6 Best Comfortable Desk Chairs For Kids

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Table of Contents

Having comfortable desk chairs for your kids is not a luxury but an actual need.

Most kid’s rooms will often already have a workstation, but often enough, finding the right chair to fit the desk your kids needs usually takes some thought.

While there may be many options to choose from, you soon realize that only a handful of them can truly deliver the quality, comfort, sturdiness and longevity you are looking for.

In this post, we bring you the handful of comfortable desk chairs that tick all the right boxes and then some.

But first, what do you need to consider when getting your kid a desk chair?

  1. Age

Naturally, the age of your child determines the size of the desk chair that you choose to get for them.

A 3 year old kid going upwards will need a desk chair that they can easily get on to and off. By this age, kids are fascinated by items and activities such as coloring and scribbling as well as supervised painting. If your child is going to play with paint, you best be prepared for a hearty mess with paint all over the floor, clothes, desk and chair.

For that reason, the chair needs to be easy to clean.

If you want your child to use the same chair even as they grow into schooling, you may opt for a chair that is height adjustable. That way, the chair remains usable even as your kid grows taller and bigger.

If it’s good quality, your child will use the same chair until the end of their pre-teens and perhaps be handed down to the younger siblings following suit.

  1. Construction material

The construction material used on a kid desk chair will determine the level of comfort, longevity and to some degree, versatility in utility.

A metal frame or sturdy molded plastic will mean absolute sturdiness and impressive durability. Well placed plastic elements add a  light weight to the chair and make for easy cleaning.

  1. Design

There are numerous designs to work with when it comes to a desk chair for your kid.

Some chairs are stationary meaning your child will have to stand up to get an item from a shelf if it’s a few feet from the chair. Other chairs may have a swivel design making it possible to make 360 degree turn and grab a toy from a shelf behind them. Some other designs will come with a swivel feature and include a castor-wheel base such that your kid can wheel himself from one end of a room to another all in the name of fun!

If your child is in her pre-teens, you can expect them to grow like a weed, really fast! That said, you may want to consider a design with height adjustment that allows you kid to grow while using the seat quite comfortably for years to come.

Now that we have an idea of what to look out for when considering getting a kids desk chair, let’s check out our recommendations that possess the above traits and so much more

Best Comfortable Desk Chairs For Kids

1. GreenForest Office Adjustable Children’s Study Chair

Do you have a teenager(s)? This an excellent teen office desk chair that they will love because of the gorgeous teal color that lifts the mood and is easy to match to the room’s décor. However, there are several other equally gorgeous colors that will suit your teenagers taste such as pink, blue purple and so forth.GreenForest Office Adjustable Children's Study Chair

The chair has a plastic frame with a sturdy design that is not easily overwhelmed by weight and heavy usage.

The single trunk descends all the way to the bottom where it forms five base extensions fitted with PU black wheels. The wheels make it easy for the chair to move effortlessly on a tiled, wood or carpeted floor without leaving marks.

The seating section is well cushioned and minimal with no armrests. This can be sat on in comfort for extended periods without feeling discomfort on your behind.

Just right beneath the seating area is a pneumatic lever with one touch adjustment that allows the chair to climb or descend to a desired height.

The back rest is made from a tough yet flexible plastic and finished in fishbone design for good aeration and aesthetics.

The desk chair is easy to clean and can be assembled under 10 minutes. This is perfect for pre-teens and teenagers.

The desk chair has a maximum holding weight of 200 pounds. This means even a petite adult within that weight range can comfortably make use of this chair too.


  • Plastic frame equipped with 5 rubber castor-wheels
  • Well- cushioned seating area
  • Adjustable height
  • Maximum holding weight of 200 pounds
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Available in; turquoise/pink/purple/ light pink
  • Easy and quick assembly under 10 minutes

This is an excellent option for teenagers because of its cute minimal design, weight holding capacity and height adjustability.

2. SitRite Ergonomic Desk Chairs For Kids

SitRite Desk Chair is practical and well-constructed for exquisite comfort.SitRite Ergonomic Desk Chairs For Kids

The unit frame is made from tough molded plastic. The inside of the back rest is padded and cushioned with foam and covered in fabric or faux leather and so is the seating section.

A notable feature is that the depth of the seating section can be slid forwards or backwards by 1.7” and then locked into place

The well-rounded armrests mean added comfort for your little one. The bottom half of the unit is constructed from a tough molded plastic that accommodates a pneumatic lifting system that utilizes a lever beneath the seat to adjust the height.

The height adjustment range is from 17.25” to 19.75” which means your kid will enjoy this chair for several years even as he/she continues to grow in length and girth.

This swivel chair can turn 360 degrees and comes fitted with 5 Urethrane castor wheels for easy smooth movement when you need it.

This unit also comes fitted with a detachable foot rest for added comfort especially if your kid likes to sit with your feet up.


  • Frame is tough molded plastic with a 5 Urethane castor-wheel base
  • Well- cushioned seating area and padded back rest
  • Height is adjustable
  • Maximum holding weight of approximately 200 pounds
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Comes in numerous colors; grey/ glowing orange/ green/blue/black/ruby red
  • Easy and quick assembly in no time

While this desk chair is designated for pre-teens and teenagers, it can also be comfortably enjoyed by a short and petite adult.

3. Diroan Kids Desk and Chair Set

For you little kid who is not so little any more, you can get him/her started with this desk and chair set that they can use for many year into the late pre-teen hood. The set is made from tough plastic rounded and smoothened corners for safety.Diroan Kids Desk and Chair Set

Both the desk and chair are easy to wipe down such that their workstation is easy to keep clean even after a painting session. The desk and high chair are adjustable to suit your kid’s height.

The desk is well thought out. The surface is designed to stop pencils, crayons and books from falling thanks to a rubber stopper at the edges of the desk.

Further, the desk can tilt at a 45 degree angle for easier drawing, writing or painting without having to slouch. It comes equipped with an easy to operate reading lamp and a convenient, adjustable reading shelf for holding a book when your little one needs to copy material from it. It comes with a sliding drawer equipped with slots for putting away little items such as pencils and colors and other playing paraphernalia in an organized way.

The chair is sturdy and cannot topple over. Both the chair and desk are height adjustable. One can get this unit in varied colors to suit your kid’s room decor.


  • Constructed from molded plastic frame with a stationary base
  • Flat un-cushioned seating surface
  • Desk and chair heights are adjustable
  • Can hold a decent weight for kids
  • Non-swivel base
  • Comes in three color options; pink/grey/blue
  • Easy to assemble

You can help your little buddy learn to get organized from a tender young age even as they have fun. Toddlers will enjoy this unit all the way to their later pre-teen years. The toughness and adjustability makes it a good buy.

4. GreenForest Children Student Chair

When looking to keep things simple and affordable during a hunt for a desk chair for your kid, this GreenForest Children Student Chair is worth a consideration. The desk chair is lightweight because of an all plastic construction.

Some people cringe just at the mention of plastic. But this unit will pleasantly surprise you as it’s made from a durable PP molded plastic frame.

The minimal design has no armrests but includes a 360 degree swivel for convenient turning without getting off the seat and pneumatic lift mechanism for adjusting the height.

The back rest and seat have a hollowed star design for beauty and aeration. The back is flexible and comfortably flexes to your weight for a comfortable seating experience.

The base is fitted with 5 castor-wheels for added sturdiness and easy movement across a room.


  • Tough plastic frame equipped with 5 castor-wheels
  • Hollowed star seat and back
  • Height adjustable
  • Maximum holding weight of about 200 pounds
  • 360 degree swivel mechanism
  • Available in three colors; turquoise/ purple/pink
  • Assembly is a breeze

This is a good buy, when you want to keep things simple, practical and affordable and still get a good bang for your buck because this desk chair is fairly durable.

5. Sidiz Ringo Desk Chair For Kids

Having a footrest on an office chair can help with posture as well as comfort. This desk chair features a footrest which is one of the unique aspects of the unit.Best Comfortable Desk Chairs For Kids

For those who prefer cushioned comfort, you will be pleased to see that this chair has a thick padding on both the seat area as well as the on the backrest for an ergonomic and cushioned fit for your kid.

The unit has a plastic frame with a lifting mechanism, castor-wheel for convenient movement in the work spaces as well as a 360 degree swivel mechanism.

The rounded armrests both contribute to comfort and support of good straight posture when seated


  • Durable plastic frame with a 5 castor-wheel base
  • puffy cushioned seating area and back rest
  • The height is adjustable
  • Can hold a weight of weight of 200 pounds
  • Swivel mechanism rotates 360 degrees
  • Color options available are; blue/green/rose pink
  • Assembly is quite fast taking only a few minutes

If you need a cushioned desk chair option for your kid, this is a good selection that they can use for many years to come.

6. Milliard Chair Desk Set with Storage

This milliard set is an awesome concept for a desk and chair combined for you kid.Milliard Chair Desk Set with Storage

Made from wood, you can be sure that it is sturdy and will last for years to be used and passed down.

The design is space saving with ample seating space. A covered cushion is placed on the seating area so that your kid can sit comfortably and have access to the desk for their activities.

The desk has a nice removable cup holder that can also serve as a holder for crayons and other playing materials.

The drawer underneath the seating is well- thought out as it can be used for storage of books, colors, crayons and playing items


  • Wooden frame
  • Cushioned seating area
  • Height is not adjustable
  • Maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds
  • No swivel mechanisms
  • Available in a mix of white and grey
  • Minimal assembly required

This is the sort of desk chair you can get for your toddler as they can use at that age for play as well as their school work when they start pre-class and eventually get to lower grade. It will take a while to outgrow this desk chair.


The above desk chairs for kids present you with a wide range of choice that can suit your kid’s current and future needs.

These chair options are hardy, tough, durable but more importantly, they are practical options that your kid will have fun with and help them feel a sense of ownership for their work space.


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