10 Functional Bedside Table Lamps with USB Ports in 2020

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Table of Contents

One of the ways to add a tasteful look and feel to a room is by introducing a table lamp or two into a space. Most commonly this applies to the bedroom but the concept can also spill over to the living room and other pockets of the house depending on the spacing and furniture setup.

Bedside table lamps accentuate the decor in the room in two ways. One is through the construction and design of the lamp that can add style and color to a room. And the second is through the lighting aspect.

By having a bedside table lamp with a USB port however, you introduce another aspect of functionality. With a bedside table lamp fitted with an easy access USB port, you get to charge your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, kindle reader and other electronic devices, giving you the ultimate functional bedside table lamp.

If you’re in the market for such a table lamp, then this article is specially for you because below we’ve compiled a list of some the best bedside table lamps with USB charging ports featuring varied unique touches for different tastes and preferences.

Review Best Bedside Table Lamps with USB Ports

1. Oneach Set of 2 Modern Bedside USB Table Lamp

For those who love a clean refined look, these USB port equipped table lamps from Oneach provide just that. The brushed lean metal design complements the fabric that shades the lamp to form a lovely piece of furniture. Even better, these modern bedside desk lamps come as a set of two which means they can be paired in different configurations depending on the set up of a room. One can be placed on either side of the bed.

If one intends to use them in the office or study, you can place one on a table next to an art piece and the other somewhere on the  corner next to a sofa. The possibilities are endless. The set does not come with bulbs.


  • Each lamp is fairly light at 2.98 pounds
  • Made from metal
  • The metal finish is brushed nickel
  • Modern contemporary design
  • USB charging port
  • Comes as a set of two lamps
  • 2 year warranty

The stand of the lamp has a round design that thins out and expands at intervals for an ornate design. The base is wide enough at five inches ensuring that the lamp is sturdy when placed on a table top. The lamps’ heights are 24 inches each meaning they will look great whether placed on a low lying surface or on surfaces that are slightly higher.

Customer feedback

Many customers enjoy the modern minimalistic, vintage design which they say adds a healthy dose of class to a space. They also loved the daily practical function of being able to conveniently charge a phone, tablet, or Kindle on the USB port at the base of the lamp. Most felt like the lamp offered convenience and elegance at the same time.

2. Brightech Grace LED USB Bedside Table & Desk Lamp with USB Port

Whether the theme of one’s living room, bedroom or office is industrial, mid century or contemporary, Brightech Grace LED desk lamp will blend in effortlessly. It comes as one unit and the design is quite different as it steps way from the conventional circular lamp shades and instead adopts a unique box like top design.

The extended top is constructed from fabric and exudes a gentle shade of light that brings a calming effect to a space. The extended top joins to a petite square base made from wood and it can come as classic black or Havanna brown. A small pull switch hangs from inside the top of the lamp.


  • Lightweight and weighs about 2 pounds
  • Includes 9.5 Watt power saving LED light
  • Extended top design
  • Wooden base with two shades to choose from
  • Built in USB port
  • Uses a 110 volt outlet but safe to use it with a 220 volts, if one has a 220-110 volts converter
  • 3 year warranty

The energy saving bulb included in this lampshade is quite special. Why? Because it’s constructed with advanced 3,000 Kelvins warm white LED technology with 800 lumens. That makes it possible for this lamp to outshine other lamps by a decade if not two. Other bulb technologies are dependent on short lived standard halogen or incandescent bulbs that are high energy consumers.

Customer feedback

Customers are appreciative of the 3-year warranty on all parts of this versatile bedside lamp. It’s a reassuring testament to the confidence the manufacturer has in this product. The USB port is of course quite a hit because it is a practical inclusion that allows the user to conveniently charge electronics such as phones and tablets. What customers find so special about this feature on this lamp is the fact that it charges the user’s electronics regardless whether it is on or off. The lamp is very light and therefore portable around the house when there is need. Additionally, the fact that this lamp is cheaply priced yet it’s durable and very functional is definitely a steal.

3. Ledger Modern Accent Table Lamps Set of 2 with USB Charging Port

For those people needing a touch of shimmer in their bedside lamp choice, these 360 lighting Ledger modern accent table lamps with a convenient USB port feature come as a set of two with a design concept and Best Bedside Table Lamps with USB Portsmaterials used that makes the lamps to naturally have a glassy shimmering feel and look.

The upper part is drum shade made from off white fabric with decorative aspects. The drum shade is connected to the abdomen of the design through a rod of brushed steel. Its lower part that rests on the bedside table is gourd shaped with a mercury glass finish that sits on the circular base. The round base is shy of five inches by a quarter of an inch. Given the overall height of the lamp is 21.75 inches, this means that the base footprint is enough to provide more than adequate stability.

During daylight, these two lamps provide a glistening addition to the overall decor of the room as light reflects off them producing shimmers. At night when turned on, they give off an ambient light that also reflects on the lower glassy part of the lamp adding character to the two lamps and a nice aesthetic charm to the room.


  • Weighs 6 pounds
  • Comes in a set of 2
  • Drum shades made from off white fabric with decorative finials
  • Uses one maximum 100 watt standard-medium base bulb
  • On-off switches on each
  • Brushed nickel finish with a shimmering bottom
  • Built in 2A type USB ports

The design of the off white drum and the shimmering gourd like bottom make for a contemporary design that can grace an office sturdy, bedroom or living room among other spaces.

Customer feedback

Customers love the contrast between a shinny lower part and off white drum. When the lights come on, that contrast is even more compelling, accentuating the decor of a room. The set of two bedside lamps do not come with bulbs but customers do not consider this a con because most prefer to get compatible dimmers and bulbs of choice separately. That said the recommended bulbs by the manufacturer for these two night stands are the incandescent, LED, halogen, or CFL light bulb.

4. Zeefo Bedside Table Lamp with USB Port and AC Outlet

Elegance can easily be found in simplicity. The Zeefo USB table lamp is a very affordable set of two that offers a lot of functional elements while remaining stylish.

Its extended top box style has a quaint appeal and blends seamlessly with various types of mainstream decor whether contemporary or vintage themes.

The lamp shade is made from two shades of grey fabric: a one lighter one that meshes with the darker fabric so that the grey is not plain but has a playful element. The design borders are plain grey defining upper and bottom hems for a nice neat contrast. And the upper part of the lampshade is attached to the black polished metal base by a metal brushed finished rod.

The partially visible on-off chain pull switch adds to the charm of the design. What makes this USB bedside lamp very unique, is the fact that not only does it have dual charging ports for speedy charging of phones, iPads and so forth, it also has two additional charging ports of alternating current (A/C).


  • Weighs about 2 pounds
  • Comes in a set of 2
  • Fabric top
  • Polished black metal base
  • 110 voltage
  • Classic contemporary design
  • Comes in two colors selection of grey or being
  • 2 inbuilt USB ports
  • 2 inbuilt A/C ports

Of the two A/C ports, one is three pronged while the other features two prongs. These ports can comfortably handle electronic appliances with a maximum of 1500 watts. Using low wattage products below 1500 watts is recommended especially when it comes to charging a laptop or tablet. This set does not come with a bulb although the recommended bulb is one below 60 watts such as the E26 base bulb. If opting for the grey colored night stand, we recommend you use a Cool White bulb (4500K-6000K) for the best lighting effect.

Customer feedback

The option to choose between two understated colors, grey or beige gave customers excellent neutral colors to work with their decor. Some decors could use a neutralizing effect and therefore grey works well. For others with neutral decors warmer color such as the beige being can help set the balance right with both daylight and ambient lighting at night. Customers also loved the overall sturdy construction of the lamp.

5. Boncoo Touch Control Bedside Nightstand Lamp with Quick USB Charging Port

For customers looking for something simple and practical, this night stand from Boncoo should be at the top of the list. The design is not only minimalistic but versatile. It can complement numerous decors such as contemporary and mid-century themes, with its extended drum which is cylindrically shaped from top to bottom with an even width across its entire length.

The TC fabric is off white while the bulb is white and naturally blends well with the surroundings colors even in daylight. A thin neat brushed metal rod joins the upper part the stable metal base. The base is, of course, equipped with a USB port for the convenient charging of phones, tablets and similar electronics.

When the bulb is on, it gives forth an ambient light that softens the mood in the room. It is an ideal lamp option for babies rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and the office or study area.

This works with 6W LED bulb which comes included with the purchase.


  • Lamp stand weighs 2.31
  • Includes flicker free Edison bulb free
  • Over all height of 16.92 inches
  • Inbuilt USB port
  • White fabric and brushed metal base
  • Three dimmable options
  • Touch dim controlled

The design is tall yet somewhat delicate with the lampshade fabric and height forming the majority of the nightstand. To a curious eye, one will notice that the often dangling pull switch is conspicuously missing in this piece. That is because the on-off switch is by tapping the lamp. This minimalistic design gives the lamp a fluid, seamless aesthetic look whether on or off.

Customer feedback

Customers found the overall height friendly design appealing and more so the three dimmable levels that suit various purposes. For instance the brightest level will work for reading while medium may be great for finishing a few chores in the room. The dim level will work for meditation or soothing baby to sleep. It is a really cool and unexpected feature that is very convenient for different family members.

6. Kakanuo Bedside Crystal Table Lamp with USB Port

There are times when a section of the house or room can use a little sprucing up by adding a visual centerpiece decor. This table lamp can help bring some modernity to such a room or space. That is largely because of the bright design and a bit of shimmer depending on how day light hits the lamp. Built with 130 pieces of K9 crystals that have been hand crafted into the table lamp, it gives off a unique, shiny metallic look.


  • Weighs about 2.3 pounds
  • Manually wired 130 pieces of K9 crystal
  • Manually welded circles
  • Inbuilt USB
  • Includes two E26 White LED Bulbs of (2700K)
  • Modern style

Other than the bulbs the table lamp comes with, one can always experiment with different colored bulbs for interesting effects. The metallic base provides adequate support and prevents any tipping over. The inbuilt USB port is on the base and so is the on-off switch.

The construction is sturdy without being too overwhelming with a balance between shine and size in the perfect ratio.

Customer feedback

Customers looking for an affordable bedside table lamp with a bit of dazzle have mentioned they love the artistry depicted by the manual aspects of the lamp that has been hand crafted. Operation is simple and when lit up it brings about an eclectic aesthetic element to a space. Some customers love the fact that they can use colored bulbs should they opt to as their kids love the lighting effect that such bulbs provides.

7. Colby Modern Desk Table Lamp with USB Port and AC Power Outlet

Colby Table lamp is a thoroughly versatile and practical unit work with different bulb types like incandescent, LED, halogen, or CFL light bulbs. It features a contemporary design that brings a clean uncluttered look to a study, office, den, night stand or the living room. The brushed nickel stand that is round and well trimmed runs all the way from a broad circular base of the same polished metal. It angles down slightly at a right angle at top at a height of 21 inches where it gets covered by a clean circular white drum shade.

This design is so seamless that one gets the impression that the drum shade is hanging on thin air. The brushed finish metal base has both the on-off switch as well as a USB port for charging low voltage electronics such as phones and Kindle readers. Further still, this is also equipped with an AC outlet.


  • Weighs five pounds
  • Brushed nickel metal finish
  • White fabric drum
  • Contemporary design
  • In built USB port and AC power outlet
  • Rocker type switch
  • Uses a single maximum 150 watt standard base bulb

Other than a brushed nickel metallic finish, this item can come in a few other finishes to match any color scheme in a given space. The other options include white nickel, antique brass and bronze.

Customer feedback

The design is clean cut, simplistic yet stylish in a modern way. Customers love the clean aesthetic look that the table lamp brings to a space. They also find it interesting how every function is well hidden or precisely placed to deliver an uncluttered look.

8. Marcel Modern Industrial Table Lamps Set of 2 with Nightlight LED and USB Port

With the tasteful design of these set of 2 modern industrial table lamps, one can’t help but want to own them right away. Perhaps that has to do with their earthy tones or the cozy feel they effortlessly bring into a room.Best Bedside Table Lamps with USB Ports

The overall height of 23 1/4 inches is slightly imposing and their base is sizeable too at 6 1/2 inches ensuring stability with little chance of toppling over. These drum shades are a light natural linen shades and are 13 1/2 inches wide across the top. Looking at them, their dimensions would go well with a farm house or a roomy home with earthy features.


  • Each weighs 4 pounds
  • Uses the standard medium base bulb of maximum of 100 watt. That is the top bulb. Not included with the purchase.
  • Two sets of bulbs of 4 watts filament bulbs for bottom bulb slot accompany the lamps
  • Built in USB port on the base of each
  • Set of 2 lamps

The design stands out in several ways one of them being that the lamp can holds two bulbs: One in the drum shade and the other near the base. The latter is helpful during the night in instances when you need some adequate illumination such as going to the bathroom.

Customer feedback

Customers love both the design and earthy tones in addition to the imposing size that adds presence in a roomy home or office. The two bulb concept is different but practical and handy in a bigger room. The fact that they come as a unique set means customers can replicate the same effect in different parts of the house.

9. Amity Modern Table Lamp with Hotel Style USB & AC Outlet

Amity table lamp is ideal for a hotel room but would also make sense in home bedroom, living room or a swanky office. The design is that of two columns attached to base. Both the base and columns have a brushed nickel metal finish and are extremely durable.

The top is a hardback shade of white linen. It features a USB port and two dimming switches as well as a three prong A/C port for charging electronics such as a laptop or phone. All these are neatly hidden in the back of the metal base.


  • Weighs 8.36 pounds
  • Brushed nickel metal finish
  • Two column design
  • Uses two bulbs
  • Inbuilt USB port
  • Inbuilt A/C port

For those who need modern practicality, neat and durable unit, this lamp choice offers that. The construction is sturdy without being overly imposing meaning the lamp is built to last.

Customer feedback

Customers love the durability of this design and the hidden ports that appear at the back of the metal base. This offers a clean look. When placed in a room it offers elegance especially because of the two column design. These nuances make it a great centerpiece lamp for a wide space.

10. Acaxin Crystal Bedside Table Lamp with Dual USB Charging Port

This table lamp by Acaxin has a beautiful contemporary yet sophisticated look. The crystals are transparent and the design gives the impression that they are suspended in air. When the bulb is on, Best Bedside Table Lamps with USB Portsthe glow of the light has a beautiful effect on the crystals and a visual warmth that permeates a whole room.


  • Weighs about 2.5 pounds
  • Drum is made of crystals
  • Bulb not included
  • Two Inbuilt USB port
  • Rocker switch
  • Brush nickel metal finish

This is a delectable option that is suitable for the kid’s room, living room or bedroom to name a few. The brushed nickel finish makes it look special and more like an ornament than a typical lamp.

Customer feedback

Customers love the stunning visual design. The lighting effect on the crystal is bring visual warmth to a space and is quite enchanting. Many customers loved this lamp for their teenage daughter’s room because it made the space look palatial.

Final Thoughts

Lamp shades are a beautiful and effective way to help set the mood of a given room. So during the day, the design and features of a table lamp accentuate the decor in the room and during the night, unique lighting in conjunction with design combine for a beautiful chemistry that makes the bedroom or sitting room look and feel cozier.

It’s practical to opt for a bedside lamp with USB port as opposed to a traditional table lamp in the bedroom. If the electronics to be charged are all chargeable via USB ports, then options are plentiful. Fewer lamp options will have a two or three pronged A/C port option but they are there as demonstrated in our review above.

Aesthetically speaking, often times the lamp chooses the owner. When one sees an agreeable design that suits a space that one has in mind, the match is settled. And you have found the best bedside table lamp with a USB port to suit your preferences.



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