14 Beautiful Marble Bedding Sets You’ll Love

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Table of Contents

Marble bedding sets can help add a curious and simple elegant touch of class to your bedroom space.

When come across idling on the ground, there often is not much to think about marble. After all, it’s just a plain old rock! And probably worth nothing. But when you think about polished marble, that perception changes, why? Well, in part it is because marble has been used in construction facades the world over owing to it’s natural beauty.

Throughout ancient architecture the beauty and magnificence of marble has been displayed on iconic sculptures by house hold names such as Michael Angelo the artist and in architecture on ancient Greek temples as well as the interior of castles and palaces.

In the present day, you can enjoy the beauty of marble right in the comfort of your on in areas such as the kitchen, floors and table tops. But your bed is not left out thanks to modern printing technology and excellent fabrics that make it possible to conjure the look of marble on comforters and sheets.

In this post, we bring you a host of marble bedding sets that you will love.

1. Pop Shop Marble Comforter Set

The Pop Shop Marble Comforter set is made from brushed polyester for guaranteed durability and color fastness.
Pop Shop Marble Comforter Set
It’s worth noting that the unit is stuffed with a whole poly-fill for a light but comfortable cushioned look that is pleasant to touch and to lie on or cover yourself with.

The gorgeous marble prints occur in streaks of light and dark grey amid a white background.

The cover also has some splashes of gold for added contrast. The hems are neat and well-constructed to enhance durability.

  • Twin size and 2 piece set
  • Set includes reversible comforter and pillow case with flange
  • Comes in marble pattern and a baby pink reverse

2. Wellboo Black Marble Comforter Set

The Wellboo White Marble Comforter Set presents a simple yet elegant look.
Marble Bedding Sets
The black background that is peppered with streaks or random white is reminiscent of a well-polished marble slab.

For those who prefer cotton for its lived in look, you will love the contrast but also the general texture of this bedding set.

Cotton is a great shell material for those who love to sleep cool. That’s because of its general absorbent nature. The moderate fill of poly-fiber ensures a decent weight for all year round use.

  • Sizes include Twin/Full/Queen/ King
  • Set includes reversible comforter and pillow case with flange
  • Exquisite marble pattern and numerous color options to choose from

3.  Bedsure Comforter Bedding Sets

The Bedsure Comforter Set has an excellent print that brings forth the unmistakable beauty of marble.Bedsure white marble bedding set

The white background is dotted with patterns of light grey and black random streaks. The comforter is predominantly white but with enough black and grey markings to bring out the gorgeous look and sheen of marble.

The shell material used for this set is microfiber which accentuates the shimmering look.

The moderate filling is tight stitched to ensure that there is no clumping and it remains evenly spread for the lifetime of the bedspread for utmost comfort

  • 3 piece set is available in Twin/Queen/King
  • Set comprises of a comforter and 2 matching pillow cases
  • Comes in two color options; black/white

4. Blessliving 3 Piece Comforter Set

The Blessliving 3 piece comforter’s print is created using the latest 3D fabric printing technology.Blessliving 3 Piece marble Comforter Set

You’ll love how the colors fade and mesh seamlessly into each other. For instance in this design, the colors on the shell of the fabric might start from one corner as teal then effortlessly fade into a light blue to become purple as it approaches the center and then to varied shades of pink and lastly a dash of orange at the end of the far corner.

This design and color scheming is inspired by marble’s free spirited and exquisite way of forming patterns with a myriad colors and amazing patterns.

The shell is made from high quality polyester microfiber whose lustrous sheen and softness adds to the charming vibe of the unit.

The quilting also has a floral shape which brings out a gorgeous textured look. The filling is moderate and held in place by the quilting.

  • The 3 piece set comes in Twin/Twin XL/ Full/Queen/King
  • This features a comforter and 2 matching flanged pillow cases
  • Comes in several color combinations

5. Erosebridal Pink Marble Bedding Set

There is something awfully feminine about pink which is also considered a romantic color. That’s why its the perfect color for those looking to add or accentuate a feminine feel to their bedroom space.Pink Marble Bedding Set

This pink Marble Bedding Set by Erosebridal offers you a gorgeous marble vibe with generous dashes of pink.

The comforter is well-constructed with tight stitching on the smooth microfiber shell.

The unit has a generous cushioning for a plush feel, thanks to a poly-fiber fill. With such a beautiful color, your hope is it stays that way for the long haul.

With unit that is the least of your worries because the colors do not fade and the microfiber material is resilient even under frequent washes.

  • 3 piece set is available in several sizes such as; Twin/Full/Queen/King
  • Comes with a comforter and 2 shams with flanges
  • Has a reversible side with solid pink. Has numerous other color combinations to choose from

6. Jumeey Black Marble Comforter Set

The Jumeey Black Comforter Set leans towards a darker side with portions that are jet black, dark grey and white.Black Marble Comforter Set

While the underlying print is marble, the design features geometric triangular patterns formed by gold lines. It is this triangular space that gives the design spaces to mix and match the above mentioned colors.

The design has a play full and edgy vibe that both adults and teenagers will love. The set is durable with beautiful soft shell texture made from 100% pure cotton. The fill of the unit is lightweight and superior as it made from whole microfiber fill.

If durability, breathability and softness are attributes that you want in a comforter, this unit has those traits in abundance.

  • You can choose this 3 piece set from Twin/Full/Queen/King sizes
  • Set is accompanied with a comforter and 2 flanged shams
  • The unit also comes in other patterns and colors

7. A Nice Night Marble Printed Bedding Set

This unit is indeed A Nice Marble Printed Bedding Set that delivers on Ultra-softness.Beautiful Marble Printed Bedding Set

That’s owed to the high quality polyester microfiber material used for the shell. Marble often has complex yet beautiful patterns that are unique. This print takes advantage of the randomness of pattern formation and combines that with a series of colors such as different shades of blue, teal, gold, brown and white to come up with a delectable mix that is both striking and appealing.

Microfiber is the best shell material in this case because of it’s longevity and color fastness which translates to you enjoying the aesthetic and luxury of this set for a long time to come.

  • Available as a 3 piece set in Twin/Queen
  • Set comes with a comforter and 2 flanged shams
  • Same design and pattern can come in blue, purple or grey

8. Mildry Marble Duvet Cover Set

Over and above the aesthetic beauty of this Duvet Cover Set, customers will appreciate its high utility design because it can also be used in the reverse.Marble Duvet Cover Set 

The cotton shell of the unit has a neat construction and has excellent durable stitching. The front surface design features a plethora of colors that mesh into each other in typical fashion of marble.

The reverse is a solid steel blue color that allows you to occasionally change the vibe of your room based on mood.

The unit has a moderate feel and is hypoallergenic for blissful sleep.

  • Set is 3 piece and comes in King/Queen
  • Comprises of a duvet cover and 2 pillow cases
  • Plenty of patterns and color mixes to choose from

9. SweetDreaming Marble Comforter Set

The design and color flow of the SweetDreaming Marble Comforter Set is nothing short of splendid.SweetDreaming Marble Comforter Set

The colors fade and bleed into each other in the way that is inspired by marble stone. At times you see a random and irregular gold line define the demarcation between two shades of colors.

The edges of the comforter are immaculately lined with gold piped edges for a beautiful subtle contrast.

The microfiber shell looks and feels plush but also holds the colors fast under frequent washing.

  • 3 piece set is available in sizes; King/Queen
  • The set includes a comforter and 2 shams
  • Available in one color mix

10. Colorxy Marble Bedding Duvet Cover Set

Your bedding can be a piece of art that displays an explosion of delightful colors inspired by marble.Beautiful Marble Bedding Duvet Cover Set

The Colorxy Marble Bedding Duvet Cover Set certainly brings that thought to life with its 3D printed bedding set.

The vibrant colors and the abstract design conjure the impression of being about to step into another galaxy when you approach your bed.

The microfiber shell is soft, hypoallergenic and smooth with a lustrous finish that accentuates the beautiful mix of colors.

  • You can get this 3 piece set in a few sizes; Twin/Full/Queen
  • The Set  includes a duvet cover and 2 matching pillow shams
  • Comes in several colors; Galaxy marble, colorful marble, modern art marble

11.Blessliving 3 Piece Marble Comforter Set

The Blessliving 3 Piece Marble Comforter Set has striking 3D print that features pockets of solid black color and others endowed with multi colors of marble patterns.3 Piece Marble Comforter Set

The spaces are demarcated by random broad brown marble stone colors for added playfulness and contrast.

The unit is comfortable, warm and smooth which is a culmination of stellar workmanship in tandem with a microfiber shell and moderate poly-fill for a plush cushioned look.

  • Available as 3 piece set in Twin/TwinXL/ King/Queen
  • Features a comforter and 2 matching pillow cases
  • Comes in a host of different color mixes and patterns to choose from

12. Janzaa Comforter Set

This black marble comforter has unique minimal design that eloquently spells out the beauty of marble in your space.black marble comforter

If you like subtle muted elegance, its hard to go wrong with unit this option that’s comfortable and lightweight.

The microfiber shell not only looks amazing but feels even better against your skin owing to the soft smooth fabric. The moderate fill is breathable for sleeping cool. The unit is generally very easy to care for and fade resistant.

  • 3 piece set is available in King/Queen sizes
  • Comprises of a comforter and 2 matching shams
  • Three different color schemes are available; black, white and bohemian

13.Wake In Cloud – Marble Comforter Set

If you are looking for a bed set with a typical marble print but with added edginess in the design, look no further than the Wake In Cloud-Marble Comforter Set.

The soft shell is of a durable and high quality microfiber polyester fabric with a white background dotted with streaks of grey and black.

Additionally the shell is printed in gold color lines creating geometrical shapes and infusing more character to the design.

This unit is a good fit for pretty much any bedroom including master, Kids room or the guest room.

  • Comes as a 3 piece set and in varied sizes; King/Queen
  • Features 2 shams and a comforter
  • The unit is printed on only side

14. SexyTown Black Marble Comforter Set

This is a gorgeous piece with a minimal and fluid look.

The Sexy Town Black Marble Comforter Set is predominantly black and peppered with marble random patterns of white which bring out a delightful uncomplicated contrast.

The construction of the unit’s microfiber shell is well done with tight stitching that ensures the moderate stuffing of poly-fill is held in place for an even aesthetic look as well as good distribution that ensures breathability and decent heat retention when needed.

The bedspread is reversible which makes the utility of the unit even better

  • 6 piece set is available in King/Queen
  • Set includes a comforter, bed skirt, 2 sheets and 2 pillow cases
  • Comes in one color mix of black and light grey pattern


What is so mesmerizing about marble is the fact that the gorgeous patterns occur naturally in delightful randomness.

While one cannot truly capture the amazing essence of marble, modern printing technology bring us quite close.

All the above design prints featured in this post are inspired by the beauty of marble stone.

Spruce up your bedroom with elegant, unique, affordable and minimal bedding sets the flair and beauty of marble.



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