampshade are 360 degree rotatable. That means the individual lampshades can rotate and illuminate your space at different angles of choice and can be used across the house with outstanding results.

If you are looking to add a lighting vanity fixture with a sparkle and a modern look, it is hard to go wrong with this option.


  • Dimensions: 34.6 inches long by 5.1 inches high and an extension of 5.1 inches off the wall
  • Has a polished stainless steel back plate
  • The lighting comes from 5 square transparent rotating crystal glass lampshade
  • Utilizes 5 G9 bulbs suitable for dimming or Non-dimming G9 bulbs with a 60W maximum .

Customer feedback

Customers using this lighting option love the crystal lampshades that can rotate at a 360 degree angle. For those who like this concept but their decor needs demand something smaller, you will be happy to know that you can get this same design in three or four lampshades as opposed to five. This vanity is classy, modern and sure to enliven your bathroom space.

11. Regency Hill Mencino-Opal 35 1/4″W Satin Nickel and Glass Bath Light

The Mencino-Opal lighting is steel constructed with a satin nickel finish. The minimalist design is well suited for vanity lighting. It comes with five etched opal bell shaped glass shades that provide a classic look that will provide a warm glow to any bathroom space.

The design of Mencino-Opal is simple yet exudes an elegance that most bathrooms would welcome. The good news is that it is available in a chrome finish option as well and can be installed with lights facing up or down to suit the length of the vanity mirror.


  • Dimensions: 35 1/4 inches long and a height of 8 3/4 high
  • Has a satin nickel finish on the back plate
  • It produces the light from 5 opal etched glass shades
  • Uses five Incandescent, LED, halogen, or CFL light bulb of A15 shape, standard-medium base.

Customer feedback

Customer who love their vanity lighting dimmable for mood effect, say that this is one of the best vanity options available. The dimming can be accomplished by using dimmable bulbs and compatible dimmers. Combined with the effect of the back plate the lighting is exquisitely bright but not disturbing.

12. Design Classics Industrial 5-Light Bathroom Light

Vintage never loses its classic charm. When old school is meshed with modern elements the result are often special. Such is the case with this industrial styled lighting fixture.5 light vanity light

The back plate is made from steel with a satin nickel finish and comes with five clear glass lamp holders. The five lamp shades use ST58 carbon filament light bulbs with a maximum wattage of 60 watts


  • Dimensions: 40 inches long by 7.12 inches height and a depth of 6 inches
  • Has a steel back plate with a light satin finish
  • Light is through drum shaped glass lamp shade
  • Uses five ST58 carbon filament light bulbs

Customer feedback

Customers can’t get enough of this vintage look crafted with modern finesse. This sort of light does an incredible job of bringing glow to a bathroom. They love how this vanity lamp presents a neat industrial retro look that will work for a bathroom as well as dry areas of the house such the bedroom.

13. Design Classics 5 light Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixture

The exquisite minimalist design of this vanity lighting injects a quaint charm to your surroundings. The construction involves neat thin lines made possible by using thin light satin finished steel rods as the frame.

There is simplicity but also agreeable contrast between the steel and the five frosted lamp shades.


  • Dimensions: 36 inches long by 7.75 inches tall
  • The steel frame is chrome finished with a satin white shade
  • Produces light from 5 Frosted glass cylindrical lamp shades
  • Uses 5 one hundred maximum wattage bulbs

Customer feedback

Those who have purchased this fixture mention that it is a good fit if you are looking for a clean, light cozy feel in your bathroom. It can go with pretty much any color scheme such as dark, light and any scheme that is in between. This design option is simple yet sure to work well in a minimalist theme.

14. Dysmio Hollywood Lighting 5 Light Vanity Strip

The beauty about playing around with vanity lighting options is that you can go any which way to create your own ambiance and feel in the bathroom. If you want to feeling like a rockstar or a diva every time you step into the bathroom, there’s no lighting that does it better than this Dysmio five light Hollywood strip.Hollywood 5 light bathroom vanity light fixtures

This set of lighting is simple, raw and different which forms part of its charm. Better still, it’s a very affordable model for those who do not wish to dig too deep into your pockets for a vanity fixture.

Expect an easy set up with this lighting fixture and even though it provides different ambiances. The Hollywood style give this the old school charm of the Marilyn Monroe days. It’s an ideal for dressing room or bathroom around the mirror.


  • Dimensions: 30 inches long and 4.25 inches tall
  • It features a chrome finished back plate
  • Uses 5 G-type bulbs which have to be bought separately
  • The lighting comes through the unshaded bulbs

Customer feedback

Customers who are remodelling on a shoe string budget and love their bathrooms bright, are likely to find this lighting fixture a good choice. They love the celebrity style charm of this mirror which gives it class and elegance. And it works amazingly too.

15. Quorum Transitional 5 Light Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixture

This lighting fixture offers a traditional feel while adding an element of charm to your bathroom space. Beautifully crafted alabaster lamp shades are held in place by goose necked steel hooks which protrude from an oiled bronze back plate.5 light vanity light

The oiled bronze makes the fixture look rustic making it an ideal choice if you are working with old school bronze themed rustic decors.


  • Dimensions: 34.2 inches long by 7.6 inches tall
  • It features steel construction with an oiled bronze finished back plate
  • Light comes through five alabaster glass lampshades
  • Uses five Incandescent – medium base bulbs

Customer feedback

Most customers using this light fixture shared that they love it. The lighting and color contrast is really nice if looking to infuse some traditional elements into the bathroom space. However, some customers would have loved more than one color option.


The choice of the bathroom 5 light vanity lighting fixtures is incredibly extensive. The above listing provides a wide range of styles to suit every taste and virtually any decor. All the above options are usable in damp spaces such as the bathroom as well as dry spaces. With such delectable bathroom lighting ideas, you can go ahead and have a blast transforming your bathroom with beautiful lighting.

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