5 Best Above Fireplace TV Mounts Worth the Money 2020

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The focal point in many homes will often revolve around the fireplace. It is therefore only natural that most decors will often have the TV placement and mounting on a fireplace mantle. One of the reasons why the fireplace is a prominent feature in most homes is because they are built with numerous materials that are geared to bring out aesthetic beauty and add character to the living room. This can range from brick, wood and granite to faux stone and so much more.

Also the heat that comes from a fireplace warms the home and provides comfort. When the entertainment element of placing a TV on top of the fireplace mantel is added, the living room does indeed feel complete. But some fireplace mantles can be pretty high such that, although it may be the desired spot for TV placement, the watching angle from the comfort of your seat can be a tad high putting a strain on the neck as you strain to look up.

Depending on the construction, some fireplace mantles may lack adequate depth to safely accommodate a huge TV screen. Above fireplace TV mounts help in lowering the screen to eye level for more comfortable viewing while also providing the flexibility of tilting in several directions so that every seat in the living room becomes the perfect viewing spot.

The solution to enhancing the TV viewing experience in a living room or den is by working with a high quality and sturdy TV mount.

Below we have highlighted some of the best TV mounts that are suitable for above fireplace TV mounting that will certainly make the TV entertainment experience in the home even better.

Review of the Best Above Fireplace TV Mounts

1. Our Best Pick: MantelMount MM540 Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount

The MantelMount MM540 is a wonderful solution for homes with high mantles. It enables the user to safely mount medium to large sized television set of between 40-80 inches above a fireplace mantle.Best above fireplace TV mounts

In case one is concerned that their TV might be too heavy to be suspended, they will be happy to learn that the MM540 is built from heavy duty steel which makes it very sturdy and gives it the ability to adequately handle TV weights of 20-90 pounds. It comes equipped with state-of-the-art counterbalanced technology which ensures the TV is firmly and safely held in place during the swivel motion of the mount in any direction. So TV weight is no issue with this mount.

The mount is well crafted bringing you a full range of motion that you would not have thought possible. Moreover, the MM540 offers the enhanced convenience of pull down thanks to the highest quality automotive gas pistons with lightweight alloys.

These gas pistons allow virtually anyone in the family from wife to teenager to easily pull a large flat screen TV off-the-wall, pull it down and tilt to the desired position. The piston design makes it possible for the MM540 to easily clear the wall by 18.75 inches and can go down another 29 inches to achieve a comfortable eye-level viewing. With this mount, every seat in the living room is a perfect viewing point because the mount can be swiveled from left or right another 35° in each direction or 60° in one direction. Depending on the angle of the seat, one can also opt to tilt the screen further downward by an angle eight degrees


  • Solid construction for heavy duty steel
  • Can handle minimum 44 – 80 inch television sets
  • Accommodates weights from 20-90 pounds
  • Gas piston pull down and swivel mechanism that offers auto stabilization
  • Adjustable stops
  • Paintable wall covers to help math your decor as well as make cables and wiring neatly disappear
  • Built in heat sensing handles will turn red at 110 degrees
  • VESA compatible up to 600mm x 600mm

An 18.75 clearance off the wall ensures that the screen can indeed be pulled and clear the mantle without touching it. The 29 inch vertical travel means that the screen lowers to eye level while the Heat sensing handles that turn red at 110° for safety allowing the user to adjust the screen accordingly. That said, it is not recommended to have your TV lowered when the fire place is on for safety purposes.

Customer feedback

This product is highly rated by users because it provides an above the fireplace TV mounting solution not only for high mantels but for anyone looking for a TV mount that has impressive wall clearance and more than decent vertical movement with stable and self-correcting features.

Users shared that the installation can be a bit technical for novices as it involves a good degree of measurements and joinery. Although the mounting kit comes with loads of fittings components, every individual mounting site may present unique challenges. For that reason if you do not possess oodles of patience, it may be best to get a professional to do the mounting for you. What’s for sure is it will be worth the trouble as the TV viewing comfort provided the MM540 range of motion, is exceptional.

2. MantelMount MM340 Above Fireplace Pull Down TV Mount

A TV set can serve as background noise in the house while one is busy with other chores, reading a book or having a nap. But when one wants to watch a movie or catch up on the latest news headlines, having the TV at eye- level makes the viewing experience comfortable. It alleviates the pain of trying to keep up with an engrossing movie while straining the neck or eyes to look up at the TV that is at too high a position from eye-level.

One can find a solid solution in the MM340 TV Mount, another offering from MantelMount, that allows the user an easy, safe and swift pull down capability. This means that despite a fireplace mantle being higher than usual, this high grade steel constructed TV mount allows for a neat installation of the TV above a fireplace. When it is movie time, all one has to do is grab the pull down handles and gently pull.

If you have visitors you can get a kick as you watch their jaws drop in amazement as the mount comes out of the wall by 18.75 inches and deftly clears the fireplace mantle. The pull down vertical of the MM340 is 29 inches and one can adjust to the right or left as they see fit. That sideways adjustment to either side has a maximum angle of 30 degrees.

If one is worried that their TV size and weight is out of the ordinary, then fret not because for as long the size is within 44- 80 inches and weight is within 20-90 pounds, this mount will comfortably accommodate that range.

The mount is sturdy with safety bolt installation and has no wobble on the pull down or swivel actions. The construction compromises of two gas pistons that keep your TV level all the time through this motions as well as when stationary on a selected stop.


  • The horizontal and vertical steps are adjustable ensuring that one can find a suitable angle from every part of the room
  • TV is kept level at all time by the help of dual gas pistons
  • Pull down handles make it easy to move the move the mount to a desired position
  • Organize cable management that provides a neat look even when the TV is on the ‘down’ position
  • Firm, safe safety bolt mount
  • High grade steel construction
  • Clears the wall by 18.75 inches and has a vertical travel of 29 inches with left/right horizontal adjustment of 30 degrees on either side

The fact that the MM340 above fireplace mount can handle a weight anywhere between 20- 90 pounds and varied TV sizes of 44- 80 inches makes it versatile in accommodating a massive range of TV sets. That includes compatibility with VESA Up to 725mm x 550mm.

Customer feedback

Customers love how swiftly and efficiently the pull down is in addition to smooth vertical and horizontal movement of the mount. The installation is fairly easy if one is savvy with joinery and measurements. Most users found the manual to be well detailed and comprehensive. However, others mentioned that you had to read the steps severally before really understanding what components go where and in what sequence. Failure to, one might end up installing a component too early only to have to remove later on and go back to the manual to figure out at what point it should get installed.

3. Monoprice Above Fireplace Pull-Down Full-Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket

Just right above the fireplace mantel would be a great place to to mount a TV using the the Monoprice above the fireplace pull down TV mount. It is a suitable solution for those with small to medium sized TV sets within 40 – 63 inches with moderate weights if 16.5- 70.5 pounds.


  • Spring assisted and gas piston mechanism mount that allows the TV to come off the wall and swiftly lowers to eye-level position
  • Smooth and convenient swivel of plus/minus 18 degree angles
  • Internal cable management
  • Steel construction
  • Fits VESA mounting pattern between 200 x 200 to 600 x 400

This a good option when you need a mount that can protrude and descend to clear a fireplace mantle. The installation manual is comprehensive but may need several reads before one gets exactly what piece fits where. Alternatively, if one lacks the time or the patience for installation, enlisting the assistance of a handyman is a good idea.

Customer feedback

If one has no intention of buying a TV bigger that 63 inches and no heavier than 70.5 pounds, then this is a good buy. Because the mechanism is fairly uncomplicated, most users found it easier to install. Customers preferred to get a professional to get it right the first time round because the manual is a bit complicated. This was a bit inconveniencing for them.

4. Vivo Counterbalance Wall Fireplace TV Mount

The Vivo mount has grown in popularity because the mechanism is solid yet simple. Through the help of a singular gas piston, the TV can be installed flush to the wall above the fireplace. And when required it can jut out 20 inches from the wall and also has a vertical travel of 25 inches.

The gas piston allows for easy pull down. Left or right swivel will allow a 360 degree tilt with a rotation 5 degrees that helps level the screen to a most comfortable viewing angle.


  • Internal cable management
  • Fits VESA pattern between 100x100mm to 400x600mm
  • 360 degree rotation for the best viewing angle
  • Can accommodate a minimum weight if 16- 70.5 pounds to a TV size of 40- 63 inches
  • Detachable VESA bracket for easier installation
  • Sturdy and durable steel construction

The 20 inch clearance couples with 25 inches of vertical travel and 360 degree swiveling ability, means comfortable viewing from any seat in the living room.

Customer feedback

Customers love the fact that the installation is not as complicated as other models in the market. However, one needs a bit of patience and technical know how to make sense of the manual. Alternatively getting a qualified technician to do it right the first time around is probably the best option for most. The mount when installed properly, will only clear a fireplace mantel depth of about 14 inches which some buyers found to not be adequate for their needs.

5. Echogear Full Tilt TV Wall Mount

If your mantel is not too high and you do not need a massive extension off the wall, then you might find this Echogear model a suitable option for your above the fireplace TV tilting needs.Best above fireplace TV mounts

It allows the TV to hug the wall, when you need a tilt, it allows the TV a full extension of 5.8 inches from the wall so that there is enough room for a 15 degree tilt on a small or massive screen of 85 inches. This ensures that on the tilt, the TV does hit against the wall.


  • Steel construction
  • Easy installation
  • The mount can accommodate TV Size Range of 40 – 85 inches and take on weights of up to 125 pounds
  • Depth From wall when flush is 2.4 inches
  • Full extension is 5.8 inches
  • Tilts to 15º maximum
  • VESA Compatibility: 200×100 – 600×400
  • Will fit Wood Studs of 16 inches or 24 inches

When one is not in need of mantle clearance because the fireplace is not too high but they do need some protrusion and a gentle tilt, this option will work marvelously.

Customer feedback

User loved the fact this simple yet effective mount design can accommodate TV size that range from  40 – 85 inches and take on weight up to 125 pounds and the fact that the mount is UL certified to hold four times this amount. So those with mammoth TVs that are on the heavier side find this option very suitable for their needs. In addition it is well constructed.

Conclusion on the Best Above Fireplace TV Mounts

No more craning the neck and straining the eyes. Now users can enjoy placing their TV on their favorite spot above the fireplace with no qualms even when it is seemingly too high because they know that when, there is need, the TV can clear the mantle swiftly with the help of a pull down mount. The above options are well constructed, safe and practical. They come with a fully loaded mounting kit and well detailed manuals for DIY enthusiasts.

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