2021 Beautiful Spiral Rain Drop Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Lights

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There are loads of options when it comes to decorative lighting. But few can come close to exuding the glamour of chandelier lighting fixtures. A spiral raindrop crystal chandelier ceiling light is exceptional in design, aesthetics and function. This type of lighting can offer an incredibly creative artistic element that is sure to take your décor to a whole new level.

Rain-like sunshine is an aspect of nature that has always been captivating. Chandeliers are creations that are able to capture the beauty of rain but in art form. They do so by replicating the look of rain drops and translucence of water. In a Spiral Crystal Chandelier the essence of raindrops is captured magnificently as if frozen in time and space.

One thing, decide on the type of crystals you want in your chandelier and distinguish between the two types; Authentic crystals which offer high quality sparkle and clarity versus acrylic crystal which are basically knockoffs.

If Spiral raindrop crystal chandelier ceiling lights are lighting options that you are   considering for sprucing up your space, then check out these detailed reviews on some of the most stunning and functional options available for purchase online.

  1. Saint Mossi Modern K9 Crystal Spiral Raindrop Chandelier Lighting

The Saint Mossi Modern K9 Crystals Spiral Raindrop Chandelier Lighting is an exquisite piece that will instantly inject class and glamour to your space.

The spiral shape presents a sophisticated design and an imposing height that immaculately descends to cover a height of 71 inches. While the unit has adequate girth at a depth of 24 inches, it generally appears light and proportionate.

The impeccable detailing that is in the design is attention grabbing and keeps your guests fixated on the lighting, shape and artistry of this fixture. Quite the statement piece!!

The components used in this unit are top quality and are part of what makes this unit functional and durable. These include the electrical components such as electricity wires and light sockets. This chandelier combines pendant wires and numerous rain drop crystal shapes and sizes. All the crystals in this unit are the real K9 of top notch quality and not acrylic.

When the shimmer of the crystals combines with the 7 x GU10 bulbs that the unit can accommodate, the results are simply stunning with the ability to enliven any space.

This chandelier still looks incredible and glistens even during the day. This is what makes it such an ideal piece to install in the living room, bedroom, hallways and stairways. It also looks amazing when used repetitively in hotels, restaurant and offices.

Because the unit comes with a load of crystals and a few other components, assembly can be bit tedious and requires a generous amount of patience. But once through with assembling the crystals on this spiral chandelier, the rest of the installation is fairly easy and quick.

The circular steel plate that attaches to the ceiling is also responsible for holding the seven GU10 downward lights that pour light on the spiraling shape laden with crystals.

To prevent the steel plate from scratching and preserve the mirror-effect on the chrome surface of the ceiling. That part comes packaged with a layer of white PE film which can be removed to reveal the shiny actual surface of the plate.

A Comprehensive instructional guide for assembling the unit is included with the unit.


  • Unit dimensions: 71”H x 24”D.
  • The unit weighs 36 pounds but is neatly and safely secured to the ceiling through a circular steel plate.
  • The design is a gorgeous spiraling design that is eye catching both during the day and at night
  • Lighting fixture is made of authentic K9 raindrop crystals which explains the high quality of shimmer that comes from this chandelier
  • Mirror like shine on the steel plate has a clean chrome finish.
  • The unit utilizes 7 x GU10 bulbs but can also use other compatible LED bulbs of choice

Customer feedback

Users who bought this unit shared that this spiraling chandelier is a stunning work of art and had an immediate transformative effect on their spaces. Most of the customer mentioned that they like the fact that this unit looks gorgeous during the day with no light and incredibly beautiful at night when the lights are on. According to many customers this is the unit to buy if you are looking to make an impression in your home décor with a striking lighting fixture.

  1. Sefinn Four Flush Mount LED Spiral  Rain Drop Crystal Chandelier

Lighting is often a key feature in harmonizing other decorative elements in the home. Lighting fixtures can be conventional or creative and sophisticated as is the case with this unit.

The Sefinn  Four Spiral Sphere Rain Drop Crystal Chandelier, would be a welcomed addition to any space that is looking to infuse an elegance that will complement most decors.

The shape, size and design is so unconventional yet manages to deliver delectable play with lighting while complementing other decorative elements such as walls, floors, colors, ceiling and so forth.

This unit’s design comes in the form of an S shape with 3 massive balls and pendants wires which add contrast while holding some of the crystals.

The height of this spiraling chandelier is a delectable 78”.

The unit is installed flush to the ceiling with the help of a steel plate that is chrome polished for an impressive shine and neat finish. The steel circular plate has a sizeable diameter of 23.6” and also acts the lamp holder for the entire unit.

Admittedly, this unit has a lot of component to assemble such as several shaped authentic K9 crystals as well as pendant wires. The pendants are numbered for easier assembly and sequencing.

These high quality crystals effectively reflect light thanks to their authentic translucent feature.

Having a vaulted ceiling or a flat high ceiling profile gives a space an air of opulence. However, it often presents a challenge in getting the right sized lighting fixtures. This unit is a perfect fit for such spaces because it’s artistic but most importantly, it has an impressive height.

While this unit looks amazing when installed on a vaulted ceiling, it will also look great in a staircase landing as well. Further still, this fixture can also be installed in offices, restaurants, hotels as well as living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways in residences with a higher ceiling profile.

Comes with an instructional guide for assembling the unit.


  • Dimensions of this unit are: 78”H x 23.6” diameter.
  • The unit weighs about 42 pounds, and uses the steel plate attached to the ceiling to safely accommodate that weight.
  • The S shaped design with 3 big balls suspends in the middle of the unit surrounded by pendant wires.
  • Made from highly translucent and very reflective K9 crystals
  • Utilizes 9 compatible LED downward lighting bulbs
  • The installation is a flush mount made possible by the round steel plate and all the Crystals require assembly

Customer feedback

Customers mentioned the instructional guide was helpful but still the assembly of the crystals does take a decent amount of time. They shared that the unit looks amazing on a stairway, owing to the high ceiling nature of a staircase. It is said to be very elegant and breathtaking when seen from all angles at the entrance. Overall, users who installed this unit in residences and commercial establishments such as restaurants heaped praises on its beauty and function.

3. Dst Double Spiral Crystal Chandelier Lighting

This unit forms a double spiral that starts all the way from the glistening steel plate used for attaching the chandelier to the ceiling and winds all the way down to a length of 73”.

The whole feel of rain is established through beautiful contrast brought out by authentic K9 crystals that differ in size. Most of the pendant wires are adorned with smaller versions of crystal while the double spiral is lined with larger balls of crystal.

Sections of the flowing pendant wires installed close to each other are visible and work in tandem with the staggered arrangement of 140 crystals both big and small to form the feel and look of rain.

Why this spiraling chandelier is a piece of art, is because natural light brings the whole fixture to life as it makes it sparkle in different hues.

The units steel base plate houses 7 x GU10 LED bulbs that illuminate the whole fixture from top to bottom.

This fixture comes with an instructional guide for assembling the unit.


  • Dimensions of this unit are: 78” H x 20” diameter. This unit is ideal for high profile ceilings
  • The double shaped spiral design in this unit is beautiful and does capture the essence of rain
  • The design comprises of highly translucent and very reflective K9 crystals of varying sizes attached to pendant wires. The result is a captivating contrast of light and crystal
  • The unit utilizes 7 x GU10 bulbs attached to the round stainless steel plate
  • The installation is flush mounted to the ceiling via a round steel plate

Customer feedback

Customers who settled for this unit were on the hunt for a chandelier that will deliver a commanding and playful presence in the home. Users said that with this unit, they were not disappointed. They shared that every visitor who enters their home cannot miss the imposing beautiful presence of this chandelier. This double spiral chandelier sparkles from all angles, is a beautiful addition to any décor and is the perfect conversation starter.

  1. 7PM Modern Contemporary Spiral Round Rain Drop K9 Crystal Chandelier Light Fixture

High ceilings are no doubt gorgeous. Their beauty can be accentuated by complementing their appeal by incorporating a mega sized chandelier with a beautiful pattern, lighting and brilliance.

This massive spiral chandelier ticks of all those boxes.

The design pattern is breathtaking with a mixture of spheres, spirals and canopies arranged in tiers and flowing elegantly. The pendant wires surround the unit handsomely creating a contrasting effect.

The round stainless steel polished plate does an immaculate job of holding fast the entire weight of this unit to the ceiling, while at the same time accommodating 13 x GU10 bulbs that are responsible for illuminating the chandelier with a glorious lighting effect.


  • Dimensions of this unit are: 94” H x 32” diameter. This unit will work great with high profile ceilings
  • The design has several tiers and incorporates spheres, spiral and canopy for an a delectable pattern
  • This fixture is made from top notch reflective K9 crystals of varying sizes attached to pendant wires to form a scintillating contrast
  • The unit utilizes 13 x GU10 bulbs attached to the round stainless steel plate
  • This fixture Comes with an instructional guide for assembling the unit
  • The installation is flush mounted to the ceiling via a round steel plate. The complexion of the polished steel plate does add to the playful contrast as the chandelier interacts with various forms of light

Customer feedback

Users who bought this item mentioned that it was an excellent fit for high ceiling spaces in the home such as foyers, stairways, entryways and all manner of lobbies. According to a several of buyers, homes and establishments that have high ceilings can effectively bring out the best out of such spaces by dressing their ceiling with this fixture. It simply compounds the wow factor.

  1. Linght Modern Chandelier Rain Drop

For those who have a high ceiling area in the home, you should seriously consider dressing it up with this fixture.

Stairways are often missed opportunities in creating some impressive decorative features in homes. The configuration of most staircases will invariably have a high ceiling on the landing. While the height of varied landings may differ, those that have a higher ceiling profile will certainly benefit from this spiral chandelier.

Entry ways that have a vaulted ceiling will look even more fantastic by incorporating this dazzling fixture.

The unit has an elaborate S shaped design that comprises of a series of smaller balls all along the S shape. They spiraling around a vertical with 3 spaced out massive balls. The height of the unit is impressive at an astounding 110” with a diameter of 31.5”.

The design is captivating to say the least while the size lavishly and invitingly dominates a high space that would otherwise be void and bare.

Comes complete with an instructional guide for assembling the unit


  • Dimensions of this unit are: 110” H x 31.5” diameter. This is ideal or high profile ceilings
  • The S shaped design in this unit is exquisite with 3 big balls as well as a series of smaller ones.
  • Made from highly translucent and very reflective K9 crystals of varying sizes creating beautiful contrasts
  • The unit utilizes 13 GU10 bulbs attached to the round stainless steel plate
  • The installation is flush mount and is made possible by the round steel plate that attaches to the ceiling and holds all the pendant wires in addition to the crystals

Customer feedback

Customers who bought this unit mentioned that they got value for money. Most of them were looking for an option that would work with a higher ceiling in the home. A customer shared that he installed this unit in a duplex foyer entrance and the outcome was awesome. Whether day or night, this unit is said to do a great job of setting a nice opulent tone for anyone entering the house.

Customers also said this spiral chandelier is suitable for use with compatible dimmers and electronic switches. It offers beautiful artistic qualities and can also serve as a mood setter when used with dimmer bulbs in a residence, hotel lobby, company reception and other such like places.

  1. Saint Mossi Modern Spiral Raindrop Chandelier Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light Fixture

Saint Mossi is one of the most reputed brands in creating chandelier lighting fixtures. Where this brand is concerned, the issue of quality is a foregone conclusion. This particular modern spiral chandelier is mounted flush to the ceiling with the help of a well-designed steel plate with a shiny chrome finish that holds the entire unit securely in place.

The design has a clean glossy look. The spiraling look is endearing.

It combines larger sized crystal balls that are impeccably clean and translucent reminiscent of clear clean water. This effect is as a result of real premium glass crystals. The high sparkle and the clarity of these crystals contrast well with the shiny steel plate that holds the unit in place.

The pendant wires that are lined with smaller rain drop crystals add an elegant twist to the design. With natural daylight flowing into a space, the interaction with this unit brings a refreshing and inviting feel to your existing decor.

This fixture has moderate dimensions that can work with average height ceilings. The assembled height of 40” will work well with spaces such dining areas, kitchen islands, hallways and entry ways.

A width of 16” at the widest section is proportionate and slowly shrinks as the spiral descends for a neat and minimalist finish.

The base steel plate holds 5 x GU10 bulbs. The downlights when turned on illuminate the pendants and crystals for a beautiful sparkle effect.

An instructional guide for assembling the unit comes included.


  • Dimensions of this unit are: 40”H x 16” W which is great for most average size roofs
  • The S shaped design in this unit is simple yet gorgeous with larger ball crystals lining the spiral. It also has a series of pendant wires lined with smaller crystals to form good contrast.
  • Made from very clear and highly reflective glass crystals of varied sizes which creates a sparkly effect when hit by natural or LED light
  • The unit utilizes 5 GU10 bulbs attached to the round stainless steel plate

Customer feedback

Users who used this decorative and lighting fixture in their homes mentioned that it looks amazing in entryways and hallways as well as living rooms and bedroom. Customers appreciated the fact that although the design is spiraling, this unit is usable with average ceiling heights. According to customers this is a good fit when on a budget and looking for a good quality and impressive crystal chandelier. The glass crystal delivers a clean shimmering look that will complement the rest of your decor.

7.  7PM Lighting  Staircase 2 Spiral Rain Drop Clear Crystal Chandelier Light

This Staircase 2 Spiral Rain Drop Clear Crystal Chandelier Light is quite a show stopper.

One spiral is stunning enough in a chandelier, 2 spirals are not an over kill but offer even more beauty, contrast and elegance.

Naturally, the design means that the fixture has a longer height of 98.4” inches. In the center of the unit are 3 large sized crystal balls surrounded by the spirals for a gorgeous contrast.

The steel plate base anchors the unit to the ceiling and at the same time serves as a lamp holder for 9 x GU10.

The unit is indeed a sight to behold when the light hits the pendant wires, crystals and the 2 spirals.

Because of that, it needs to be installed  in a section of the home  where it is in full display from all angles in order to maximize and fully exploit the sheer beauty of the design.

The other places that this 2 spiral chandelier fits well, is in elegant retail shops, restaurant entry ways and museums. In such settings the fixture can hang high or low to almost floor level. Such that visitors can be mesmerized by the sheer beauty, fineness and creativity as they browse painting on shelves of a museum or an art shop.

Hotels, office and apartment lobbies tend to look bare, but with such a fixture dressing a ceiling, the lobby or reception area will look lively, warm and exciting with a touch of class.

Instructional guide for assembling the unit is included.


  • This unit has a commanding size with dimensions of 98.4″H x 25.6″W. Perfect dimensions for high ceiling types.
  • The spiral design is breath taking and comprises of 3 spheres that sparkles from every angle.
  • Uses a polished stainless steel ceiling canopy for anchorage
  • The unit uses 9x GU10 Bulbs. It is worth noting that this fixture can be used with fully dimmable bulbs and a compatible dimmer switch but to be bought separately.

Customer feedback

Customers who installed this lighting option shared that it does an excellent job of decorating a space while at the same time providing beautiful lighting. Some users enlisted the help of an electrician to install the base plate and went ahead to assemble the crystals themselves. Others were able to do everything themselves with the help of the assembly instruction guide and customer service.

The instructions are clear and straightforward. Customers advice that plenty of patience is required in assembling the K9 crystal pieces. Overall, this is a fantastic unit when looking for a fixture that is breathtaking, elegant and has a commanding presence.

8.  Moooni Large Spiral Crystal Chandelier Flush Mount Ceiling Light

High Ceilings are extremely beautiful but they can often seem bare if not decorated minimally in order to preserve their air of space. This is another artistic lighting fixture that would do a great job of filling up the space without seeming obtrusive.

Moooni is a reputable brand when it comes to chandeliers of all kinds. They have however, outdone themselves with this almost oversized chandelier that is perfect for high spaces.

This spiraling crystal chandelier comes with a beautiful sparkling effect and has an imposing height of a whopping 98” which works great with high ceilings. Such spaces can include high ceiling stairways or a vaulted ceiling in a storied home as well as offices and hotel lobbies.

This unit woks well in such spaces because high ceilings can accommodate the height of the unit while allowing for more than adequate clearance for head space.

While the unit has an imposing height, it’s well-proportioned for a spiraling effect with a depth of 31.5”. The fixture is flush mounted with the help of a stainless steel plate that is attached to the ceiling and securely holds the rest of the unit in place.

Complete with an instructional manual for easier assembly, unit is S shaped and comprises of pendant wires and top notch quality raindrop K9 crystals.


  • The dimensions for this unit are: 98”H x 31.5” diameter which makes this fixture ideal for higher ceiling profiles
  • The design on the Moooni lighting unit is S shaped with plenty of pendant wires
  • Crystals on this fixture are 100% genuine K9 crystals. The quality of the crystals is evident in the sparkle and dazzle when hit by natural light during the day as well as when the chandelier’s downward lighting comes on
  • The unit is flush mounted using a circular stainless steel plate that accommodates the lighting as well as serves to hold the weight for the entire fixture
  • Lighting bulbs required in this unit are 13x GU10 bulbs. If you fancy dimmable bulbs, this fixture can be dimmable provided you install a compatible dimmer switch and use dimmable GU10 bulbs

Customer feedback

Customers who got this unit shared that the assembly of the crystals was not as harrowing as they had thought. Hanging the unit to the ceilings is not that easy though becaue of it size. Reading the assembly manual first is a good idea as it will save you time and spare you unnecessary headache. But once finished, they loved the results. The unit is simply gorgeous.

This is a great option when you have a high ceiling and are looking to accentuate part of that space with an imposing decorative feature that also has a lighting function. It ensures that the space looks spectacular during the day with natural light and sparkles at night with LED bulbs.

9. Siljoy Modern Spiral Staircase Chandelier

This Modern Spiral Staircase Chandelier by Siljoy, has a minimalist look and feel that delivers a great look and lighting for staircase area.

While most S designs would tend to be in the center, this unit brings out a unique minimal design aesthetic because it starts from one end and cascades.

The unit is flush mounted via a chrome finished steel plate. The same plate is responsible for holding 10 x GU10 LED bulbs and pendant wires that only run halfway the height of the unit. This construction and design method is what gives this spiral unit a minimalist look.

The unit is made from quality K9 crystals which are transparent and highly reflective both with daylight and LED lights.

Ideally, this unit will work well on higher ceiling areas of the home such the staircase landing and high roofed entryways.

For as long as there is sufficient ceiling height, it can also work on a dining table or hallway.

The lighting fixture comes with an assembly instruction guide


  • The dimensions of this unit are 100”H x 32″W
  • Minimalist S shaped design raindrop chandelier ideal for staircase and foyer
  • Polished chrome finish ceiling base is mounted flush to the ceiling
  • This unit is constructed from quality K9 crystals and pendant wires
  • The fixture utilizes 10x GU10 bulbs for downward lighting

Customer feedback

Customers loved this unit because the spiral chandelier lends a special atmosphere anywhere it is placed. Because of its length, most users installed it on the stairway or vaulted roof. Users also mentioned that they loved the way the morning natural light interacts with the crystals resulting in textured light of varied colors across surrounding walls and floors. Users appreciated that installation was straightforward but took some time to assemble the crystals.

10.  7PM Staircase Round Spiral Rain Drop

The elegant design of this unit is even more beautiful when one sees it fully assembled. While the fixture provides exciting lighting, it is the unique design and stellar craftsmanship that truly makes it a piece of art.

The entire unit is held securely to the ceiling by a steel metal base plate. The plate is well polished for a glistening look that makes for good contrast with the shimmer of the crystals in daylight as well as with the LED lights when on.

The design is endearing with pendant wires encircling a central column all made of smaller crystals. These are then surrounded by larger quality K9 crystals that form the shape of a larger helix that terminates into a smaller helix. The result is delightful timeless design that will not only wow you but your visitors and guests whenever you entertain.

The unit has an imposing presence with a height of 100”.

This unit will work great in a foyer, stairway, hallway, lobbies as well as entryways of residences, hotels and offices.

This unit comes with an assembly instruction guide.


  • The dimensions of this unit are 100”H x 32″W
  • Gorgeous spiral shape design with imposing size ideal for staircase, foyer and reception areas
  • Polished stainless steel canopy is mounted flush to the ceiling
  • This unit is constructed from quality K9 crystals of varied sizes and pendant wires for breathtaking contrast and light play
  • The fixture utilizes 12 x GU10 bulbs for beautiful downward lighting

Customer feedback

Users of this unit shared that it offers absolute value for money. Some of them emphasized that pictures of the unit do not do justice to the elegance and beauty possessed by the unit. Several users who have a higher ceiling shared that this was an excellent feature for their home while for others this unit works great for stairways and foyers.

Overall, those who bought this mentioned that they would not hesitate to recommend this lighting fixture for high profile ceilings. This unit’s design instantly injects elegance and brings a warm appeal to any space. It easily blends with the rest of the décor.

11.  Saint Mossi Modern K9 Crystal Swirl Design Raindrop Chandelier Lighting

If you are in love with the spiral chandelier design but your roof is of average height, you may want to consider this Modern K9 Crystal Swirl Design Rainbow Chandelier. That’s because the height of the unit is moderate at 58” with a beautiful design with plenty of sparkle.

The unit is secured to the ceiling with the help of a well-polished steel plate that houses 7x GU10 bulbs that pour light on the spiraling crystal design below for beautiful light effect.

For homes that are looking to inject a good dose of sparkle into their space, this unit gets the job done with ease. That’s because the spiral is in the form of a thicker band as opposed to a strand. The wide band or ribbon-like spiral can hold loads of crystals therefore offering more glitter.

The broader ribbon like swirl gives the impression that the unit is bigger than it actually is. This is notable point works great for ceilings and spaces that are not overly high nor to expansive.

Both daylight and LED light will accentuate the sparkle of the unit so that your space looks amazing both during the day and at night.

Unit comes with an assembly instruction guide.


  • The dimensions of this unit are 58”Hx 20″W. This moderate size will work with most ceilings
  • Gorgeous swirling shape design with broader surfaces that takes on more crystals and thus create more glitter and sparkle
  • Polished stainless steel canopy is mounted flush to the ceiling and acts as the lamp holder
  • This unit is constructed from quality K9 crystals of varied sizes and shades as well as pendant wires for breathtaking contrast and light play
  • The fixture utilizes 7 x GU10 bulbs for beautiful downward lighting

Customer feedback

Users who bought this unit mentioned that it injects a festive vibe into a space. The design looks like a film reel and the star shaped crystals add to that cheerful festive vibe. Customers loved this chandelier because it’s has the perfect design and lighting effect to welcome you or your visitors home.

12.  7PM Lighting Modern Contemporary Crystal Chandelier Luxury Large Double Spiral Rain Drop light

For residences with a lot of room as well as relatively high ceiling, the design of this unit allows it to be installed pretty much anywhere in the home provided there is enough clearance for head space. It looks great in an entryway, hallway, stairway as well as a lobby area. Bar and restaurant decors can also benefit from this sparkling decorative and lighting fixture.

The design involves a double spiral with larger rain drop crystals, pendant wires that are adorned with smaller crystals of varied sizes for contrast.

The unit has an imposing look and a commanding presence with a height of 140”. At the widest point the unit is 40” inches wide and shrinks proportionately as it descends.

If you like this option but have a home that has a lower ceiling but a high ceiling stairway, this unit will look marvelous on your stairway.

Assembly instruction guide included.


  • The dimensions of this unit are 140”H x 40″W. This imposing size will work best with high ceilings
  • Beautiful double spiral shape with plenty of glitter and sparkle
  • Polished stainless steel canopy is mounted flush to the ceiling and serves as the lamp holder
  • This unit is constructed from quality K9 crystals of varied sizes as well as pendant wires for amazing contrast and light play
  • The fixture utilizes 16 x GU10 bulbs for beautiful downward lighting

Customer feedback

Customers who opted to buy this unit mentioned that it looks amazing and complemented the rest of the décor very well. Given the size of the unit and the amount of pendant wires, it may take a bit of time to assemble. The instruction guide is helpful and the outcome is well worth it.


There are many crystal chandelier designs in the market. If you are looking for something special with a unique design, then a spiral chandelier may be what you need to add some fabulous glam to your space. The beauty of such chandeliers is that you can choose options that work with tall ceilings or smaller sizes that will comply with averaged sized ceilings. What you can be sure of, is a remarkable atmosphere that this sort of decorative lighting infuses in your home.




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