Bathroom Tiles for Small Bathrooms

Bathroom tiles can be used to maximize the look and feel of a small bathroom. For some people, when it comes to decorating a smaller bathroom, it can often seem like there is little that can be done to make this room appear bigger. As a result, this is often the room in the home that tends to get overlooked.The lack of space and lesser proportions of a smaller bathroom doesn’t have to make it difficult when deciding on the decor for this room. It is possible, by following few simple tips, to create the feel of a bigger and more spacious area, with one of the easiest and effective ways to do this by using bathroom tiles.

What Are the Advantages of Using Tiles in The Bathroom?

There is no doubt that installing tiles in the bathroom area is not only a means of accentuating a sense of space, but it is also a practical solution. As the bathroom is most prone to damp conditions, tiles offer the ultimate protection from water, steam and condensation. Using tiles in the bathroom area is one of the most popular choices when decorating a bathroom. Simple to maintain, they are relatively easy to fit and consistently offer a good as new overall look. Tiles are the easiest solution to automatically make a smaller bathroom appear bigger; and all with the minimal amount of effort!

Which Tile Colors Are Best for A Small Bathroom?

It is often believed that white is the best color to use in any bathroom, due to its sharp features, but even more so in smaller bathrooms. White tiles can instantly create a feeling of spaciousness, as it encourages the bathroom to appear bigger than what it really is, whilst working perfectly alongside natural light. The benefits of using white tiles is often emphasized by the showroom bathrooms and magazine spreads.

White tiles are not only the gentler of colors which can add an extra dimension of space to a small bathroom; other light colors such as beiges and greys, and even yellows, can highlight a smaller bathroom and instantly increase the lightness of the room.

Which Tile Designs Would Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

Some people are often tempted to choose a different grout color to emphasis a contrast between the tiles and the gaps on their bathroom walls. However, whilst this may be a great feature piece in a big bathroom, for the smaller of bathrooms it can have the opposite effect. This grid like impression dramatically decreases the size of the room. It is better to ensure that the tile and the grout are the exact same color, as much as it is possible, to make the area seem more expansive.

Incorporating patterns into bathroom tiles is a good way to break up what can seem like a monotonous one choice tile color, and most certainly attracts the eye. However, incorporating an abundance of patterns into your bathroom tiles can overload the senses and often create the opposite desired effect. Too many patterns can make a small bathroom immediately overcrowded.

As for mosaic tiling, whilst a dash of it dotted around small areas of the bathroom is effective, try to use this sparingly to prevent a look of congestion. A small and tasteful print or pattern will accentuate a small bathroom if used little and often. It is possible to use different tile designs in a small bathroom, provided you use them wisely.

Other Ideas to Try When Using Tiles in A Small Bathroom

There are other ways to use tiles in a smaller bathroom that will also encourage the impression of a bigger bathroom. Where possible, it is a good idea if you can possibly limit the area that you tile. Try tiling only those areas that need it the most, such as in and around the shower, above the bath and near the sink and toilet. That way you can then choose a light paint color of even use a lighter colored waterproof wallpaper to finish off the remainder of the room, thereby increasing the sense of space.

Other options to increase the size of a smaller bathroom using tiles include the clever idea of painting over your chosen tiles with a gloss paint. The shine created by the gloss will react with the light, both natural and artificial, to instantly reflect it. Alternatively, a few people choose to extend the color and design of their chosen wall tiles all the way to the bathroom floor; whereby creating an almost spa or pool like design, adding instant space.

Whatever option you decide to choose, remember that it is indeed possible to make a small bathroom appear bigger than it really is with the addition of bathroom tiles.


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