14 Best 3-Light Tree Floor Lamps for Living Rooms & Bedrooms in 2021

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Lighting is one key element when it comes to dressing up a space. You can set the tone and ambience of your living room by the literal touch of a switch. 3- light tree floor lamps such as the ones reviewed in this post for areas such as the living room or bedroom are well designed and very functional while infusing an aesthetic lighting element to your decor.

Check out our top selections below.

1. 4250-21 Bowery 3 Arm Arc Lamp by Adesso

This is a great lighting solution for the living room that goes above and beyond most arc lamps. The reason for this is the beautiful design that provides a stylish overhead lighting.

The unit comes from a long line of stunning design by Adesso. Adesso has been churning out some practical and stylish lighting designs since 2003. This unit is clear indication of their artful lighting solution that complements your decor by adding rustic charm and minimalist design.

This Bowery 3-Arm Arc Lamp shows off an antic brass finish and is attached to a white marble base displaying striking class.

It’s worth mentioning a special feature in the design is the fact that the arms are not static but adjustable to suit varied needs and preferences. Their height, width and angle can be adjusted to meet your specific lighting needs.

The burlap or cloth drum shades hang from the 3 stylish adjustable curved arms creating efficient overhead lighting that can be controlled by a 4 way rotary switch situated on the pole.

The lights have 4 settings: 1 light on, 2 lights on, 3 lights on that throw warm light through the beautiful burlap shades.

What’s makes this lamp an ideal option for a sitting area or even the bedroom, is its ability to set a calming mood as the lights are dimmable with the help of the rotary switch.

Adesso 4250-21 lamp outlet is compatible and has a clear cord.

The Adesso 4250-21 has been tested and approved to meet government – regulated safety standards for the USA and are therefore UL or ETL  listed. This ensures that it is of high safety standards and great quality.


  • Dimensions are 83 x 35 x 52 inches
  • Has a weight of 36 pounds
  • Comes with drum shaped fabric shades
  • Features 3 adjustable arms
  • Comes in Antique bronze and Satin steel
  • Compatible with incandescent bulbs but bulbs are not included

For a 3 armed lamp, this lighting unit is fairly light weighing in at 36 pounds. While the unit is solid and well designed, it also means that it can be easily moved from one spot to another with ease should there be need.

Customer feedback

The customers who bought this lighting fixture, were particularly impressed by the clean minimalist design. That’s because the unit does not require a lot of space to stand. It can be neatly place on a tight corner.

Users also mentioned that they were very pleased at getting a fabulous classy lamp at such a reasonable cost. Most users pointed out that it looks like a really expensive piece and is therefore a good lighting option that can makes a statement in a living room.

Overall, the unit is one of those lamps that bring style and class to your space making it a great value for money

2. Ore International 6932 3 Light Crystal Inspirational Arch Floor Lamp

This is a gorgeous lamp. Whether in the living room or bedroom, this lovely faux crystal inspired arch floor lamp lends a posh ambiance to these spaces.

The Ore international 6932 3 lamp has three square lamp shades measuring 10″ x 10″ suspended by three elegant steel arms with a silver finish. The lamp shades are adorned with beautiful faux crystals that reflect light emanating from three 60 watt bulbs creating a sophisticated feel.

The arms are adjustable from left to right and  are held up by  the  pole made of steel   attached to the heavy base for stability. The power cord is also attached to the base.

Set  in the pole, is a switch that has three settings for the lights. When you click it once the the Centre light turns on, 2 clicks turn the two side lamps on, 3 clicks turn on all the three lights enabling you to control the amount of light you need.

Weighing 33.2 pounds, this lamp is easy to move to wherever you need it to be and takes minimal space.

With a height of 84 inches the Ore International 6932 3 Light lamp adds vertical interest to living spaces.

Consumers are assured of quality when buying this lamp because it’s been tested and approved having met government regulated standards in the USA and so is UL certified.


  • Dimensions are 17.5 x 19 x 84 inches
  • Has a weight of 33.2 pounds
  • Comes with faux crystal shades
  • Has 3 adjustable arms
  • Comes in silver
  • Compatible with fluorescent tubes but the bulbs are not included

Customer feedback

Customers who purchased this unit were ecstatic once they set it up. Many loved the square lamp shades  with the faux crystals on this lamp that magnifies the  light and makes it the highlight of any room.

They pointed out lighting was beautiful and they loved the lamp’s contemporary finish and the  faux crystals lamp shades was definitely value for money.

3. Brightech Trilage Arc Floor Lamp

The Trilage floor lamp is a beautiful lighting piece giving out a warm soft light. Suspended at a height of 75 inches the 3 lamp shades create efficient overhead light over a large area.3-Light Tree Floor Lamps for Living Rooms & Bedrooms

Its 3 hanging lamp shades are held up by 3 curved arms set up at different heights that are connected to a metal body attached to a heavy circular marble base. The metal body has an oil rubbed bronze finish.

To reposition the lights, each metal arm can be moved from side to side to give illumination where it is required the most.

A four settings rotary switch is mounted on the main pole giving you the option of of one, two or all three lights to be lit individually or all at once. The 9.5 watt power saving LED  bulbs glow  through the burlap inspired neutral toned fabric covered lamp shades, allowing you to set light  that’s soft yet bright enough for reading as well as mood lighting and ambiance. Illuminating one or two bulbs sets a warm cozy mood in your living space or office making your family and friends feel right at home. Lighting all three bulbs at once sheds soft yet plentiful room illumination that lights up your space bright enough to read.

The Brightech Trilage lamp comes with 9.5 watt power saving   LED bulbs that are said to last more than 20 years without burning out. This saves you from the need of frequent replacement. Its white warm LED technology with 800 lumens enables this lamp to outshine lamps that use energy-consuming incandescent or halogen bulbs.

To assure consumers of its high quality and safety, this lamp is UL listed.

On top of all that, the Brightech Trilage is smart outlet compatible with Echo, Alexa, Google home and most home devices.


  • Dimensions are 34 x 15. 5 x13. 9 inches
  • It has a weight of 35.2 pounds
  • Features drum shaped fabric shades
  • Has 3 adjustable arms
  • Comes in oil rubbed bronze
  • Compatible with LED bulbs and the bulbs are included

Customer feedback

The Trilage lamp with its classy style gels perfectly with contemporary, traditional and modern decors according to customers. A majority of users were also happy with the combination of  functionality, looks and affordability. They also appreciate the wide range of decors the Trilage lamp complements.

4. Kira Home Akira 78.5″ Modern 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp

The Akira 78.5″ high modern floor arc lamp is simple and elegantly designed with no frills. It has a lovely brushed finish.

It features 3 different sized lamp shades clothed in gray burlap. These are suspended from 3 slim elegantly shaped metal arms which are connected to the main pole that is held in place by a sturdy weighted base.

Mounted on the main pole is a rotary knob that enables 3 way lighting allowing you to set the bulbs to mood lighting and ambiance, or turn the switch to its brightest to illuminate a large area.  This switch also allows you to turn on one, two or three lights all together and also dim the lights to your preference.

The Akira 78.5 ” modern floor lamp is UL listed allowing you to enjoy this product with peace of mind with the assurance that your safety comes first.

This light fixture looks great whether on or off. It looks great in any spaces including offices, dining rooms, bedrooms, entryways, foyers, and even kitchens.

With the 3 arms being adjustable you are able to focus the light to where it’s most needed. This tall stylish fixture is ideal to be stationed behind your sofa, or couch in the living room, next to a table in the office or work space or in the bedroom. It bathes the surrounding spaces with a warm light cast by the three 100 watt incandescent bulbs.

This lamp is smart plug compatible.


  • Dimensions are 45 x 60 x 78.5 inches
  • It weighs 25 pounds
  • Comes with drum shaped fabric shades
  • Features 3 adjustable arms
  • Comes in brushed nickel and gray burlap shades
  • Compatible with incandescent bulbs but the bulbs are not included

Customer feedback

Consumers were delighted with the sturdy elegant quality and functionality of this unit. They also found it to be great value for money. According to many customers the Akira 78.5″ modern arc floor lamp brightens up your decor with its elegant, minimalistic, no frills design.

5. Brightech Liam Asian Lantern Shade Tree LED Floor Lamp

This is a stylish compact lighting solution that gels with  retro, industrial, Chinese, mid century, vintage, urban and Japanese decors. 3-Light Tree Floor Lamp for Living Rooms & Bedrooms

The Liam Asian lantern shade tree LED floor lamp features 3 lamp shades made of burlap style neutral toned fabric attached to a metal pole with classic black finish, mounted on weighted base to prevent it from toppling over.

The lamp shades are 11 inches tall and have a diameter of 7 inches each. The lamp has a height of 74 inches.

Stationing the Liam lamp behind a sofa and switching on all the 3 lights, makes it a great  book reading lamp when you are enjoying your novel on the couch. The lamp is operated by a rotary switch which can alternately turn one or two lamps off to achieve mood lighting.

The Brightech Liam lamp comes with 3, 9.5 watt energy saving LED bulbs. You won’t have to replace these bulbs for years because they are LED and will endure for 20, 000 hours out lasting the more energy consuming halogen and incandescent bulbs. You should note that this LED bulbs are not dimmable but you can change them with dimmable bulbs if you prefer.

The Brightech Liam lamp is smart outlet compatible with wall switches, Alexa, Google home and most smart home devices.  It must be connected to smart plug for it to work that way.

Once the Brightech Liam Lamp is set up and connected to the plug and smart home device, leave the lamp in the on position and technology will do the rest. It remembers the settings.


  • Dimensions are 21.4 x 16.6 x 5.4 inches
  • It weighs 16.87 pounds
  • Comes with drum shaped fabric shades
  • Features 3 non adjustable arms
  • Comes in classic black
  • It is compatible with LED bulbs and the bulbs are included

Customer feedback

Over and above solid build and high functionality, customers who purchased this lamp were very happy with the cool design. They also liked the fact that the bulbs come included in the package. This Liam Asian standing lamp is compact and can fit in small spaces which is a huge win for people with RVs.

6. Stepeak Dimmable Tree Floor Lamp

The Stepeak Dimmable Tree Floor lamp is not your run of the mill lamp. It’s chic design spots a classic, all black construction decorated with elegant crystal lamp shades that makes it stand out.

The pole of this lamp is mounted on a heavy base and rises to heights of 65 inches. 3 metal arms stretch out at right angles and at different heights from the main pole suspending the 3 stunning crystal lamp shades in the air.

The lights are controlled by a dimmer switch mounted high up on the main pole. To set ambiance and mood lighting you can turn the rotary switch to lowest setting to dim the lamps. For tasks in the office and reading, turn the switch to the brightest setting. The lamps give out soft, warm yet plentiful light.

The Stepeak Dimmable lamp can be placed in the study, living room, dormitory, hallway, and a corner of the bedroom infusing its uniquely elegant light into these spaces. It easily becomes the focal point of any room. It’s minimalistic design works well with contemporary, traditional, industrial, modern, urban, retro and mid century decors.

Keeping your safety and peace of mind at the forefront, this lamp has been tested and approved by the relevant government bodies and is UL certified.


  • Dimensions are 16.7 x 10.5 x 7 inches
  • It has a weight of 17.6 pounds
  • Comes with crystal shades
  • Has 3 non adjustable arms
  • Comes in classic black
  • Compatible with halogen, LED and incandescent but no bulbs are included

Customer feedback

Customers who purchased this fixture were really happy with the unique classy design. They loved how the Stepeak dimmable lamp classic all black finish, highlights the elegance of the sparkling crystal lampshades. Users who got this lamp also felt that they got their money’s worth because if it high level of functionality.

7. Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Lamp 3-Light Floor Lamp

Adesso has a reputation for producing high quality stylish and practical lighting products having  over a decade of experience to draw from.

The Adesso 4026-26 Maui lamp would provide a great lighting solution around any living spaces having a natural look. The lamp gives off a warm bright light diffused by compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) or incandescent bulbs. They do this through three meticulously crafted barrel-shaped lamp shades made of exposed brown cane sticks with a rice paper looking fabric lining on the insides.

These lamp shades are suspended at different elevations from 3  gracefully arced arms providing efficient overhead illumination and mood lighting. You can adjust the arms to focus the light how you like it. Controlling the lights is an on/off simple rotary switch set on the pole.

The Adesso 4026-26  Maui  lamp is island inspired and will infuse a natural feel to your living space.

The lamp has an antique bronze finish with the pole set into a heavy stone metal covered base to prevent it from toppling over.

The Adesso 4026-26 Maui lamp is UL listed. This means this fixture has gone through testing and has met government  regulated safety standards for the USA.  Consumers can use it with full confidence in its safety.

This lamp is smart outlet compatible


  • Dimensions are 45 x 45 x 82 inches
  • It weighs 31.4 pounds
  • Features both bamboo and fabric shades
  • Comes with 3 adjustable arms
  • Comes in antique bronze
  • Compatible with CFL/incandescent and bulbs are not included

Customer feedback

Consumers who got this fixture were delighted with the light the lampshades diffused when they used different colored bulbs. The Adesso 4026-26 maui lamp gives off great mood lighting and  ambiance when regular led light bulb is combined with orange hued bulb. Customers got the chance to play around with different hued bulbs to change the light effect. Users were also pleased with the island vibe the lamp gave off.

8. Aaron Mid Century Modern 3-Light Tree Floor Lamp

This conversation starter three-light floor lamp has an eye catching modern design combined with retro vintage. It has clean clear cut lines with nothing superfluous.

It is set in a heavy round base with the slender column rising 64 inches high. The adjustable heads are mounted at the top of the pole at different elevations. The slim pole and adjustable heads show off the best of modern lighting design, while the aged brass finish highlights a classy vintage look. Its lights are  independently controlled by an on/off rotary switch comes mounted on each head. The lamp is dimmable with compatible dimmers and bulbs which are sold separately.

The Aaron mid century tree floor lamp shows off an aged brass finish that is stylish and highlights its retro sleekness. It can be used in the office, living room, and bedroom. The halogen 40 watt bulbs light up the surroundings with warm light bright enough to read by.

With the dome shades being able to swivel a full 360 degrees with a 180 degree tilt, it allows you to focus the light where you need it.

It is also compatible with incandescent, CFL or LED light bulbs.

Please note, when installing the halogen bulbs do not touch with bare hands or the bulbs may suffer premature bulb failure.


  • Dimensions are 20.5 x 17.5 x 8.63 inches
  • It has a weight 13.6 pounds
  • Features bamboo and fabric shades
  • Comes with 3 adjustable dome shades
  • Available in aged brass
  • Compatible with CFL/incandescent but the bulbs are not included

Customer feedback

Users were really taken with the retro vintage design as well as its sturdy build and practicality. They mentioned that this lamp helped transform their living or office space adding warmth and elegance. This lamps vintage aged brass finish with its contemporary lighting design makes it a great fit for a contemporary décor, according to customers.

9. LeeZM Black Industrial Floor Lamp For Living Room

This simple, elegant no frills black lamp bathes its surroundings with soft warm light creating a space you can relax in.

The LeeZM black industrial floor lamp features 3 black brushed iron cage lamp shades surrounding 3 Edison style light bulbs which diffuse light everywhere through the shades. The lamp shades hang from the black metal  pole which is held steady by the heavy round base.

The lights are operated by a simple on/off switch.

The lamp exhibits modern clean lines mixed with minimalism and industrial vintage rustic style. It works well with a variety of decors including rustic, mid century, retro, modern, contemporary and urban.

This tall black floor lamp fits perfectly in the living room, office, dining room, kids room, corner, foyer or office creating a warm ambiance enabling you to spend a relaxed evening with good company .

It works great as a behind the sofa reading light allowing you to enjoy your book on your favorite chair. The step on switch controls the lights which can only  be turned on/off all three at the same time.

Because of its cage design without any intervening fabric, the lamp shades allow  the light to be diffused at  360 degrees enabling you to direct the illumination right where you want it.


  • Dimensions are 20.28 x 20.24 x 9.13 inches
  • It has a weight of 12.34 pounds
  • Features metal (iron) shades
  • Comes with 3 arms are non adjustable
  • Comes in black
  • Compatible with incandescent and the bulbs are included)

Customer feedback

Buyers of this fixture loved the unique retro design and its sturdy construction. Users also liked that the lamp was very easy to assemble and came with the light bulbs. Customers found that the lamp’s brushed iron caged lamp shades industrial design makes it stand out from the pack and the step on switch is very convenient.

10. Brightech – Teardrop LED Industrial Floor Lamp for Living Room

This Brightech teardrop lamp achieves the warehouse/vintage factory look from a mix of minimalism, lots of attitude and modern clean lines.

This elegant free standing floor lamp features 3 teardrop shaped lamp shades resting at different elevations of 54, 60 and 66 inches on the pole while stretching outwards 9 inches from it. They hang 11 inches down from the arms.

The lamps pole is supported by a weighted base and rises to a height of 68 inches. This lamps’ clean cut simple lines and black finishing, gel well  with mid-century, modern, contemporary, rustic decor themes.

The Brightech teardrop LED industrial lamp  has three 5 watt power saving  LED bulbs shedding  warm cozy  light through the lamp shades cages to create a warm comfortable atmosphere.  The harsh illumination of old school lamps is eliminated here by employing the multi head design making this lamp  a perfect choice as a behind the sofa book lamp allowing you to enjoy your reading in the soft light.

The LED power saving bulbs are a money saver having  20,000 hours lifespan negating the need for replacement.

This lamp has light dimming capabilities but the LED  bulbs that are supplied with it are not compatible with this function. You have to replace them with smart bulbs to enjoy this.


  • Dimensions are 17.7x 17.6 x 8.2 inches
  • It weighs 14.47 pounds
  • Has metal shades
  • It comes with 3 arms that cannot be adjusted
  • available in black
  • Compatible with LED bulbs and bulbs are included

Customer feedback

Customers who got this fixture were impressed with the blend of classic and modern display of the cage design and the Edison bulbs. Most users loved the quality and elegance pointing out it was good value for money. The minimalist design of this lamp makes it lightweight and less bulky allowing it to be easily moved and it fits easily in narrow spaces.

11. Riley Modern Torchiere Floor Lamp 3-Light Tree

This lamp is classy, beautiful and very functional. It has three lights with two smaller side lights and one large center light right at the tip of the pole. Each light is held within a clear glass shade infusing an element of refinement and elegance into the Riley Modern Torchiere floor lamp.

The lamp shows off a rich painted bronze finish with an industrial look that pairs well with modern, retro, urban, mid-century and rustic decors.

The top shade is 11 inches wide and 5 inches deep and sits right on top of the 72 inch high pole which is held in place by a 10 1/4 inch Base. The side lights are 5 inch wide and 4 3/8 high and are mounted 40 and 50 inches high on the pole and can be adjusted by pivoting them in any direction.

The lights are each controlled by an on-off pole switch allowing for ambiance and mood lighting. The side lights pivot, allowing you to direct the light exactly where it’s needed making this lamp a great choice for behind the couch book lamp.


  • Dimensions are 35 x 15 x 11 inches
  • Has a weight of 28.6 pounds
  • Features glass shades
  • Has side lights that are adjustable
  • Comes in brown color only
  • Compatible with incandescent, halogen, CFL bulbs and LED but bulbs are not included

Customer feedback

Users who got this fixture were impressed by its sturdy construction as well as beauty and elegance. They pointed out it was quite affordable. The clear glass lamp shades are said to give this lamp an elegant premium feel.

The Riley torchiere floor lamp would look great in the living room, bedroom and office, lending its elegance to these spaces.

12. Airposta 3 Lights Industrial Floor Lamp with Dimmable Switch

This lamp’s modern cage design captures the modern nature of youth but also looks retro – industrial, giving off a classic, simple and traditional vibe.

The Airposta 3 lights industrial lamp features 3 wire cage lamp shades holding incandescent bulbs. The lamp shades are suspended from 3 arms reaching outwards from the 64 inch pole which is mounted on a weighted base for stability.

The lights are controlled by an on /off dimmer switch fitted on the pole. You can twist the switch to full bright setting for a task, light or dim the lights for the perfect mood lighting creating a relaxed atmosphere.

This makes this unit perfect for the bedroom, dining room, hallway, foyer, reading nook, restaurant, office and a behind the couch book lamp.

The incandescent bulbs transmit their lights at 360 degrees round beam angle through the wire cage lamp shades illuminating the surrounding spaces with a warm soft yet plentiful light.

To ensure this fixture is safe for use, it has been taken through tests and has been approved by government regulated bodies for the USA consumers and is therefore UL listed.


  • Dimensions are 17 x 10.5 x 7.4 inches
  • It weighs 14 pounds
  • It features wire shades
  • Comes with 3 non adjustable arms
  • Available in black
  • Compatible with halogen and incandescent bulbs but are not included

Customer feedback

Customers who purchase this lamp were pleased with the solid build and the minimalistic design. They also mentioned that the set up is a breeze. The mesh cage on this lamp ensures excellent light transmission making it practical in a home.

13. Leonlite Industrial 3-Light Floor Lamp

The retro medieval design of this 3-light floor lamp is beautiful and elegant.

It features 3 amber glass lampshades which house tungsten filament bulbs that light up a space in a soft amber glow with a 360 degree beam angle. Holding up the lamp shades are 3 arms reaching out from the lamp pole which sits on a heavy base to keep from toppling over. The pole comes in four detachable sections.

This retro lamp works well with modern, urban, contemporary, rustic, mid-century decors. Controlling the lights is a simple on /off step – on switch that makes it very convenient.

This retro style lamp is perfect for reading when placed next to your favorite chair. You can sit in your couch and enjoy your novel bathing in it’s warm amber light without any glare. This lamp with its elegant clean cut lines can be used in dining rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, living rooms, foyers, hallways lending its classy elegant vibes to these spaces.

This lamp is beautiful whether turned on or off. The amber hue of the glass lamp shades is more obvious when turned on but it shows even during daylight.


  • Dimensions are 25.6 x 21.6 x 17 inches
  • It weighs 19.31 pounds
  • Comes with glass shades
  • Comes with 3 arms – non adjustable
  • Available in black
  • Compatible with tungsten filament bulbs and bulbs are included

Customer feedback

Customers who got this product gushed about the beauty and simplicity of this lamps design. The amber lamp shades make this lamp stand out and give it a vintage feel. They were really impressed with the lighting arms that work effectively.

14.Dale Tiffany PF12359 Art Glass Three Light Floor Lamp

This lamp is a stunning beauty by design. It features a metal base with a satin nickel finish and spots 3 mosaic glass lamp shades fitted into three arms spreading outwards from the pole.3-Light Tree Floor Lamp

The 68 inches tall pole is set in a weighted base to provide stability. To control the lights it has an on/off socket and a rotary switch.

The Dale Tiffany PF12359 art glass floor lamp uses three 40 watt bulbs that diffuse light through the glass mosaic lamp shades highlighting the blues and purples of the patterns. It has three settings which allows you to set mood lighting by turning on one or two lights and all three for ambient lighting.

This lamp is great for the bedroom, living room, dining room, hallway, foyer and is perfect as a behind the couch book lamp allowing you to enjoy your novel in its soft warm light.

The Dale Tiffany PF12359 lamps unique mix of traditional and contemporary design is the epitome of elegance blending with urban, modern, mid-century, transitional decors.

Dale lighting outdid themselves on this beautiful lamp, bringing their vast creative skills, craftsmanship, high quality standards, materials and techniques to bear in its creation.


  • Dimensions are 15 x 15 x 68 inches
  • Has a weight of 19 pounds
  • Features glass shades
  • Comes with 3 arms – non adjustable
  • Available in satin nickel
  • Compatible with incandescent bulbs and bulbs are included

Customer feedback

Users who purchased this lamp stated the lamp was gorgeous and functional with a solid build. Users mentioned that their expectations were exceeded and are extremely satisfied with the performance of this floor lamp. This lamp’s stunning design is in a league of its own, making it the highlight of many customer’s homes.


A 3- light tree floor lamp might be all that your living room, bedroom, study or office is lacking to make it warm and complete. With all the above beautiful options, you will be spoilt for choice as they are very well constructed and fitting for a myriad of decors.





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