BedJet V2 Review for Hot Sleepers, Night Sweats, Hot Flushes and Cold Sleepers

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BedJet V2 Climate Control System is an award-winning technology which allows you the flexibility to instantly transform your bed temperatures by controlling the temperature of your sleeping environment. Using your existing mattress, the aim of this jet connected air technology is to provide maximum comfort throughout your sleep, whether you prefer your bed temperature warm, hot, cool or cold. What’s more, BedJet V2 Climate Control System can offer this, whether you sleep alone or with a partner.

What is the BedJet V2 Climate Control System All About?

Though the finished design looks simple, the technology, inventors,and story behind this product are extraordinary! By combining a group of the best engineers, sleep doctors, medical device designers, and even an ex-NASA space suit engineer together, BedJet came up with the number one customer recommended heating and cooling product for your bed! V2 Climate Comfort System with Biorhythm Sleep Technology - Any Size Bed, Single Zone

Combining Bluetooth with controlled microprocessors, air driven climate, dampening technology against any noise produced as it runs, and a barium titanate stone customer heater, BedJet V2 Climate Control System is a fascinating and utterly successful blend of art, science, and safety.

How Does the BedJet V2 Climate Control System Work?

BedJet is an air driven climate-controlled machine that resembles a heater and sits neatly under your bed. This machine delivers and guides the perfect amount of required air through the bed to keep you warm or cold, working to your preference.

 V2 Climate Comfort System with Biorhythm Sleep Technology - Any Size Bed, Single ZoneV2 Climate Comfort System

The air delivery nozzle which runs from the machine is a nondescript piece which is attached to a tiny part of your mattress, ideally in the bottom corner of your bed. The company do state that you can experiment with many locations at the foot of the bed to find the best place for this nozzle but recommend placing it from the side of the bed near the foot board as best. The BedJet V2 Climate Control System will fit under most of all standard bed frames that have a space beneath the bed as it is 6.75 inches tall.

Said to remain neatly tucked away until you need to put it to use, when the BedJet is up and running the noise it does make is one of a more soothing background and almost white noise. It has been designed using an acoustic dampening technology which makes it a much quieter product than that of say your average bedroom fan or AC unit. Most customers don’t even register the sound their machine emits once they’ve slept with it over a few weeks.

You can use the BedJet V2 Climate Control System with your current bedding choice. The company suggests using 250 thread count quality sheets to get the best results here. However, if you prefer there is the option to purchase one of their AirComfort Cloud Sheets which are designed for this sole purpose of delivering excellent performance and dual-zone capacity.

By using the Bluetooth Sleep App, you can then control the temperature of your bed throughout your entire sleep. But, most importantly, you can discover your very own perfect sleeping temperature by using this product. The app also features include auto-shutoff timers and a wake up alarm, so really this product has thought of everything!

Who Benefits from BedJet Climate Control System?

There are no limitations on who can benefit from using the BedJet technology – quite simply anyone can use it to achieve that most perfect night’s sleep! However, there are certain people who would most likely benefit more from this product.

1. People who suffer from night sweats and hot flushes-hot sleepers

If you find that you suffer from debilitating night sweats or hot flushes and can’t remember the last time you slept all the way comfortably through the night, BedJet V2 Climate Control System will provide you with instant relief.

BedJet V2 Review

It can effectively eliminate all body moisture and sweat from your mattress which usually gets trapped and unable to circulate. This means a dryer and much more comforting night’s sleep as a result.

2. Cold sleepers

You may be one of those sleepers who gets very cold during the night, no matter how well wrapped up in duvets and blankets you shroud yourself in beforehand!

BedJet  V2 Climate Control System can combat you waking throughout the night shivering by offering the option to bring your bed to as high as a sauna heat level in a matter of seconds. Therefore, gone are the days of cold feet!

3. Couples with different sleeping temperature needs

BedJet V2 Reviews

Most impressive though has to be BedJets’ Dual Zone cooling and warming specifically for couples. Though sharing a bed together is believed to keep you connected as a couple, many an argument and relationship problem can rear its head when sleeping becomes a problem here. With each one of us having different sleep temperature needs, it can be extremely problematic when one partner feels the cold, and the other craves for a more cooling bed!

BedJet’s Dual Temperature Zone works to combat this by offering a Dual Zone BedJet V2 Climate Control System, as well. This allows each partner their very own remote control for their very own side of the bed. They can then independently warm or cool their side to reach their desired temperature each and every time, regardless of what their partner chooses.

So, you could have a bed that is sauna level on one side and nearing artic temperatures on the other. Either way, you’ll have one happy couple indeed!

What Else Do BedJet Offer?

Alongside offering the ingenious technology of the climate control system and dual-zone climate control system, BedJet also sells a couple of other accessories which perfectly complement both of these products.

1. BedJet’s Air Comfort Cloud Sheet Accessory

Their most popular additional accessory has to be their Air Comfort Cloud Sheet. This only works with the BedJet as it is designed solely with the intention of increasing the performance customers can derive from the machines. BedJet V2 Reviews

Once again, designed and manufactured by those same intelligent people who made the BedJet machines, this sheet type is a 100% cotton temperature layer, feels luxuriously soft to the touch and is thoroughly performance engineered.

Referred to as a heating and cooling sheet, it works to distribute warm or cooling air gently into the bed. Its specially designed interior flow hollow cavities encourage the success of the even distribution around the BedJet as the nozzle is plugged in.

The company themselves take pride in the overall feel of this temperature regulating sheet which they, and many satisfied customers believe, equates to a quality feeling of a five-star hotel’s bed linen.

Available in five impressive sizes, including three in the single zone of Twin XL, Queen and King and two in the Dual Zone of Queen and King, these cloud sheets can entirely replace your normal beddings top sheet. Because they aren’t electric blankets, they can also be washed like your standard sheets time and time again for added comfort.

2. BedJet’s Vertical Mount Stand

To make the process of storing your BedJet under your bed simpler, the company has designed a vertical mount stand which allows the machine to sit in its most natural position. This means it can  Vertical Mount BedJet Standwork and offer its best performance while resting securely.

Users can then place their BedJet V2 Climate Control System tucked up at the side or foot of their bed in the knowledge that it will be safe and kept out of harm’s way. This is perhaps a better solution for when you find yourself getting up in the middle of the night and scrambling around in the dark, as you won’t be bumping into it every time!

3. BedJet’s Air Hose Extension

Finally, customers who struggle to get the perfect positioning for their BedJet device, perhaps due to problems reaching a power outlet, can purchase an air hose extension for their machine.

This allows you to solve the problem instantly as it can be connected to your existing hose to offer Air Hose Extension an astounding eight feet in total, meaning you don’t have to worry too much about where you place your BedJet.

Similar in makeup to the air hose that is already supplied with the BedJet device purchase, it also offers a unique snap coupling which means attaching it to your current air hose is quick and straightforward and doesn’t require any tools for the job.

What Consumers Have to say About the BedJet Climate Control System

From the reviews on Amazon, it’s very much obvious that the majority of of users, think that this device is worth every penny. By filtering out words like “night sweats” and “hot flushes”, most of the users report seeing a very significant improvement with their quality of sleep, saying that they can now sleep much better, all thanks to this device!

So it’s safe to say, Bedjet V2 Climate Control System comes highly recommended. It delivers what it promises.

You can read more consumers here.

Final Thoughts on the BedJet Climate Control System

It’s easy to see why there’s so much talk and accolade for the BedJet. The company has come up with a possible solution to end the many problems, so many of us struggle with as we sleep, including hot flushes, night sweats and hikes in body temperature, as well as those who find they get colder during the night.

If you’ve found yourself struggling for a while now to find that perfect bedding to counteract your fluctuating body temperature as you sleep, you’ll no doubt be wondering if there’s ever going to come a time whereby you get that perfect night’s sleep? This for most would mean remaining asleep for the time you close your eyes to the time the alarm goes off in the morning!

The impressive Dual Zone BedJet V2 Climate Control System is not only a product that highlights just how well this technology is designed but could, in fact, be a lifesaver for many a relationship and marriage all over! The company has undoubtedly considered that one person in a relationship suffering from body temperature fluctuations throughout the night makes it difficult for both partners to sleep.  Whereas catering to such a partnership has been almost impossible before, the BedJet seems to have offered an instant practical solution that you just can’t obtain elsewhere.

Let’s summarize the whole story above for you?

Benefits of BedJet V2 Climate Control System

  1. It is the perfect solution for hot sleepers, night sweats, hot flashes and cold sleepers.
  2. If you have difficulty sleeping or sleeping all through the night due to any of the above reasons, then this device will allow you to go to sleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up more refreshed and relaxed.
  3. The dual zone temperature zone suitable for couples with different temperature needs allows for independent cooling or warming of each half of the bed.
  4. You stay cool, dry and comfortable all night no matter the season through efficient drawing away of body heat and moisture out of the bed by the Climate Control System.
  5. BedJet V2 Climate Control System is a better alternative to electric blankets because no electricity wires will be anywhere near you. All the electricity is kept outside of the bed.
  6. You get almost instant results with it as it operates at 15 times faster than the speed of any electric blanket and electric mattress pads in the market.
  7. You don’t have to worry about a “Dutch Oven” situation in your bed as the BedJet V2 will circulate out the smells very quickly once you lift the bedding up. In addition…
  8. BedJet V2 comes complete with an essential oil Aromatherapy diffuser kit. You can add your preferred essential oil scents to to mitigate the smell of farts and best of all, you get therapeutic sooths and scented with aromatherapy bedding every time your Bedjet is running.
  9. Cost effective when you look at the cost of just heating your bed as opposed to the whole bedroom.
  10. Can be integrated with smart phones which also allows you the benefit of auto-off timers and an alarm clock, not to mention you are able to keep track of your sleep cycle and temperature needs.
  11. Can be used with your own sheets or combined with their  Air Comforter sheets for optimal performance.
  12. They have a 30 Amazon return policy guarantee if you don’t like it.
  13. Easy to set up.


  • Can be considered pricey.

Ultimately, the BedJet V2 Climate Control System offers hope where many other products claiming to relieve such symptoms have regularly failed time and time again. Though quite a hefty investment for many people, when you weigh up the pros and cons and take a closer look at the specifics of just what this innovative technology could do for you, you may just agree that continued peace of mind as you sleep is one expense well worth paying for.

Check out the installation video below:



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