9 Best Dorm Room Bedding Sets We Love

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Just because a dorm situation may have more than one bed, there is no reason why the space should not look neat, stylish and personalized. If you are hunting for dorm room bedding sets, it can only mean that you either run a dorm room, guest house, you’re about to ship off to college or looking to get one for someone else.

Either way, this post is for you.

So let’s explore some of the best bedding sets for dorm rooms that will have the bed looking neat and gorgeous without going over the top.

1. OCM College Dorm Room 24-Piece Complete Campus Pak

We start with this 24-Piece value pack from the OCG. OCM College Dorm Room 24-Piece Complete Campus Pak

It contains more than beddings and comes with other value items such as towels, organizers and under bed storage that come in handy when you are starting out in college and dorm life.

This complete campus pack ensures you start your semester right and will stick with you all the way to graduation.

The 24 pieces in the unit include a bedding set that will make dorm life more bearable. Catching your beauty sleep and getting adequate comfortable rest is vital in being a successful student as well as enjoying college life to the fullest.

Dorm mattresses are often not exactly five star, but that’s no issue because this value pack comes inclusive of mattress topper and mattress pad that should add a much needed plush feel to the mattress.

In addition, the bedding includes; 2 extra-fluffy pillows, micro- plush blanket and two 100% cotton bath sets with oversize bath sheets. The warm and light comforter is finished with aesthetic kiss-pleats for texture on one side and can be used in reverse which has a lighter-toned smooth satin finish.

  • 24 pieces of value items
  • Comes mattress topper, pad, sheets, pillows and bedspread to name a few
  • Sheets are made from 100% pure cotton
  • Bedding sizes are for Twin XL
  • Machine washable
  • Come in several color combinations

Instead of buying items that you need for dorm life separately, considering this thoughtful bundle pack gives you the best bang for your buck and saves you a bundle of dollars in the process.

2. Elegant Comfort 6-Piece Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter Set

If you are going to be away in college, you want bedding that can go the distance and can withstand heavy use and frequent washes for your entire period there. The same goes for those who run a guest house that is frequently occupied by students who opt to stay off campus near a college.Elegant Comfort 6-Piece Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter Set

This 6-Piece Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter set is a good buy, primarily because the beddings are made from high quality microfiber material that’s highly resistant to wear and tear.

For allergy sufferers, you will be glad to know that this set is hypoallergenic and guarantees you blissful sleep free from allergic interruptions.

The comforter is lightweight and finished with pinched pleats to create a textured surface that will bring a sense of style to your room. Furthermore, microfiber is fade resistant and will stay aesthetic for the long haul. Common un-pleasantries such as bedbugs and mites are unable to makes a home on this fabric helping your bed space to stay clean and comfortable.

In the event that you have sensitive skin or suffer from Eczema, you will love the baby softness and smoothness of this bedding.

  • Comes as a set of 6 pieces
  • You can choose from Twin/Twin XL sizes
  • Includes a comforter, pillow shams, 2 sheets, and pillow case
  • Sheets are made from high quality microfiber
  • Machine wash friendly
  • Available in several color options; white/aqua blue/ black/ burgundy/ grey/ chocolate brown and so much more

The resilient fabric that is stain resistant alongside a beautiful comforter that makes you bed look neat and inviting, are just some of the reasons why this unit is a good selection for a dorm environment.

3. Comfort Spaces Harvey Comforter Set

Living in a dorm can be a tad plain. But then again, you are at liberty to makes your space feel cozy in a way that truly becomes a home away from home. A key item needed to help you accomplish that, is a beautiful, comfortable and inviting bedding set. That’s where this Comfort Spaces Harvey Comforter Set Comes in.Dorm Room Bedding Sets for boys

This 3 piece bedding set comprises of a comforter and 2 shams. The Blue comforter set is made from microfiber material which explains the clean, smooth and soft feel of the fabric.

An inviting and appealing design of the comforter features plaid patterns with button detailing. This color will work well for boys. However, the unit also comes in several other colors that are well suited to girls such as; stripe and navy among others.

Some of the main advantages of the microfiber fabric used in this bedding unit is the Ultra softness of the material which is agreeable with sensitive skin. With this fabric, you will never have to worry about wrinkles on the bed.

The bedding set is also hypoallergenic which translates to blissful sleep.

  • 3 piece set
  • Sizes featured are Twin/Twin XL
  • Comprises of a comforter and 2 shams
  • NO sheets but the unit is made from high quality microfiber
  • Easy to care for as the unit is machine washable
  • Available in several patterns and colors; plaid blue/ Pierre black and red stripes/ stripe black red to name a few

Microfiber has a neat polished look together with gorgeous patterns and delectable color combinations. This unit will give your dorm space a cheerful vibrant look.

4. Intelligent Design Felicia Luxe Comforter Bedding Set

This 3 piece bedding set is made from crushed velvet which gives you a smooth surface that is both comfortable to the touch as well as exquisitely aesthetic to look at.Comforter Bedding Sets for dorm room

The black comforter is speckled with touches of white for contrast while the usable reverse is a solid light gray color.

Both sides are quilted with diamond shapes that add to the glamorous look. The comforter is lightweight but plush thanks to the moderate hypoallergenic polyester fill.

It also means the drying time for the unit is fairly short whenever you have to wash it.

  • Gorgeous 3 piece set
  • Comes in Twin/Twin XL/King/ Cal King/ Full/Queen
  • Set is made up of a comforter, 2 shams and decorative pillow
  • Does not come with sheets. Comforter is made of velvet material
  • Machine wash friendly
  • Numerous colors to choose from; black/grey/blush/navy/ purple/ teal

You can choose a color that is most agreeable to you and the décor of your dorm to make the bedroom space warm and cozy.

5. Amazon Basics 5-Piece Lightweight Microfiber Comforter Bedding Set

This unit is made from durable microfiber polyester fabric that is smooth and easy to care for.

The design features top to bottom horizontal lines that buff up the look of the comforter as they hold the moderate polyester fill in place. The blue Calvin stripe print is horizontal and adds to the charm of the bedspread.

The reverse is a solid blue color that allows you to change the mood and vibe of the dorm room whenever you choose to.

This fabric is wrinkle resistant and does not fade. This is in addition to having impressive durability.

  • Beautiful 5 piece set
  • Sizes featured are Twin/Twin XL/King/Queen
  • Includes a comforter, 2 sheets, sham and pillow case
  • The  unit is made from high quality microfiber polyester
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Available in several patterns and colors

Your dorm room does not have to look drab and plain. Spice things up and make it cozy with myriad options on colors and patterns of the Amazon Basic 5-Piece Lightweight Microfiber Bedding Set.

6. Utopia Bedding Comforter Set

The Utopia Bedding Comforter Set has a puffy look and gorgeous design that will light up your room.

The smooth shell of the unit is made from brushed microfiber and is filled generously with 3D hollow siliconized filling.

Those two elements combine to provide you with amazing sleeping comfort in addition to bringing an organized and neat aesthetic element to your dorm room.

  • 2 piece set
  • Sizes include Twin/Full/Queen/King
  • Comes with a comforter and pillow sham
  • NO sheets. comforter is made from high quality microfiber
  • Easy care and machine wash friendly
  • Comes in the same geometric pattern but with several color options such as; navy/beige/ grey/chocolate/teal/plum

If you fancy a puffy look with loads of color options to choose from, this bedding will not disappoint. This bedding allows you to stay warm on chilly nights and sleep cool on summer nights.

7. Comfort Spaces Bed in A Bag Comforter with Sheet Set

This Comforter Spaces Bed in A Bag Comforter is a bedding set that comes inclusive of a flat and fitted sheet.Comfort Spaces Bed in A Bag Comforter with Sheet Set

The bed set is made of 100% polyester microfiber. If you find wrinkles repugnant and love a clean smooth look on your bed, then this is the comforter for you.

The microfiber material is wrinkle and stain proof in addition to being very resilient to frequent washes.

The gorgeous mix of color and patterns will remain fast and vibrant for the longest haul which translates to your dorm space looking good for the duration of college life.

The comforter is reversible which serves to enhance the utility of unit.

  • 6 piece set
  • You can choose from Twin/Twin XL/Full/Queen
  • Included in the set are a comforter, 2 sheets, sham, pillow case, bonus pillow case
  • The set is made from high quality microfiber
  • Machine washable and durable
  • Available in several patterns and color options

This unit’s packaging is well put together and makes an awesome practical gift idea to give to family member or friend.

8. Wellboo White Marble Comforter Set

The Wellboo White Marble Comforter Set has a simple design yet elegant disposition that is sure to add some charm into your bedroom.

White back ground is peppered by streaks of black and grey patterns reminiscent to a well-polished marble slab. Gold geometric triangular patterns run through the surface giving the unit an edgy face.

The fill is moderate and the unit light weight but comfy enough to sleep cool and generate enough warmth when needed. The playful design means this unit will be right at home in a dorm space, kid’s bedroom or guest bedroom.

  • 3 piece set
  • Sizes range from Twin/Twin XL/ Queen/King
  • Set includes comforter and 2 shams
  • The unit is made from high quality microfiber
  • Machine wash friendly
  • Comes in numerous color options

Other than the beautiful marble print and playful design of this unit, it does come in a host of other color options making it easy to match to you décor and sense of style.

9. Kasentex All Season Down Alternative Quilted Comforter Set

This Kasentex All Season Comforter Set is made from 100% Brushed Microfiber. Are you allergic to most bedding materials? This just might be the unit for you as it is made from a microfiber shell and filled with Hydrophilic Fiberfill which is hypoallergenic. No more sniffles, tearing and sneezes triggered by bedding.All Season Down Alternative Quilted Comforter Set for dorm room

The comforter has a snugly cloudy look and feel.

That look is accentuated by the baffle box design that also serves to distribute the fill evenly while holding it in place.

This unit comes in a gorgeous feminine pink potpourri face, while the reverse is quartz silver and great for changing the rooms vibe when you see fit.

  • 3 piece set
  • Sizes to choose from are Twin/Queen/ King
  • Comes with a comforter and 2 shams
  • Unit is constructed from high quality microfiber
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance
  • Plenty of color combinations to choose from ranging from; quartz silver, pebble grey/ rose, beige/silver cloud, chocolate brown/ turquoise sea green, twilight blue and so much more

Whether you are moving on to a boy’s or girl’s dormitory, this design presents excellent two tone color options to suit every taste and gender.


When it’s time to leave the nest to explore and broaden your horizons, it usually means college life that is synonymous with dorms. The bedding that you choose makes a huge difference in how you settle in your space.

So choose wisely and let it be a choice that is practical, comfortable, stylish and durable making you feel at home away from home.

The above bedding options make a compelling case that will help you achieve just that.



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