How to Buy a Toilet Seat

Creative as we are, we always like to personalize things. We often buy according to our preferences and our purchases usually tell a lot about who we are as people inside and outside the home. This is not limited to clothing and accessorizing, we like to imprint our personality in

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PEVA Shower Curtains Mildew Resistant Waterproof Bath Curtain Anti-Bacterial Non Toxic, Eco-Friendly, No Chemical Odor, Rustproof

What is a PEVA Shower Curtain?

A PEVA shower curtain is made from a chlorine-free plastic material, and is designed as a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to a PVC shower curtain. PEVA stands for Poly Ethylene Vinyl Acetate; but in its basic terms,it simply means that it is a less harsher material used in

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How To Feng Shui The Bedroom

Living in a world where everything is bustling and rustling can be downright exhausting, not just for our bodies but for our spirits as well. There might even be mornings that despite indulging in an 8-hour sleep, we still feel heavy, lethargic, and restless. If this is you, adding a

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