6 Best 800 Fill Goose Down Pillows for the Ultimate Comfort in 2021

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Table of Contents

Deep restorative sleep is achieved as the outcome of several components coming together seamlessly. Just as a great orthopedic mattress is an important component of restorative sleep, so is a great pillow and seeing as you’re here looking for the “Best 800 Fill Goose Down Pillow” then it’s safe to assume that you know this.

Goose down pillows just like goose down comforters, are the gold standard in fluffiness. They are loved for their softness, superior flexibility, cloud-like loft, insulating properties and above all else, luxurious warmth which cannot be matched by their synthetic counterparts.

Despite this, not all goose down pillows are created the same. And like most things, some are just better quality than others. Goose down fill is measured in fill power, and the rule of the thumb is; the higher the fill power, the better the quality and fluffiness.

So the short of it is, you going for a goose down pillow with a fill power of 800 ensures that you get a high quality pillow with great body temperature control, long-lasting loft, a cloud- like fluffy and comfy pillow that won’t sag but will instead maintain its loft through continued usage.

Below we review some of the best goose down pillows with a fill power of no less than 800;

Review of the Top Best 800 Fill Power Goose Down Pillows

1. East Coast Bedding Premium Quality European 800 Fill Power White Goose Down Pillow Set

The East coast bedding premium pillow plays the perfect complimentary role in the sleep equation because of the meticulous construction that provides maximum comfort. This set of two pillows has an 800 fill power of white goose down. While most people may be genuinely attached to their pillows, there is good cause for considering getting the East coast pillow. The goose down fill and expert craftsmanship of this pillow gives it remarkable loft.

When it is compressed by a weight it regains its former shape as soon as the pressure is lifted. That is the true mark of a high quality pillow. Most pillows we use look fluffy at first glance, but when slept upon they go flat and take a long time to regain their original form even after weight has been taken off them.

With the East Coast pillow, waking up to a sore neck will be a thing of the past. You can now enjoy a blissful night sleep with a pillow that has quality fluff with amazing consistency that provides both support and cloud like comfort. That comfort is further accentuated by a high grade satin cotton shell with a 400 hundred thread count.

This East Coast set of pillows take into account that users sleep differently and may have various firmness preferences. As a result, this set of pillows comes in several sizes and fill amounts to suit varied preferences. One can choose from a standard size that measures 20 by 26 inches with a 20 ounce fill or settle for the queen size which is stuffed with 25 ounces of white goose down and measures 20 by 30 inches.

If one happens to have a massive bed, then opting for the king size set of two east coast pillow can be a good option as it measures 20 by 36 inches with a stuffing of 28 ounces of white goose down.


  • 800 fill power for excellent loft
  • Set of two
  • 100 percent cotton shell with a 400 thread count
  • Has small and tight stitching on the pillow
  • Comes in standard, queen and king sizes

The close knit edges of the cotton fabric shell ensure that goose down is retained in the pillow while at the same time preventing allergens such as dust from entering the pillow. Filling is European white goose down.

Customer feedback

Customers who are using this pillow mention that it works remarkably well for them. The 800 fill power of white goose down ensures neck and spinal alignment for side sleepers while the backs and stomach sleepers can benefit from its fluffiness that allows them to sink into it with ease. For the side sleepers who do not mind a soft to medium density pillow, this set of pillow may work for you too.

2. Lincove 100% Goose Down Luxury Sleeping Pillow 800 Fill Power

If one keeps tossing and turning in the night in an attempt to find a comfortable pillow position, or you are frequently waking up to neck and shoulder pain in the mornings, it may be an indicator that it is time to toss away that old pillow and get a new one. But not just any new pillow, Lincove 800 fill luxury sleeping pillow is one of the best pillows in the market today, that’s according to some of its users.
Best 800 Fill Goose Down Pillows
This pillow has been crafted using goose down for fill. With 800 power fill of goose down, users can be assured that they are buying a premium product with ultra-sleeping comfort. The pillow has impressive loft and will come up as soon as weight has been taken off it. It has a fluffy, cloud like feel so that when one places their head on it this pillow will caress, comfort and sink in just enough for you to float away in deep restorative sleep. The 800 fill power provides adequate fluff to provide support but also luxurious comfort.

The encasement of the fluff is white cotton high quality fabric with a 600 thread count. The small stitched hemming ensures that goose down is retained in the encasement and that there is no space for common allergens such as dust to pass through.

Further still, Lincove goose down pillows are RDS certified which means that the down used did not come from animals that have been subjected to any unnecessary harm.

Persons of different ages and sleeping styles will benefit from a Lincove pillow because it allows the user to choose from several sizes and different densities.

For instance stomach sleepers can opt for less density with this Lincove pillow. Back and side sleepers will often require an option with the more density and can opt for soft-medium-firm option that offers better alignment for the neck and spine. It comes as one pillow but you also have the option of getting a two pack or the bundle pack. It’s also available in three firmness levels; soft, medium and firm. A convenient storage cover that both portable and durable is included.


  • 800 fill power ensures remarkable loft
  • 600 thread count 100% cotton sateen shell that is soft
  • Has close stitching on the cover
  • Has several size options of standard, queen and king and different firmness levels for different types of sleepers

It is advisable to use a pillow cover on this pillow in order to facilitate its longevity so that you can enjoy its comfort for many years to come.

Customer feedback

Customers who are using this product have realized the pleasant natural ability of goose down to contour to your body, thus ensuring that your head and neck has gentle soft support. They love this comfy pillow because it remains fluffy throughout your sleep. Many commented on the convenience of the option of several densities because they can buy several pillows for different members of the household.

3. Downright Himalaya 100% Siberian White Goose Down Hypoallergenic Pillow

The Downright Himalaya pillow is filled with 100 percent white goose down. The pillow also comes in a baffle box design featuring interior walls for optimum loft, outstanding durability and even distribution of fluff. This pillow is 800 fill power with pure Siberian goose down that will help you sleep like a baby.

The secret behind the remarkable loft of this pillow is the generous portions of goose down encased in a 354 Thread Count, 100% German Cotton Sateen fabric shell. This not only provides cloud like comfort but also looks very inviting and adds to the aesthetic of the bedroom.

One of the factors that often hinders sleep is allergens. Pure down has been highly praised by users whose allergies are often triggered by foam or feather filled pillows. The downright Himalaya is a hypoallergenic goose down pillow that helps you sleep without triggering allergies for years.


  • 800 fill power for fluffy yet supportive comfort
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • Has a baffle box design and close stitching on the pillow
  • 354 thread count 100% cotton fabric encasement
  • Comes in standard, queen and king sizes

Although the sateen cotton shell of this pillow is beautiful and soft, it is advisable to use pillow covers in order to extend the life of this durable pillow for as long as possible. It comes as single pillow.

Customer feedback

Those who are using this pillow mention that they like the resilient, durable build that is fluffy and yet supportive. The fact that the pillow is hypoallergenic is a plus for those who may have allergy sensitivities. Customers with allergies have reported better sleep quality as a result of using this pillow.

4. Dreamstead by Cuddledown 800 Fill Power Goose Down Pillow

When nothing but the best will do, the Dreamstead by Cuddledown pillow is another way to go. The shell is made of pure, soft and staple combed cotton fabric that has a thread count of 300. There are a good number of people who suffer from abrupt sneezing and a stuffy nose triggered by allergens that emanate for pillows with certain kinds of filling such as foam and feathers.Dreamstead by Cuddledown 800FP Goose Pillow

They will be happy to know that the manufactures of the Dreamstead pillow have gone to great lengths to ensure that this pillow is hypoallergenic. To accomplish this, the handcrafted pillow is subjected to tests for more than 100 allergens and is washed four times to see that by the time the pillow is done and ready for use, it is as clean and unpolluted as possible.

This reassurance is like music to the years for those whose allergies are triggered by common allergens found on pillows such as dust, pollen and chemicals that may be contained in foam.


  • Fluffy and soft 800 Fill Power
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • The cotton fabric on the pillow is woven tightly and double stitched
  • 100% long-staple combed cotton shell cover with 300 thread count
  • Comes in two size option of either standard or king

The 800 fill power of the Dreamstead pillow is what gives it loft and fluff that will stay for a long time to come despite frequent use. Its fill is white goose down which provides impeccable fluffy comfort that supports the neck and contours to your body so that you can sink into a deep restorative sleep.

Customer feedback

According to a majority of customers using Dreamstead by Cuddledown, shoulder aches and neck pains quickly become a thing of the past. That is because this handcrafted pillow has the ability to mold into the shape of your body. Customers also love the fact that one can choose a standard size or go for the kind size depending on preference. Sleeping on this pillow almost feels like your head is floating in a fluffy cloud. No more tossing and turning. With this pillow, it’s lights out as soon as you hit the sack.

5. Better Down Siberian 800 Fill Power White Goose Down Pillow

The Better Down Siberian pillow has 800 fill power with hypoallergenic properties and therefore those who are prone to allergic reactions stand a better chance of sleeping better without allergy discomfort when using this option.Best 800 Fill Goose Down Pillows

Furthermore, it is beautifully constructed and has an excellent aesthetic look. But it is not just a pretty face; it has a high level of comfort. That is thanks to the generous goose down fill alongside the 100% cotton smooth 450 thread count cotton fabric shell of the pillow.

With close knit small stitching, the goose down remains inside the pillow while also protecting the pillow from common allergens. This pillow also takes into account the varying preferences of pillow size and can be purchased in three sizes ranging from standard, queen to king size.


  • 800 full power for soft and comfy loft
  • With hypoallergenic properties thus allergy sufferers can find respite with this.
  • Soft 400 thread count cotton fabric for the pillow shell
  • Has close knit small stitching on the pillow
  • Comes in three sizes standard, queen and king

This is the perfect gift to oneself or to a friend as each pillow comes packaged in a high-class zippered vinyl case for convenience in presenting as a gift or for portability and storage

Customer feedback

Other than the high quality and goose down comfort that this pillow provides, customers appreciate the fact that it is also hypoallergenic. Users mentioned that their purchase was value for money as the comfort and support provided by this pillow exceeds their expectation with continued use. The pillow is amazingly comfortable and will help you quickly forget allergy issues as well as neck and shoulder related sleeping aches. The fact that the Siberian goose down pillow comes in three sizes allows for some flexibility in preferred choice of size, a great convenience for customers.

6. Best 800 FP for Travel: All About Down Travel Pillow with 800 Fill Power

Resting while travelling can cause a creak in your neck if you do not have the right pillow. Airlines and hotel will often provide a travel pillow that is stuffed with synthetic fill. And while it may work to a degree, it does not quite get the job done and will likely leave you with a sore neck. So the next time you are going for that long flight or bus journey, the All About down travel pillow is the companion to bring along.Best 800 Fill Goose Down travel Pillow

This pillow is much smaller and comes in one size with dimensions of 12 by 16 inches. It is the perfect size for travelling as it compresses easily to fit into a travel bag and springs back to life effortlessly when it’s time to use it.

This 800 fill power small travel pillow is stuffed with top notch goose down for optimal comfort. The Egyptian cotton cover is 100 percent cotton for the pillow shell which adds to the comfort.


  • 800 fill power for a springy loft
  • It’s hypoallergenic
  • Egyptian 100% cotton
  • Available in one size
  • Has close knit stitching on the pillow

The smaller size is perfect for packing and less cumbersome during travel. Although small comfort has not been compromised as this is still an 800 power fill pillow with all the comforts of loft and fluffiness.

Customer feedback

Users love the fact that one can discuss with the manufacture for a customized fill density to make the pillow lighter or firmer depending on one’s preference. Some customers with joint issues like arthritic patients found it to be comfortable whenever they were sleeping off the bed. Customers appreciate the follow up call from the manufacturer to discuss what the customer wants.

Choose the Right Pillow

Given that most people have different styles of sleeping a pillow can make or break sleep depending on its quality, firmness and one’s preferred style of sleeping. Some will by default gravitate towards the back and stomach sleeping positions, while others will naturally find themselves sleeping on their sides.

Side sleepers will often need a pillow with a firmer density to help align their neck with the spine for good deep sleep that does not result in neck aches and shoulder pains in the morning. On the other hand, the stomach and back sleepers will prefer lesser density that they can sink into with ease. So the question now becomes, with the sea of pillows out there, which one should one settle for? Below we delve deeper into this question as we explore some of the key aspects one should consider when buying a pillow.

While one can conjure up a pillow from any soft material, the honest truth is that not all pillows are made equal. The fill material that is used to stuff a pillow will contribute immensely to the comfort and functional longevity of the pillow. Here are a few tips that can help guide you towards selecting a good pillow.

Factors to Consider

  1. Fill

The fill used to stuff a pillow will for the most part determine how comfortable the pillow will be. Some of the common materials used as pillow fill will include feathers and foam or a mixture of both. While pillows filled with these materials will be fairly comfortable and relatively cheaper, they may fail to meet the comfort levels that you desire. As a result, one may find themselves tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position on the pillow. It is often not surprising that you may frequently wake up on some mornings with an aching neck or painful shoulder. Also most people tend to have allergy sensitivities that are triggered by foam and feathers in pillows.

Goose down is considered to be one of the best fill materials for pillows. Goose down should not be mistaken for feathers. This material is fine fur that lines the body of birds such as geese for insulation against the cold. It is a fine and soft material that makes for excellent fill in pillows. A litmus test for high quality in a pillow is by folding it once and releasing it. If the pillow resumes its original shape and form it is said to have loft and therefore passes for good quality where loft is concerned. Goose down in comparison to other fill materials for pillows has the most excellent fill. It also conforms to the body offering support while maintaining its fluffy quality. Goose down fill is measured in fill power, the higher the fill power, the better the quality and loft properties.

  1. Fill outer shell cover

The fill of a pillow will often be encased in a variety of fabrics. High quality 100% cotton is one of the best fabrics for a pillow shell. Not only does it look great but it is soft, comfortable and has good absorbent qualities in case of a drooling or a sweaty sleeper. Double or close knit stitching on the edges of the encasing fabric will help keep out allergens and keep the down inside the pillow in place. A pillow cover is most recommended in order to enhance the longevity of the pillow.

  1. Hypoallergenic options

If one is prone to allergies triggered by fill in pillows such as feathers or foam, the best pillow option to go with is a pillow with goose down fill. Most of the goose down pillow options in the market are hypoallergenic. This makes them safe and comfortable for all types of allergies.

  1. Density and size

Size for the most part is a matter of preference. Density has a lot to do with your predominant sleeping style. As mentioned, a person who sleeps on their back or stomach will often feel quite at home with softness and less density in a pillow, while side sleepers tend to prefer more density and firmness to help align the neck and spine for comfortable sleep.

Final thoughts on 800 Fill Goose Down Pillows

After a long day full of activities, a person often can’t wait to get back home take a shower, have a meal and relax. Perhaps even catch up with family, on the news or wind down with a nice riveting movie and a cup of joe. When one is sufficiently wound down, there is no better place to rest the body than a comfortable bed. And even though a pillow is one item that is not given much thought by some, it is necessary for a comfortable night’s sleep.

With the above line up of 800 fill power goose down pillow options, sleeping comfort is guaranteed with any of the above selection. Say NO to neck aches and shoulder pains as a result of a substandard synthetic fill pillows and instead, embrace luxury and cloud nine sleeping comfort that is brought about by pure goose down. Sleep has never been better.

Ultimately, investing in a luxury pillow is worthwhile. It is hard to place a tag on what good sleep should cost. But lack of good sleep is certainly a more expensive option that most people can do without.



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