So wondering who we are? Well, My name is Emmy and I’m the sole owner of this website. I work with a team of 2-4 writers and researchers who are responsible for the articles you see on this site.

Peachy Rooms is all about finding you the best home products that money can buy while also giving you useful tips and ideas to help ensure that your home is… well, peachy!

Now, we I’m not going to claim to be an “expert” or have a team of experts who’ve tested and used each and every product that my writers and I recommend here so as to ascertain their suitability. NO! We aren’t that big of a brand yet to afford buying every single product we review plus hire experts to review products.

What we do is spend hours researching. We go through customers reviews on the various online shopping platforms and see what customers have to say about a particular product as well as consider the overall customer rating. We also sometimes talk to the industry’s experts or read about their recommendations and thus finally, the end result is a review on the best possible product on the merchant sites where we are registered as affiliates.

We select the highest rated and most popular products, but relevant to that specific consumer need we are discussing on that particular article. And when we do that and you find our reviews and recommendations useful and you decide to purchase something through us, we get commissions for qualifying purchases.

So basically a lot of research goes into each post in order to provide you with information that is truthful and relevant to help you solve a problem, give you advice or even make the best purchase for your household needs. That’s it!

In case of any questions, clarifications, guest posting, writing opportunities or any other issues feel free to contact us through the contact form or send an email to

Thank you for visiting! 🙂