2021 7 Best 800 Fill Power Goose Down Comforters for Optimal Comfort

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Table of Contents

People who toil every day to make a better living for themselves and their families ought to reward themselves with luxurious bedding. One such bedding are high quality luxurious and fluffy 800 fill power goose down comforters. This will not only help you sleep better, but will also ensure you wake up rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

High quality has become quite relative when it comes to comforters. That is because there are so many comforters out there that it can be difficult to distinguish what is really good quality and what’s not. In this review of high quality comforters, we concisely break it down for you on what you can expect from our definition of ‘high quality’.

When shopping for a comforter or pillow, the filling material is what really determines whether it high quality or not. There are those comforters that are stuffed with feathers, foam as well as synthetic materials. What you need to know is the best stuffing or filling for a comforter is goose down.

Unlike all the other stuffing materials mentioned above, goose down has the best insulating and lofting properties one can hope to find in a comforter. When looking at goose down comforter options, you want to look out for the term ‘fill power’. Why? Because ‘fill power’ is the measurement unit of how much space an ounce of down will inhabit in cubic inches when allowed optimal loft.

In not so technical terms, this simply means the higher the fill power the better the lofting capability. In short, a comforter with 800 fill power of goose down, has some excellent attributes such as the following:

  • Larger down clusters which means they loft or puff higher (more fluffy)
  • They feel so much softer to the skin
  • They are more durable
  • They provide better warmth or have a higher insulating ability, but they are also breathable and will therefore not let your body overheat either

When out shopping for a goose down comforter or pillow, the focus should be more on the fill power as well as other aspects such as overall design, size, shell cover material, all year round usage, and other preferences such as whether the comforter can double up as a duvet insert.

Top 7 Best Goose Down Comforters with a Fill Power of 800

So without further ado, let’s review some top notch 800 fill comforters that are sure to make a difference in your sleep experience. All comforters listed below, we consider to be of high quality and most importantly, are made using materials that abide by the OKEO TEX standard, meaning that they are free of any harmful substances including chemicals and therefore certified safe for use.

1. Downright 800 Fill Power Himalaya Luxurious Down Comforter

There is a marked difference in terms of comfort and aesthetics between a bed adorned with a goose down comforter and one one without. Downright Himalaya comforter is one of the best brands to consider when shopping for a luxurious fluffy comforter. 800 Fill Power Goose Down Comforter

This particular one has a high quality cotton sateen shell of 354 thread count and is stuffed with 43 ounces of Himalayan white goose down. If you are wondering why people make such a big deal about goose down the luxurious feel offered by this comforter quickly answers that question once you give this baby a try. Its level of comfort, warmth and breathability becomes clearly distinct in comparison to other comforter with a different fill.

When you try this comforter, what you get is the softness and utter feeling of luxury that engulfs you. That is a culmination of 800 fill power goose down stuffing in conjunction with a high quality cotton sateen shell. You would expect that a comforter with such superior finesse to be heavy, but it is the exact opposite. This comforter is lightweight, naturally breathable and very cozy.

Warmth and breathability is ensured by a cotton sateen encasement with exquisite luster. So on cold nights one can enjoy the warmth and cozy feel generated by the goose down and on warmer nights one does not get over heated thanks to the cotton fabric that wicks moisture and is breathable.

The last thing one wants on their comforter is a problem with uneven distribution of fluff. With the downright Himalayan comforter that will be the least of your worries thanks to the baffle box construction design that ensures the goose down fluff is evenly distributed within the cotton encasement.


  • 800 fill power with super softness and loft
  • 100% cotton with a  354 thread count for high quality super soft and plush encasement
  • 100% hypoallergenic white goose down is safe to for allergy sufferers
  • Fill material is generous portions of Siberian white goose down
  • Comes in twin, full, queen, OS queen, king and OS king
  • Baffle box construction ensures even distribution of fluff at all times

It is certified as hypoallergenic and the white goose down is RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified meaning no animal abuse and cruelty was involved in sourcing for the down.

Customer feedback

Customers love the design, luxurious quality and comfort. They also appreciate that it comes in numerous bed sizes to suit many scenarios. Downright comforters are hand-made. The brand has four decades of experience in production of bedding products. In this age of mass production, this down right bedding comforter stands out due to its impeccable construction quality and an eye for detail making a first choice for most customers. This is evident in the fill power, fabric and stitching quality. Using this comforter, one realizes quite quickly that the quality is superior and holds better to daily use and frequent washes.

2. Puredown 800 Fill Power Goose Down Comforters

This comforter by Puredown has an 800 fill power natural stuffing of white goose down for your ultimate comfort. The high quality cotton shell combines superbly with the goose down stuffing to deliver smooth, cozy and lustrous comfort. The cotton shell has a whooping thread count of 700 which explains the lustre and high wicking abilities of this cotton fabric used to construct the shell.Puredown 800 Fill Power Goose Down Comforters

Pure down understands that one of the keys to creating an above average comforter, is to ensure that it is breathable. They ensure that through 93 percent goose down and 7 percent odorless small goose feather. The baffle box design sees to it that the comforter fluff is evenly distributed and reduces any clumping.

These aspects are crucial in the event that one needs to store the comforter for one reason or another. Provided the comforter is stored in a breathable storage case and is not too compressed, a good shake down when you retrieve it should have it ready to use.

This comforter can also be used all year round as it serves both as a comforter and a duvet cover. In hotter months, it can be used as a comforter because of it’s wicking and breathable construction. Although this comforter is good at trapping heat, it’s breathability ensures that the user does not over heat. During colder months, one can insert a duvet on the comforter for extra warmth.


  • Comes in king size dimensions but can also be found in twin and full size options
  • 800 fill power for a soft light weight feel with good loft
  • The shell is 100% cotton with a 700 thread count
  • 93% white odorless goose down and 7% small goose feather
  • Baffle box construction

Customer feedback

According to customers the Puredown comforter is lightweight, applying very little pressure to the body. Because of that fact in addition to its ability to trap warmth, this comforter can help improve sleep significantly. Those who are using this product mention that it is of exceptional quality. They love the fact that the edges of the comforter are piped for durability. Customers who love the quality and design of this comforter, appreciate that it comes in various sizes to suit varied needs.

3. DownTown Company 800+ Fill Power Siberian White Goose Down Comforter

Some comforters can be pretty heavy. And while they provide excellent warmth in the winter, you may have no choice but to store them away during the summer because they are simply too warm, heavy and unusable during summer months. The Willow quilt is a Downtown Company comforter made of Siberian white goose down and has a different build that allows it to be super light, yet delivering exceptional warmth in cooler months and is not too heavy for use in the warmer summer months. 800 Fill Power Goose Down Comforter

The remarkable softness of this comforter is mainly because of the encasement material as well as the build. Its shell is a fully biodegradable fabric known as silk chatmeuse which is made from lyocell. This exceptionally soft fabric works in tandem with the 800 fill power Siberian goose down to deliver ultra comfort during the summer. The 8 inch sewn through baffle boxes ensure that stuffing of the comforter stays in place and is evenly distributed. Moreover, the edges are piped to ensure durability as well as provide a neat finish.


  • Comes in queen, super queen, twin, super king, and king sizes
  • Very lofty and soft because of 800 fill power goose down stuffing
  • It’s hypoallergenic
  • Smooth silk chatmeuse shell
  • Fill is odorless white Siberian goose down
  • Baffle box construction for even distribution of fluff

Customer feedback

For those who love an element of silk rather than the usual cotton in their bedroom décor are likely to fall in love with this comforter option. Users of this product love the light weight and exceptional softness that this comforter provides. The silk chatmuese cover adds a cool element to the decor ideal for summers. Customers who are sensitive to allergens found that a hypoallergenic option is often the solution. You will be happy to know that this soft and light Willow comforter is hypoallergenic.

4. Continental Bedding Siberian Goose Down European Comforter

In case you are susceptible to bedding allergens, you will be happy to know that this comforter rated as 100% hypoallergenic by the manufacturer. Users who are prone to bedding allergens such as those common in foam or feather filled comforters, mention that this option has been super comfortable for them as they are able to sleep soundly without having their skin or nasal allergies triggered.Continental Bedding Siberian Goose Down European Comforter

This continental bedding comforter is stuffed with white Siberian goose down. An 800 power fill ensures impressive loft on the comforter while the baffle box construction not only guarantees that the stuffing is evenly distributed always, but also helps the comforter to assume its maximum loft.

This design is what gives the continental comforter its inviting fluffy look and feel. The fluff is encased in a breathable, 354 thread count cotton that offers a lustrous look and a soft light feel. It is because of these construction elements that this comforter can be used all year round.


  • Comes in two sizes, twin size and full size
  • Fluffy look as a result of the 800 fill power of goose down
  • Hypoallergenic properties makes this ideal for allergy sufferers
  • 100% cotton with a 354 thread count
  • Baffle box construction that evenly distributes fluff
  • The fill is white Siberian goose down

Customer feedback

Thanks to this hypoallergenic option, customers say they are not only safe from bedding allergens, but they can also enjoy the fluffy cloud-like luxury of sleeping under a high quality comforter. Allergens can rob a person the joy of sleeping. It is hard to enjoy blissful sleep if one has to contend with a runny and stuffed nose as well as sneezes every time they get under the covers. Customers report sleeping with no allergy issues under this comforter.

5. Dreamstead by Cuddledown 800 Fill Power Goose Down Comforter

Dreamstead by Cuddledown have an excellent comforter of top notch quality. The 800 fill power comforter is stuffed with high quality goose down that gives it admirable loft. Both your bed and your sleep will never be the same again. The bed looks fluffy and inviting when adorned with the Dreamstead comforter, your sleep will be deep as this comforter cuddles your body and retains body heat. Goose down is breathable and so is the quality sleek 300 thread count pure cotton that ensures your body does not over heat and interrupt your sleep. 800 Fill Power Goose Down Down Comforter King

The cotton cover has a sleek lustrous look and feel. That combines well with the durable piped edges and baffle construction design which promotes maximum loft and a gorgeous look that is sure to add to the bedroom decor. Dust and allergens can be a nuisance when it comes to down bedding because they can be a major cause of sleep loss.

The manufacturer of this comforter goes to great lengths to ensure that it is hypoallergenic. They do so by ensuring the goose down is washed four times to remove odor, dust and any other allergy causing particles that cause discomfort to sensitive noses and skin.


  • Comes in king, full, twin and queen size
  • Stuffing encasement is high quality 100% long-staple combed cotton of 300 thread count
  • 800 fill power guarantees optimal lofting
  • Baffle box construction prevent clumping and shifting of fill with reinforced seams for enhanced durability.
  • It features white goose down

Customer feedback

Customers appreciate the lightweight nature of this Dreamstead comforter. The comforter also looks fluffy and cozy thanks to the 800 fill power of goose down in conjunction with a lustrous cotton sateen cover. Many customers have mentioned that the sateen fabric and baffle box finish give the comforter an elegant look. They also appreciate that the Dreamstead comforter is hypoallergenic and well-constructed ensuring that they have the best sleep possible without the interruption of allergy causing particles such as dust.

6. Apsmile 800 Fill Goose Down Comforter

The Apsimile comforter is heavier than your regular goose down comforter. This is by design, specifically made like these to ensure that your sleep during winter and spring months is warm, cozy and pleasant. The 400 thread count encasement shell of breathable long stapled fabric is 60% cotton and 40% polyester.Aspmile 800 Fill Power Goose Down Comforters

Now, you might be thinking; Polyester? No way! Well, yes! Polyester fabrics may not be as great as high quality cotton or bamboo fabrics but they do have their advantages and are quite frankly, not that bad either. In fact, high quality polyester fabrics are very comfortable as demonstrated by their continued popularity like these sheets here. Polyester fabrics are very durable, soft, wrinkle-free and overall offer inexpensive comfort which may explain why this comforter is one of the cheapest on this list.

It is filled with high quality 800 fill power polish white goose down that gives the entire comforter a tangible fluffy feel as well as a cozy and inviting look. The comforter has impressive qualities such being warmer than the standard weight comforter. It lofts impressively, stays dry longer in addition to drying faster. All that is made possible due to the hypoallergenic treated quality goose down. The treatment is done by a durable water repellent down technology.

This comforter can serve as both comforter and duvet insert. It is worth noting that it comes with eight corner tabs for holding a duvet in place.


  • It comes in king and queen sizes (both thick and all-year-round options)
  • The encasement shell is 60% cotton and 40% polyester
  • This is odorless and hypoallergenic.
  • 800 fill power for luxurious loft
  • Baffle box construction that helps keep fluff in place and prevent shifting
  • The fill is polish white goose down

Customer feedback

Customers who opted to get this product were in need of a comforter that is extra thick for harsh winters. This comforter thickness level is ideal for those who like their bedroom under 14 degrees Celsius and below. Those using it also appreciate that it is well constructed and is hypoallergenic. The double stitched piped edges provide durability and strength while the baffle box construction sees to it that the filling stays evenly distributed across the comforter without forming clumps. Some customers are also happy to have the lighter version of the comforter in the all-year-round option.

7. ComfyDown 800 Fill Power Comforters

When it comes to comforters, striking the balance between lightweight and heavy duty does not come easy. However, the Comfydown white comforter manages to get it right. Such that it provides you with heavy fluffy warmth and lightweight all at the same time. The trick behind this balance is breathability.Best 800 Fill Power Goose Down Comforters

Even though the comforter is heavy with white goose down filling, breathability of both fluff and the pure cotton encasement allows this comforter to be used both in the winter and the summer and every other season in between.

The thick, strong and heavy duty stitching makes this comforter very resilient. The 600 thread count high quality cotton encasement has a baffle box finish that keeps the down evenly distributed with optimal loft and sees to it that the fill does not clump. Additionally, the duvet tabs allow the Comfydown comforter to serve as a duvet insert.

The materials used are safe and duly processed to make sure there are no lingering irritants such as unpleasant odors or pesky allergens that can rob you of sleep and general comfort when it’s time to sleep. For those who are particular about getting a cheaper option that is hypoallergenic, comfy, all year round comforter with 800 fill power, then this is a good option to consider.


  • Comes in three standard sizes: king, queen or twin size
  • 800 fill power for optimal loft and comfort
  • 100% hypoallergenic filling
  • Soft Cotton encasement with a 600 Thread Count
  • Baffle box construction help prevent the down from shifting
  • It features white goose down

Customer feedback

Allergens can be a deal breaker for those with a sensitive nasal or skin. Thankfully, this comforter has been dully processed to ensure that it bears no odor or any other unpleasantness that might trigger allergies. This is attested to by customers using this comforter. The Comfydown has a down fill power of 800. This means that the goose down stuffing is generous and breathable. Customers love the comforter’s ability to trap and retaining body heat in colder seasons. They also appreciate that the breathable stuffing and Egyptian cotton encasement moisture wicking abilities, allows this comforter to be usable in summer months as well.

Conclusion on 800 Fill Power Goose Down Comforters

Since you work hard and toil everyday, there is no harm in rewarding yourself and your family handsomely by making sure that your sleep and theirs is blissful.

Getting the best possible 800 fill power goose down comforter is one way to transform the quality of sleep for the better. The above reviewed comforters are some of the best available online. We have done our best to bring you a variety of differently weighted and sized comforter options that are suitable for various needs and fit a broad range of preferences. Now go forth and shop!


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