Benefits of an Overhead Garage Storage System

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More often than not, storage items that do not have immediate use find their way into the garage. Many a household can attest to that fact. Within no time the garage floor space quickly becomes littered with items.

The fact is as the years go by, there is a tendency for storage needs to grow. As kids grow up, there is more sports equipment to store and old clothes that are in good condition but have out grown the kids.

In the course of time, there is the unfortunate reality of losing a love one. And because one cannot bring themselves to throw away their stuff, the pile usually heads to the garage.

And then there are the tools, spare parts, bikes and seasonal stuff stored in boxes which will only be used in winter. Somehow all these find their way into the garage.

Then there is the matter of old furniture which also conveniently finds its way into the garage to eat up even more floor space. When it comes to storage, all roads eventually lead to the garage.

So it’s of little wonder that the garage gets cluttered so fast. So what is the solution that effectively declutters a garage and reclaims floor space allowing you to park your car where it should be as initially intended?

How to get organized

Rented storage space?

As storage needs increase, some households have opted to renting out a storage unit in order to clear space in their garages. While that at times may be a necessary move, it should be as a last resort because it is expensive and there may be better solutions that are more practical and cost effective.

That solution is in getting an overhead storage system.

An Overhead Storage System

While to some extent, solutions such as rack systems can prove beneficial and help your garage find some semblance of order; such a system still has to dig into some of your floor space. How effective they are depends on how much space you have in your garage vis-à-vis the amount of storage you need.

est Garage Ceiling Storage Systems

This option is a marvelous way of literally conjuring up square footage that was nonexistent before. Overhead storage swallows all the storage items that are on your floor space so that your garage is neat, orderly and spacious once again.

What are the Benefits of Using an Overhead Storage System in the Garage?

1. Saves money

While installing an overhead system will cost you, the benefits far outweigh the costs. It save you money and the inconvenience of pursing options such as storage units which are far more expensive in the long run in addition to the inconveniences of having to go all the way to the unit every time you need to retrieve an item.

2. Customization to your preference

Overhead garage storage systems come in different sizes and one can install several of them to create ample organized storage that completely frees up your floor space.

3. Reclaims unused space

Overhead garage storage systems are simple yet ingenious innovations because they help you create or reclaim space that was totally useless and do not in any way eat into your floor space.

4. Can offer plenty of storage

The beauty of an overhead garage storage system is the fact that depending on the amount of space available and the installed configurations, it can absorb tones of items and safely keep hazardous materials out of reach. As a result you can park your car inside the garage.

5. Get organized and neatly display items

Getting organized is far much easier with an overhead garage storage system because it provides plenty of space that can take up loads of items. Because the bases of overhead units have ample depth of up to 4 feet, one is able to store larger containers and boxes. This means that more items can be stored safely. Best Overhead Garage Storage Racks

When such boxes and containers are labeled or color coded, retrieval is made easier even if it is months after storage. Bulkier sports equipment such a surfing boards and paddles or longer delicate equipment such as fishing rods can be safely and neatly tucked away without damage.

These units often have hooks on some edges which create additional storage space that items such as bicycles can hang safely.

When it comes to getting your garage thoroughly organized there is no better solution than overhead garage storage systems.

6. Make use of pulleys or crank

Overhead garage systems are a good option for people that can’t use ladders to retrieve items either because of a medical condition or age.

For that reason, there are option of overhead garage units that utilize a pulley system or crank to lower the unit low enough for loading and hosting it with cable or crank to its original overhead position. When correctly installed, these units are absolutely safe and very efficient.

7. Easy installation

These types of storage system come with all necessary installation materials. It is also accompanied with detailed instructions on how to go about the installation. Some units can be installed on a concrete ceiling while other should be firmly attached to ceiling joists for proper reinforcement.

A number of the units include a link to a step by step installation You Tube video. Or alternatively, one can hire the services of a qualified handyman to help with the installation.


Overhead garage storage systems are the ultimate solutions for  garage storage. Keep things neat, tidy and spacious with so much ease. If you want to reclaim order in your garage, this is the ultimate solution.






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