Are Subscription Boxes Worth It?

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Wondering if subscription boxes worth it?

What is a subscription box anyway? One could call it the latest craze for consumers who love stuff that tickles their fancy delivered right to their doorstep. It is a new retailing concept that has caught in pretty quick and is growing in popularity.

Subscription boxes are tailored around consumer’s unique interests and the boxes cover an extensive range of products to suit almost every retailing niche under the sun.

For instance, there are subscription boxes on sex toys, lingerie, makeup, apparel, pregnancy, toddlers, jewelry, recipes, books, pregnancy, even religious and handmade stuff.

These genres only begin to scratch the surface as there so many more.

How do subscription boxes work?

Have your ever subscribed to a magazine such as Vogue, Sports Illustrated or Time? Well, if yes then you are not new to the subscription concept.

If you haven’t you will be glad to know that subscribing to a box works in pretty much the same way. You subscribe to a magazine because you love the content of that specific magazine and the fact that their reporting is accurate, current, and timely delivery to your mail box in addition to being well put together. You subscribe because you see the purchase to be value for you money for a need that you have.

Subscribing to a box is no different in principal.

One needs to consider what their interests are.

If you are into beauty and self-care then you will find a range of boxes offering that. Examining their contents closely will inform you whether it’s something that you would want to receive every month.

Anything else will pretty much work the same and you’ll find plenty of box options that you may want to explore based on what they offer in reference to your taste and needs.

Once you have identified a box that resonates with you, you just go ahead and subscribe to it by pre-paying for monthly, quarterly, 6 months or an annual plan.

Most boxes have a provision for one time purchases for yourself or gifting someone.

This is a good way to test the waters and see whether a box is all the retailer purports it to be. If you like what you see in terms of quality of products, presentation and the overall experience, then you can opt to subscribe for longer periods.

It’s also worth pointing out that most subscription boxes monthly plans are fairly flexible with an option to opt out before a cut-off date to avoid a charge.

Most will also allow you to skip months when you need to. This flexibility has made consumers more comfortable with the subscription idea as they don’t feel hemmed in and forced to purchase when they don’t need to.

During the subscription process, most retailers may have a detailed questionnaire that captures you preferences for a chosen box.

This information helps the retailer to best customize the box to suit a consumer’s preferences. The retailers will outline clear delivery dates upon which the box is delivered to your doorstep like clockwork.

Are subscription boxes worth it?

Once you have identified a genre that works for you and subscribed to a box that resonates with your interests, then yes they are worth it!

Naturally, not all boxes in any given genre are made equal.

Some retailers will tend to be better than others and price points may reflect in the difference. So a subscription box will be worth it if you know what you want, subscribe to a quality retailer and you will most probably find it to be a great experience.

More often than not, a subscription box subscribed for longer periods will tend to be of greater value than what you are actually paying for it. Subscription boxes are also a great way to treat yourself by expecting something nice that tickles your fancy at the end or beginning of every month. This could range from bath bombs, artisan soaps and shower gels to beauty products from known reputable brands.

Consumers also stand to benefit from some unique and quality products from their retailers. That’s because over and above sending your way product from familiar brands, you will also discover and fall in love with some brands that you have never had of before.

Lots of subscription boxes, especially those into baths, soaps and wellness products, tend to have some excellent and exquisite hand made products made by local artisan and produced in small batches with exceptional quality and character. Most of such products can’t be found in conventional retail outlets such as shops.

Some consumers who have tried subscriptions boxes ended up falling in love with the concept. And since the field of choice is so vast, you can really have a ball with the broad range of categories that pick your interest.

This can be through one time purchases or subscriptions once content with what is being offered for the price being paid.

For consumers who are wellness oriented, receiving uplifting stuff does work wonders for inspiration towards life, work, marriage, fitness or religious faith to name a few.

Subscription boxes are an excellent way to gift a loved one or a friend based on their interest.

For instance, you may know diddly squat about plants or crystals but have a dear friend who is fascinated by them and is an ardent collector. While you may have no reason to subscribe to a box of crystals or house plants for yourself, gifting them a three month subscription that is exclusively on crystals or plants would mean the world to them.

If one of you buddies or even a spouse is pregnant, one can gift them an annual subscription box themed around pregnancy.

With subscription boxes, gifting opportunities are endless.

Some couple looking to spice things up in the bedroom may opt to subscribe to a sex toys subscription box just for the kick of it. So are they worth it? Absolutely yes! Several consumers who’ve tried them mentioned that they loved the discretion that comes with it. For those who don’t have the stomach for walking into a sex toy shop and buying some kinky stuff while maintaining a brazen face like you just bought peanut butter, this is certainly a way out to activate the your kinky side with absolute privacy and anonymity.


Subscription boxes will work for a broad range of consumers.

For those looking to make a decent saving on items they love, longer subscription will help you achieve that while still enjoying your choice products. Having your monthly fix of whatever you love from books to coffee can now come in the form of a subscription box delivered to you on a monthly basis.

If you’re looking to start on a subscription box, check out our compilation here of cheap beginner subscription boxes for women







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