10 Best 100% Cotton Bedspreads

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Table of Contents

Why 100% cotton bedspreads?

The answer is in three words, comfort, breathable, absorbent.

While there is so much more to cotton than these three words, these words do form the main benefits of cotton bedspreads in addition to beautiful aesthetics as well as easy care.

In this post, we take a look at some beautiful bedspreads whose shells are made of 100% pure cotton.

Their minimal approach offers a simple elegance and delightful style that can easily and comfort to your bedroom spaces without breaking the bank. Let’s jump right into it.

1. Tommy Bahama Cape Verde Collection 100% Cotton Reversible Bedspread

This Tommy Bahama Cape Verde is a beautiful lightweight bedspread set that will enliven almost any bedroom.Tommy Bahama Cape Verde Collection 100% Cotton Reversible & Lightweight Bedspread 

The unit has been made to deliver aesthetic beauty as well practical function.

The shell is made of 100% cotton which gives the bedspread a pleasant smooth feel to the skin and helps you sleep cool at night. That’s because of the cotton fabric’s nature of absorbing moisture.

The materials texture in this unit has a rugged feel which augurs well with the smoke color that has touches of light blue, white and hints of grey. Because of the rugged yet neat texture of the material, you would not have to worry about wrinkles and neither would you have the need to iron this unit.

Further,this bedspread can also be used in reverse. The reverse is endowed with a solid light blue color. This is an excellent incentive when you need change the feel of the room.


  • The unit comes in King/ Queen and Twin
  • Shell is 100% pure cotton
  • The ensemble is a set of 3 including bedspread and 2 matching shams
  • Fill is comprised of 80% / 20% cotton and polyester respectively
  • Reversible as both sides are usable
  • Comes in smoke color and light blue reverse
  • Machine washable

The gorgeous bedspread and matching shams are finished with piped edges for a neat and durable look.

2. Beatrice Home Fashions Medallion Chenille Bedspread

If you are looking for a bedspread set that is rife with beauty, elegance and vintage charm, then you ought to consider getting chenille bedding.Beatrice Home Fashions Medallion cotton Chenille Bedspread

This Beatrice Home Fashions bedspread is made of exquisite chenille and will brings quaint vintage charm that complements your bedroom to perfection. The decorative patterns on the unit features a massive centered medallion surrounded by scroll accents.

The bottom bell corners and fringed hem do a great job of accentuating a vintage vibe while still remaining stylish and somewhat muted.

The textured fabric not only looks amazing, but is equally soft to the skin and light weight on the body when covering yourself for sleep.


  • Set is available in several sizes King/ Queen/Twin/Full
  • Shell is 100% pure cotton chenille
  • Bedspread can be bought as a standalone or with the option 2 matching shams
  • Although lightweight, unit has a good thickness for a plush feel
  • Non reversible therefore spread on one side
  • Available in numerous colors; white/ivory/grey/blue/blush
  • Machine wash friendly

Please note that 100% cotton chenille will shed slightly in the initial stages. This should not alarm you as it is quite normal for the tufting process. After a wash or two the shedding will cease.

3. Exclusivo Mezcla 100% Cotton 3-Piece Paisley Boho Quilt Set

Well, if you love the unmistakable vibrant vibe that a Bohemian styled bedding injects in a room, you are likely to appreciate this Exclusivo Mezcla bedding that is constructed from 100% cotton in some gorgeous paisley patterns.Best 100% Cotton Bedspreads bohemian

The unit’s design comes across as pieced with horizontal pieces of mixed patterns and colors brings out the Boho eclectic vibe to your room.

Even with varied colors and patterns on the spread, the combination is vibrant but in a muted way.

What’s more,the bedspread is reversible with a solid blue color when you need to change the feel of the bedroom. The 2 matching shams complete this gorgeous ensemble.


  • Available in King/ Queen/Twin/
  • Shell is 100% pure quilted cotton
  • Fill is 80%/20% cotton and polyester respectively
  • Lightweight enough to sleep cool
  • Reversible design for flexibility and durability
  • Available in one color mix
  • Easy to care for as the unit is machine wash friendly

For those who love a bedspread with an explosion of colors as is common with the Boho look, this is a great unit that’s add some paisley design patterns to the mix for an exquisite overall not so quiet look.

4. Cozy Line Home Fashions French Medallion 100% Cotton Bedspreads

This Cozy Line Home Fashions set comes in several patterns printed on the 100% cotton shell. The patterns include medallions, flowers as well as lines.Cozy Line Home Fashions French Medallion 100% Cotton Bedspreads

The shell of the bedding quilt set is soft and agreeable with sensitive skin. That’s because it feels soft and smooth on your skin.

The filling is also 100% cotton which means a super breathable balance that keeps you cool in the night and delivers just the right amount of warmth that keeps you comfortable but does not have you breaking into a sweat.


  • Comes in King/ Queen
  • 100% pure cotton shell
  • Set of 3; bedspreads and 2 shams
  • 100% cotton fill for excellent breathability
  • Lightweight and highly breathable
  • Top pattern meshes into inner pattern for fluid reverse use
  • Available in several color mixes and patterns
  • Machine washable and easy to care for

The edges of the bedspread and shams have a wavy design which add to the beautiful style and display of the bed set.

5. Woolrich 100% Cotton Quilt Reversible  All Season Bedspread

For rooms that are made of wood such as cabins, or rooms that have a decent amount of wood elements such as flooring, ceiling and furniture, this is an immaculately design bedspread that will accentuate those elements in a room.Woolrich 100% Cotton Quilt Reversible  All Season Bedspread

If you are of the mind of infusing some rustic charm into a contemporary bedroom, this bedspread will still work amazingly well.

The bedspread is super comfortable and the seemingly random striped design of varied patterns and colors does a good job of presenting a touch of ruggedness. Edges of the bedspread and shams are piped for a neat and durable finish.

The fact that the spread is reversible, adds to the utility and versatility of the unit.


  • You can get this in King/Cal King/Full/ Queen
  • 100% pure cotton shell
  • Comes as set of 3, bedspread and 2 shams
  • 90% fill and 10% other types of fill for excellent plushness
  • Unit is lightweight and highly breathable
  • Reversible design for great utility
  • Comes in numerous colors including; striped taupe/buffalo check red/ mill ceek green/sunset red and so much more
  • Machine wash friendly

This is an excellent choice with an extensive variety of colors that will add a rustic, yet neat touch to a bedroom décor.

6. Mixinni Reversible 100% Cotton Quilt Set

The Mixinni bedspread set is made from 100% cotton.

It incorporates two designs; an embroidered surface that looks amazing and a solid color reverse which allows you to change the mood of the bedroom every time you feel like it.

The moderate fill ensures the unit remains lightweight but plush.

The 3 set Maxinni Reversible bedspread comes in several patterns and color combinations to suit an extensive array of decors.


  • Sizes available include King/Full/ Queen
  • 100% pure cotton shell
  • The set of  3 is comprised of a bedspread and 2 shams
  • Moderate fill for all year round use
  • Lightweight and engineered to be breathable
  • Reversible design which delivers flexible usage
  • Available in numerous colors and patterns
  • Wash with ease as the set is machine washable

Over and above the excellent workmanship, the reversible aspect of the unit adds to the utility and durability of the set.

7. Laura Ashley Rowland Collection

One of the reasons why cotton is such an excellent option for a bedspread, is because of its natural absorbent qualities and breathable nature. The down side most people have against cotton is it’s affinity for creasing. And while that may be true, that downside is easily offset by a design such as this Laura Ashley- Rowland Collection which is patterned, quilted and textures with no room for creases.Best 100% Cotton Bedspread

Both the front face of this bedspread as well as the reverse shows the quilting which is decorative in and out of itself.

On summer nights, the cotton shell and the fill are breathable enough to help you sleep cool while providing just enough warmth that does not cause you to break into a sweat.


  • You can choose from several sizes King/ Queen/Twin
  • Shell is 100% pure cotton
  • Set of 3 constitutes of a bedspread and 2 shams
  • Moderate fill enables all year round use
  • Refreshingly lightweight and highly breathable
  • Reversible design features a patterned face and a solid color reverse
  • Comes in numerous colors
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance

The unit is well constructed with piped edges on the bedspread and shams. The quilting is stellar in both a decorative sense but also in a functional way that keeps the fill evenly distributed with zero chance of spillage.

8. Cozy Line Home Fashions Floral 100% Cotton Quilt

This Cozy Line Home Fashions Floral 100% Cotton Quilt has a beautiful design that not only brightens up a room, but also injects a warm welcoming feeling to a space.

For those who like their bed looking neat with a simple elegance, this bedspread set will in all likelihood deliver.

The center of the spread is adorned with a patchwork design that features delightful soft colors such as tiffany green, peach and white. You will also notice that the edges of the bedspread and shams are neatly piped and scalloped for a neat yet durable wavy trimmed look.


  • Sizes include King/ Queen/Twin
  • The shell is constructed from 100% pure cotton
  • The set of 3 comes with a bedspread and 2 shams
  • The fill is moderate but comfortable
  • Comfy and smooth material with a lightweight
  • Reversible design for great versatility
  • There are numerous color options to choose from
  • Machine wash friendly

This is an excellent option that displays simple elegance with a neat finish that is sure to enliven your bedroom or the guest bedroom. Women in particular will appreciate this set because of the gorgeous feminine look.

9. Eddie Bauer Home Camino Island Collection Cotton Quilt Bedspread

When looking to give your bedroom space a neat, cozy and bright tasteful look, you need a bedspread set that has a playful and charming feel.Eddie Bauer Home Camino Island Collection Cotton Quilt Bedspread

The Eddie Bauer Home Camino Island Cotton Bedspread fits that description to the tee and then some.

With the shell made of cotton fabric, you are assured of a textured look and feel that is pleasant against the skin. You are also assured of great comfort offered by generous breathability owing to both the fabric and the fill material.

The patch work design is catchy, more so because of the different patterns, textures and colors. Such elements working in tandem in addition to excellent workmanship come together harmoniously to create a beautiful vibrant piece.


  • Comes in several sizes King/ Twin/Queen
  • The shell of the unit is 100% pure cotton
  • The 3 piece set comes with a bedspread and 2 shams
  • Breathable fill makes all year round use possible
  • Highly breathable and lightweight build
  • Reversible design features a patterned face and a solid color reverse
  • Comes in 2 colors, red and plum
  • Machine wash friendly

This unit comes in varied sizes which can fit a master bedroom, guestroom and teenage kid’s room.

10. Greenland Home Watercolor Dream Quilt Set

The Greenland Home Watercolor Dream Quilt Set has a beautiful eruption of colors against a white quilted backdrop.Floral Pure cotton bedding set

It has a vibrant garden theme with stenciled flowers and leaves in a mixture of yellow blue, gold black and purple colors, perfect for brightening up any room with these fresh and vibrant colors.

The flip side is a solid color and quilted pattern.

With piped edges on both the bedspread and the shams, this beauty will not only look amazing on your bed, but will also serve you well and extensively even with heavy usage.


  • Available in different size options King/ Cal King/Queen
  • 100% pure cotton shell
  • 3 set bedding includes bedspread and 2 shams
  • Moderate cotton fill will work all year round
  • The build is breathable and lightweight
  • Gorgeous reversible design
  • Available in two back drops, white/grey
  • The unit is machine was friendly

The Greenland Home Watercolor Dream Quilt set gives you the impression of a bright summer’s day any day.

Final Thoughts

100% Cotton bedspreads are well-loved for good reasons. Their absorbing abilities are second to none meaning that the colors of a unit will hold fast for a long time.

High quality cotton fabric is incredibly breathable with good durability. If you add the gorgeous designs, colors and patterns with gorgeous finishes such as the above selections, you may need to look no further for bed spreads that are comfortable, minimal, stylish and affordable.


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